• 2024 Spring Festival Holiday Notice-Zowell Forklifts
    05.02.2024 2024 Spring Festival Holiday Notice-Zowell Forklifts
    Dear Clients: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while. Please kindly be advised that our company will be closed from Feb, 6th to Feb, 15th, in observance of the Chinese traditional festival, Spring Festival. Any orders will be accepted but will not be processed until Feb, 16th, the first business day after the Spring Festival. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks & Best regards
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  • Company News|Help standardization! Zowell participated in the drafting of the two national standards successfully released
    18.01.2024 Company News|Help standardization! Zowell participated in the drafting of the two national standards successfully released
    Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift received two national standards drafting certificates issued by the National Industrial Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee. According to the National Standard Information Public Service Platform, the national standards GB/T 26949.7-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 7: Bidirectional and Multidirectional Forklift Trucks" and GB/T 26949.17-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 17: Tractor Trucks, Cargo and Personnel Carriers", with Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks as a participant in the drafting, have both been officially released in 2023. and GB/T 26949.17-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 17: Tractors, Goods and Personnel Carriers" have been officially published in 2023. National standards are of great significance to China's economic and technological development and are the cornerstone of market development. The national standard is also the main body of the standard system, which is uniformly applied throughout the country, and other standards at all levels shall not contradict with the national standard. Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks' successful participation in the drafting and formulation of the above two national standards not only shows the importance we attach to the standardization work, but also reflects the enhancement of our technological strength and influence in the industrial vehicle industry. Stability is one of the important indexes for assessing the safety of industrial vehicles, and the release of the two standards will further standardize the stability of various types of industrial vehicles and their validation methods in China, and promote the safe and orderly development of the industry. The two standards have adopted the corresponding ISO international standards, which is of great significance for the integrity of China's industrial vehicle standard system, ensuring operational safety and realizing China's industrial vehicle products in line with international standards. As one of the drafting units of the above two national standards, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts actively provides professional technical support and experience output for the development of the standards. Over the years, we have always attached great importance to the stability of industrial vehicles and the safety of the industry, and have carried out rigorous and meticulous requirements in every aspect of our work, so as to be responsible for our employees and customers, and to promote the safe and healthy development of the industry. Take electric tractor as an example, according to the market segmentation, our company has created various kinds of customized tractor, and widely used in automotive, color steel, rolling mill, electrode plate, aerospace and other industries, stable product quality by the customer's unanimous recognition. In addition, the first multi-directional forklift launched by our company, which is suitable for handli...
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  • Zowell won the
    27.12.2023 Zowell won the "2023 Recommended Brand of Household Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology".
    From December 21st to December 22nd, "2023 National Household Supply Chain Summit" organized by China Warehousing and Distribution Association Household Supply Chain Branch was grandly held in Hefei, Anhui Province. As an outstanding logistics equipment manufacturer, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift was invited to attend the summit. With the theme of "synergistic linkage, creating new life together", the summit invited upstream and downstream enterprises in the home furnishing industry as well as experts in the logistics industry to focus on the severe challenges faced by the home furnishing industry, share the innovative mode of supply chain and logistics, discuss the new path for upgrading the supply chain, and create a new situation for the industry's development together. ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift has been plowing into the forklift industry for 30 years, and its products have been exported to more than one hundred countries and regions, providing professional warehousing and logistics solutions for hundreds of enterprises, and accumulating rich project experience in the home furnishing industry. In the speech session, in response to the issue of improving the efficiency of warehousing, the representative of ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift Company delivered the keynote speech of "Creating Space Value for the Future", and combined with the video to show a variety of narrow aisle and driverless forklift, classic project cases in many countries and innovative scientific expansion program, which contributed to the upgrading of the household supply chain logistics, and won a round of applauds. In view of the characteristics of the household industry, such as heavy cargo, large specifications, internal and external transfer needs, and the need to avoid bumping, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift has made key recommendations for two narrow aisle products, namely, sit-on multi-directional forklift and standing up type multi-directional forklift, and hopes that the two forklifts with high maneuverability, strong loading capacity, suitable for complex working conditions, and smooth running will bring practical application value for the optimization and upgrading of the supply chain of the household industry. At the end of the wonderful professional sharing session, in the glory ceremony of the Household Supply Chain Summit, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift was awarded the "2023 Household Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology Recommended Brands" honorary plaque, thanking the organizing committee of the National Household Supply Chain Summit for the recognition of our products, technology, and the level of industry project landing. The appearance of the 2023 National Household Supply Chain Summit has given ZOWELL a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by household enterprises. In the future, ZOWELL will be based on the new situation, continue to be committed to the home furnishing industry logistics, with narrow-aisle intelligent warehousing, digital logi...
