• Exhibition Now| ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts Invites You to CeMAT RUSSIA
    19.09.2023 Exhibition Now| ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts Invites You to CeMAT RUSSIA
    Expanding the market, step by step, September 19 - September 21, CeMAT RUSSIA 2023 will be grandly held in Moscow, Russia, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts team will bring two narrow-aisle forklifts to overseas exhibitions, to develop overseas markets to help. 01 Exhibition Introduction Most of the innovations for the Russian market are presented for the first time during CeMAT RUSSIA, the most authoritative trade fair for material handling, warehousing equipment and logistics in Russia. A wide range of warehousing prototypes and automation systems will be on display, whether for warehousing, intralogistics or supply chain optimization needs, the right solution can be found here. 02 Exhibiting Now Today, logistics has become an important means of sustaining economic development, in the industrial land resources are limited today, the land cost of the expenditure accounted for a rise in the proportion of efficient intensive warehousing equipment, cost-effective logistics operations program is also the embodiment of the competitiveness of major enterprises. During the exhibition, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift's man up type VNA forklift and multi directional forklift will be presented at Hall 2, Booth B309, to show the powerful narrow aisle high level stacking strength of China's warehousing equipment suppliers to the businessmen from all over the world. Well-known cases of a variety of equipment will be rotated in the booth, and our professional team will also explain any equipment you are interested in, looking forward to meeting you! 03 Exhibit Information 丨Exhibition Name丨 CeMAT RUSSIA 2023 丨Time of the show丨 September 19th - September 21st 丨Venues丨 Moscow, IEC Crocus Expo Pavilion 1, hall 2 丨Booth No.丨 Hall 2, B309 END
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  • Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift passed the third level of safety standardization certification review
    11.09.2023 Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift passed the third level of safety standardization certification review
    Safety is the eternal theme of the enterprise, the implementation of all levels of safety responsibility awareness, in order to promote the safe production of the enterprise. 22 August, the third-party review organization review team to Zowell Intelligent Forklifts on the third level of safety standardization work on-site review. The relevant person in charge of the company's safety department accompanied the whole process and reported the construction of the company's safety standardization system to the evaluation experts. Production safety standardization refers to the establishment of production safety responsibility system, the formulation of safety management system and operating procedures, investigation and treatment of hidden dangers and monitoring of major sources of danger, the establishment of a preventive mechanism, standardize production behavior, so that the production process in line with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations on production safety and standards and norms of personnel, machinery, materials, the environment, etc., in a good state of production, and continue to improve, and continuously strengthen the production safety of the enterprise. Standardized construction. Zowell Intelligent Forklift attaches great importance to this standardization review, and earlier on, with the active cooperation of all departments, it has continuously strengthened the implementation of safety responsibilities, gradually improved the level of safety management, and created a good atmosphere for safe production. This three-level safety standardization assessment is also an important performance of our company's initiative to implement the main responsibility of safety production. During the evaluation process, the evaluation team conducted a comprehensive, meticulous and strict review of the normative conditions involved in the construction of the company's three-level production safety standardization, item by item, by means of evaluation meetings, document review and other means. At the same time, the on-site reviewers, accompanied by the relevant persons in charge of our safety department, checked the production site one by one to check whether the safety standardization system is running effectively. During the process, the evaluation team carried out the basic specification scoring, and gave guiding optimization suggestions to the company's safety standardization construction work. In the end, Zowell Intelligent Forklift reached the level of Level 3 safety standardization and passed the evaluation of certificate renewal. The successful completion of this level 3 safety standardization assessment marks that the safety work of Zowell Intelligent Forklift meets the level of national level 3 safety production standardization enterprise. In the follow-up work, our company will further strengthen the awareness of employees at all levels of production safety, and seriously analyze and effectively improve the shortcomings in th...
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  • Enterprise News|Congratulations to Zowell Intelligent Forklift for participating in the drafting of the two national standards for automatic guided vehicles successfully released!
    21.08.2023 Enterprise News|Congratulations to Zowell Intelligent Forklift for participating in the drafting of the two national standards for automatic guided vehicles successfully released!
    Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift received two national standards drafting unit certificates issued by the National Logistics and Storage Equipment Standardization Technical Committee. Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the drafting unit and Mr. Pan Xiaojun, General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the main drafter participated in the drafting of national standards GB/T 30029-2023 General Rules for the Design of Automated Guided Vehicles and GB/T 30030-2023 Terminology of Automated Guided Vehicles. Both national standards were drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2020 "Guidelines for Standardization Part 1: Structure of Standardization Documents and Drafting Rules". National standards are of great significance to the national economic and technological development, and are uniformly applied throughout the country, which is the main body of the standard system. The participation of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the drafting of two national standards for automated guided vehicles fully reflects the enhancement of the influence of the Zowell brand in the AGV industry, and the company's technological innovation and product innovation strength is recognized by the industry. AGV is the English abbreviation for Automated Guided Vehicle. In the era of global factories and warehouses evolving towards automation, the use of automated guided vehicles, which are known for their high flexibility and unmanned operation, is becoming more and more extensive; Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks has more than ten years of industry experience in the field of AGVs, and has a wide range of AGVs, including narrow-aisle AGVs, handling AGVs, towing AGVs, and forward-moving AGVs, which comprehensively cover and meet the usage needs of multiple industries. meet the needs of multiple industries. At present, Zowell has provided AGV intelligent forklift logistics solutions for many famous enterprises, such as Goldwind Technology, Huaqi Intelligence, North China Cable, WoWang Electric, Suyan Valve, etc., helping customers realize automation and flexibilization upgrade of the logistics link, and obtaining the unanimous affirmation from customers. In the field of automated guided vehicles, Zowell will continue to maintain the existing advantages in body manufacturing, increase R&D investment in on-board control system, navigation system, human-machine interaction system, etc., and make efforts to realize technological upgrading and breakthrough. The above two national standards on automated guided vehicles were officially released on May 23, 2023, which will further guide and standardize the product development, design, manufacturing and application of automated guided vehicles, guide the orderly development of related enterprises, and help to enhance the technological capability and market competitiveness of China's automated guided vehicle industry. Zowell Intelligent Forklift always attaches great importance to the standard work, and has participated in the formu...
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  • Standard Work|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Hosts Industry Standard Expert Validation Meeting
    15.07.2023 Standard Work|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Hosts Industry Standard Expert Validation Meeting
    From July 12 to July 14, 2023, the expert validation meeting for the two industry standards of "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "Multi-directional Forklift", which were organized by the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Vehicles (NTCSIV), was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is a beautiful city in China. As a participant in the formulation of the two industry standards, Zowell Intelligent Forklift was entrusted by the Standardization Committee to undertake this meeting. Ms. Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of National Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Vehicles, Mr. Fan Hengman, Senior Engineer of National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Lifting and Transportation Machinery, and representatives of famous domestic enterprises such as HELI, HANGCHA, LINDE, Jungheinrich and so on, a total of 16 technical experts attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Ms. Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of Industrial Vehicle Standard Committee. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Pan, General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift, delivered a sincere speech on behalf of the contractor. As a 30+ years forklift veteran, Mr. Pan expressed the importance of the development of the two industry standards "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "Multi-directional Forklift" in the construction of the product quality system and the future participation of enterprises in the international competition, and lastly, he expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the arrival of the experts for the standard validation. According to the schedule, after Mr. Pan's speech, the meeting entered into an intense and orderly discussion of the standard terms and conditions of the validation session. At the meeting, the experts expressed their views, and with international standards and domestic existing standards closely linked to the integration of the "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "multi directional forklift" two industry standards (draft) chapter by chapter, article by article, and rigorous validation, and strive to achieve rigorous and professional professional in terms of professionalism, technicality, practicality, guidance, etc., highlighting the authority of the standard-setting work. After 1.5 days of opinion summarization and discussion, and finally on the basis of the consensus of the participating experts to form the "two-way and multi-directional forklift", "Three-way VNA Forklift" two industry standards for review and approval, the agenda of the meeting was successfully completed. In recent years, the development and establishment of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the field of narrow aisle forklifts have been highly concerned and recognized by the industry. This time, the successful participation in the formulation of two industry standards for narrow aisle forklifts, namely "Two-way and Multi-directional Forklift" and "Three-way VNA Forklift" and the hosting of the related conference work, is a test and an affir...
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  • International Elevator Exhibition Review | Wonderful not to end, look back to Zowell style!
