multi directional forklift 14.01.2021

Zowell multi-directional forklift is equipped with steering wheels display system and barking system to maximise safety.

Multi-directional forklift has three wheel structure, which ensures the best performance and stability.

Required aisle width of transporting 10m long goods, dropped by 66% .

Compared with using normal forklifts, its storeable materials can have multipling growth.

Equipped with electric powering steering function, the noise is lower. Not only improve the use time but also avoid the oil-leaking problem.

This company is a large-scale company that makes aluminum alloy doors and windows. The raw materials are long and heavy and piled high. Storage and access are very inconvenient. And our multi-directional forklift  is best choice  for this working.

Zowell multi-directional forklift can be equipped with four forks and wide fork carriage. Fork length is adjustable and the maximum fork width is 2300mm;It is suitable for long cargo transport.

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