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  • Zowell Was Awarded
    02.12.2023 Zowell Was Awarded "Recommended Brand Of Intelligent Warehousing Equipment And Technology"-2023 China Warehousing And Distribution Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting
    On November 30th, 2023 China Warehousing and Distribution Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting and Seminar on Planning and Construction of Warehouses and Distribution Centers was grandly held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. This meeting was organized by China Warehousing and Distribution Association, with "the next 10 years: challenges and opportunities, difficulties and countermeasures" as the theme. At the meeting, Zowell Intelligent Forklift was honored as "Recommended Brand of Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology". Speeches Many famous enterprise representatives and industry experts attended the meeting, and made authoritative analysis and sharing on the successful cases and lessons learned from the development of warehousing and distribution enterprises in the past 10 years, the planning, design and construction of intelligent and efficient warehousing and distribution facilities, and the application of the latest technology. Zowell Intelligent Forklift sent a company representative to deliver a keynote speech on "Dense Storage Creates Space Value" from the perspective of scientific capacity expansion and enhancement of warehousing efficiency. It was pointed out in the speech that under the background of rising land cost and labor cost, the demand for intensive storage is also growing rapidly, and narrow aisle forklifts play a key role at this moment. Starting from the diversified forklift market, the representative mentioned the escalating logistics demand and shared the customized solutions of Zowell. The speech mentioned that the forklift industry will develop in the direction of more intelligence and automation in the future, and Zowell will continue to absorb talents and iteratively update its products, so as to build up its strength to promote the high-quality development of logistics in more industries. Award Presentation Session After the wonderful sharing, the meeting proceeded to the awarding session, and Zowell Intelligent Forklift was awarded "Recommended Brand of Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology". China Warehousing and Distribution Association (CWDA) is the most authoritative organization in China's warehousing and distribution industry, and this award marks the recognition of CAWD on the quality of our products, program planning, technical level and project implementation ability. In the future, Zowell will continue to focus on the research and development of narrow aisle and unmanned technology, challenge the problems with professionalism, and contribute to the modernization of China's warehousing and distribution industry! END
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  • Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Passed The
    23.11.2023 Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Passed The "Three Systems" Supervision And Audit
    Quality management, occupational health and safety management, environmental management "three systems" certification is an important symbol of modern enterprise management, but also the standardization of enterprises, the actual need for standardized operation. In order to continuously strengthen the internal management ability and promote the competitiveness of enterprises, Zowell Intelligent Forklift has organized the supervision and audit of the three systems. From November 9th to November 10th, Fangyuan Logo Certification Group audit expert group went to Zowell Intelligent Forklift to undertake the review work, and made clear the audit work arrangement at the first meeting, and the management personnel of relevant departments of Zowell Intelligent Forklift participated in the whole process. In the last meeting on the afternoon of November 10, Zowell Intelligent Forklift successfully passed the 2023 "three systems" supervision and audit with excellent performance. During the two-day review, the expert group conducted a detailed review of the effectiveness of the company's management system construction in strict accordance with the three-system standard, through checking the system documents, on-site inquiries and production site inspections. Zowell Intelligent Forklift management and the responsible personnel of each department fully cooperated with the expert group's audit program and made a detailed report to the expert group on the company's basic situation and the operation of the three systems. Accompanied by the departmental responsible persons, the expert group conducted a comprehensive review of the manufacturing processes such as feeding, welding, assembly workflow and finished product debugging and inspection process in Zowell's production workshop, and also viewed in detail the fire fighting facilities, employees' safety protection, equipment implementation and management, hazardous chemicals control and other environmental safety management related situations. After the inspection, the expert group highly affirmed the quality management and environmental safety management implementation of the whole storage and manufacturing process of our company, and put forward valuable improvement opinions on the deficiencies in the management. At the last meeting in the afternoon of November 10, the expert group unanimously agreed that the "three systems" were running effectively, and the supervision and audit passed successfully. Thanks to the expert group of Fangyuan Logo Certification Group, all departments of our company will continue to improve and perfect the three management systems, integrate the management standards into all aspects of production and operation, and implement them in a targeted manner to continuously improve the management level of the company and effectively promote the high-quality development of Zowell. END
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  • Exhibition Preview | CeMAT ASIA 2023, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts will bring its heavyweight products to meet you!