    13.07.2023 International Elevator Exhibition Review | Wonderful not to end, look back to Zowell style!
    On July 8, the 15th WORLD ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR EXPO, the focus of the global elevator industry, came to a successful conclusion at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The number of exhibitors and visitors to this year's industry event continues to be overwhelming. At the exhibition, a variety of new equipment debut, to the industry to increase more opportunities for exchange and cooperation. Powerful models, numerous fans During the four-day exhibition, Zowell's sales team enthusiastically introduced and demonstrated the two narrow aisle forklifts to the visiting customers. RSEW MODEL:electric multi-directional forklift Zowell's multi-directional forklift - a forklift tailored for the elevator industry - easily became the focus of the show, with a steady stream of customers coming to consult, visit, experience and ask for quotations. This forklift is suitable for 3-10m long materials, the load can be up to 3 tons, and the minimum stacking channel is only 2300mm, which can easily realize the stacking in the narrow channel, and empowers the enterprise to improve the efficiency. It is the perfect choice for in-field handling of elevators, curtain walls, plates and other long materials. VDA MODEL:electric VNA forklift/truck The other one in the booth - man-down three-way or vna forklift, the maximum lifting height of 9.5m, in helping various industries in high intensive storage transformation program outstanding performance, hardcore strength has a reputation. During the on-site demonstration, it also attracted a lot of businessmen to stop by, expanding new ideas of warehousing and logistics for them. The exhibition ended successfully, but Zowell will not stop. As a brand of electric forklifts specializing in narrow aisles in the forklift industry, Zowell has always adhered to the mission of "making transporting easier", and in the future, we will continue to plough into the product technology and dig into the needs of our customers, and continue to create highly adaptable warehousing and logistics equipments for our customers. END
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  • New product listing | Zowell Side loader/ multi-directional forklift leads the new trend of heavy and long material stacking
    19.05.2023 New product listing | Zowell Side loader/ multi-directional forklift leads the new trend of heavy and long material stacking
    "Technology creates value, and value drives the future." Only by constantly innovating, constantly breaking through, and calming down to study products and technologies can we develop high-quality markets with high-quality products, reward customers with ingenious products, and revitalize Made in China. Zowell has always actively participated in the development and construction of the logistics industry. Relying on years of technical accumulation and program experience, Zowell has invested a lot of energy in research and development, and finally broke through the technical barriers and brought our latest logistics achievements—another blockbuster model under the narrow channel series. Product: Side loader/ multidirectional forklifts, opening a new era of heavy-duty, long-material and narrow-aisle handling. For a long time, long-load and heavy-duty multi-directional forklifts have been monopolized by German and Irish brands, and all products rely on imports. The long delivery period of imported forklifts, the high purchase cost and maintenance cost make many domestic demand enterprises discouraged. The emergence of Zowell side loader broke the monopoly of imports, and made the name of a Chinese company appear for the first time in the field of long-material and heavy-duty multi-directional forklifts. As the first side loader/multidirectional forklift suitable for handling 5-ton heavy-duty long materials in China, it has a number of innovative patented technologies, and has the advantages of high efficiency, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost. Among them, the dual patented technologies of all-wheel drive and hydraulic synchronous cross-steering make this kind of multi-directional large-tonnage forklift have the possibility of continuous operation under outdoor harsh working conditions, which solves the problem of the interaction between large and heavy materials indoors and outdoors in many enterprises. The problems of transshipment and stacking have improved the handling efficiency of oversized goods and reduced the operating costs of logistics links. It can be said to be an ideal choice for industries such as pipes, plates, logs, furniture, mattresses, cloth rolls, glass, heavy molds, cabinets, boxes, and elevators. Zowell's side loader/multidirectional forklift WSHM model is a multi-forward forward-moving forklift-with multiple driving modes such as straight travel, side travel, and slewing in situ, and is easy to operate and switch freely. Heavy duty long material The WSHM model integrates a number of patented technologies, is suitable for handling, stacking, and high-lifting conditions of super-long and heavy materials (such as: more than 15 meters, 5 tons and more). The lifting height is 3m-10m. Extremely narrow lanes, safe driving This side loader is specially designed for extremely narrow aisle operations: the side stacking channel is ≤2750mm, and it adopts unique patented technology, which can maintain excellent straightness for lo...
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  • Exhibition preview | The 29th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Expo, Zowell Forklift welcomes you!
    08.04.2023 Exhibition preview | The 29th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Expo, Zowell Forklift welcomes you!
    From April 7th to April 9th, 2023, a 3-day large-scale exhibition - the 29th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Expo will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall. The exhibition area exceeds 100,000 square meters, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 130,000. One year later, Zowell Forklift was invited to attend this event again. At the exhibition site, Zowell will show everyone the exclusive tool for handling long materials such as doors, windows and curtain walls - RSEW multidirectional forklift, and share cutting-edge application cases in the industry. There will be more exquisite gifts on site, and we look forward to your visit. 01 About Zowell  The pace of technological updates continues to accelerate, and independent innovative technologies are becoming more and more important in product competition. As an excellent logistics equipment manufacturer and logistics solution provider, Zowell Intelligent Forklift has been pursuing the principle of differentiated development, focusing on the core needs of users with a forward-looking vision, breaking through site restrictions, and providing customers with effective and effective logistics equipment and solutions. 02 Exhibits introduction RSEW multidirectional forklift is a logistics equipment specially designed for industries such as metal profiles, glass, pipes, plates, furniture, and elevators. This model can turn 360° in situ. Straight mode, Sidewalk mode, In-situ rotation mode, All-wheel steering mode and other driving modes can be switched freely. Different from the long material handling in the traditional mode, Zowell multidirectional forklift is committed to realizing dense storage in narrow lanes, helping enterprises to release storage capacity, simplify stacking steps, shorten the length of logistics links, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. 03 Exhibition information 丨Exhibition name丨 The 29th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Expo 丨Exhibition time丨 April 7th - April 9th 丨Exhibition location丨 Guangzhou·Poly World Trade Center Expo (1000 Xingang East Road) Hall 4, 2nd Floor 丨Booth No.丨 4A51 丨Reminder丨 Real-name registration is required for visits, and ID cards are required to enter the venue At this new product expo for aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls, Zowell intelligent forklift will continue to provide first-class products and high-quality services to all new and old customers, hoping to bring more assistance to the aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall industry. Looking forward to your attention and presence on April 7th. END
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  • Zowell will be attending 2023 #CantonFair in Guangzhou from April 15th - 19rd
    04.04.2023 Zowell will be attending 2023 #CantonFair in Guangzhou from April 15th - 19rd
    Dear Sirs/Madam: We are excited to announce that #Zowell will be attending 2023 #CantonFair in Guangzhou from April 15th - 19rd. As a world-leading electric forklift manufacturing company, we are looking forward to showcasing our latest products and innovations at this prestigious event. If you're interested in learning more about our forklifts and how they can benefit your business, be sure to visit our booth at the show. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with a firsthand look at our cutting-edge technology. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the best of the best in the forklift industry! Can't wait to see you there! Web: Email:
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  • Spring is full of joy,and Zowell opens a new situation in the post-epidemic international market
    04.04.2023 Spring is full of joy,and Zowell opens a new situation in the post-epidemic international market
    From March 27th to 29th, a group of 5 Russian customers who have cooperated with Zowell for many years came to Suzhou factory to visit and negotiate business. NO.1 This is the first visit by the account team in three years of the pandemic. Every year before, they would travel thousands of miles to Zowell for product and business exchanges. Accompanied by the company's general manager, the Minister of International Trade and other people, Russian customers visited the R&D center, product demonstration area, manufacturing center and storage center of Zowell intelligent forklift. NO.2 During the visit, the general manager and technical personnel introduced new products for customers and answered their professional questions. NO.3 The customer fully understood the company's current scale, R & D strength, product production process and strict quality assurance links, after a test drive, the customer continued to show a surprised expression, the past three years Zowell has changed a lot. NO.4 In the past three years, the Zowell team has continued to improve its business operation and management capabilities, and has left a deep impression on customers with innovative product research and development, lean manufacturing and standard quality assurance system. NO.5 At the end of the visit, the general manager and relevant responsible personnel of the company conducted two-day business negotiations with visiting customers in Russia, and conducted in-depth communication on topics such as market demand, product development, quality assurance, and service capabilities. NO.6 The visit of Russian customers has enhanced friendship between the two sides and clarified their determination to work together and win-win cooperation in the post-epidemic era. END
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  • The grand occasion of the exhibition|Cixi Industry Fair kicks off,Zowell takes you to see the wonderful moment!
    29.03.2023 The grand occasion of the exhibition|Cixi Industry Fair kicks off,Zowell takes you to see the wonderful moment!
    On-the-spot /Cixi Industry Fair On March 24, the 16th China Cixi Industry Expo was grandly opened at the Cixi Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang. 1 Grand exhibition The exhibits of this exhibition cover industries such as machine tools, bearings, robots, automation equipment, and smart factories. 30,000+ buyers from all over the world gathered, and the exhibition site was crowded and very lively. 2 Hot Zowell booth Zowell intelligent forklift participated in the exhibition with 4 types of logistics equipment, and conducted product demonstrations on the spot. Many visitors stopped to visit and showed great interest in our products. With the help of this industry event, our working team conducted in-depth exchanges with exhibitors and customers, introduced in multiple dimensions, and explained the outstanding performance, product quality, and personnel safety protection technology of the products one by one. Customers highly affirmed the service and product advantages of Zowell Intelligent Forklift. The exhibition lasted until March 26th. New and old customers who want to know about Zowell's products all came to our booth C Special 56 to visit and negotiate. Zowell Intelligent Forklift is looking forward to working with you to start the journey of cooperation and provide you with professional logistics solutions.
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