    18.10.2023 Exhibition Preview | CeMAT ASIA 2023, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts will bring its heavyweight products to meet you!
    01 Exhibition Overview High-end manufacturing, logistics first. 2023 October 24 - October 27, CeMAT ASIA 2023 will be officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Zowell Intelligent Forklift was invited to the exhibition. As an excellent logistics equipment manufacturer and logistics solution provider, Zowell has been pursuing the guideline of differentiated development. This time, Zowell will make a collective appearance with the whole series of narrow aisle products as well as two types of reach trucks to comprehensively display the company's characteristic advantages in the field of electric sitting-on storage forklifts. 02 List of Exhibits Zowell side loader--China's first forklift for extra-long and heavy-duty materials will make its debut in a large-scale industry exhibition. This is a forklift that breaks the technical barriers, breaks the monopoly of imported forklifts, and a forklift that can realize the efficient and stable handling of super-long and super-heavy goods. Welcome to the booth of Zowell to have a look at the hard power of it. The four narrow aisle forklifts and two types of reach trucks, stand on and sit on, which have been well received and certified by domestic and foreign enterprises for many times, will provide customers with more in-depth reference options. VNA SERIES FORKLIFTS TWO TYPES REACH TRUCK On October 24th, Zowell is looking forward to your visit in Hall W5, Booth B4!
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  • Exhibition Now| ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts Invites You to CeMAT RUSSIA
    19.09.2023 Exhibition Now| ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts Invites You to CeMAT RUSSIA
    Expanding the market, step by step, September 19 - September 21, CeMAT RUSSIA 2023 will be grandly held in Moscow, Russia, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklifts team will bring two narrow-aisle forklifts to overseas exhibitions, to develop overseas markets to help. 01 Exhibition Introduction Most of the innovations for the Russian market are presented for the first time during CeMAT RUSSIA, the most authoritative trade fair for material handling, warehousing equipment and logistics in Russia. A wide range of warehousing prototypes and automation systems will be on display, whether for warehousing, intralogistics or supply chain optimization needs, the right solution can be found here. 02 Exhibiting Now Today, logistics has become an important means of sustaining economic development, in the industrial land resources are limited today, the land cost of the expenditure accounted for a rise in the proportion of efficient intensive warehousing equipment, cost-effective logistics operations program is also the embodiment of the competitiveness of major enterprises. During the exhibition, ZOWELL Intelligent Forklift's man up type VNA forklift and multi directional forklift will be presented at Hall 2, Booth B309, to show the powerful narrow aisle high level stacking strength of China's warehousing equipment suppliers to the businessmen from all over the world. Well-known cases of a variety of equipment will be rotated in the booth, and our professional team will also explain any equipment you are interested in, looking forward to meeting you! 03 Exhibit Information 丨Exhibition Name丨 CeMAT RUSSIA 2023 丨Time of the show丨 September 19th - September 21st 丨Venues丨 Moscow, IEC Crocus Expo Pavilion 1, hall 2 丨Booth No.丨 Hall 2, B309 END
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  • Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift passed the third level of safety standardization certification review
    11.09.2023 Enterprise News|Zowell Intelligent Forklift passed the third level of safety standardization certification review
    Safety is the eternal theme of the enterprise, the implementation of all levels of safety responsibility awareness, in order to promote the safe production of the enterprise. 22 August, the third-party review organization review team to Zowell Intelligent Forklifts on the third level of safety standardization work on-site review. The relevant person in charge of the company's safety department accompanied the whole process and reported the construction of the company's safety standardization system to the evaluation experts. Production safety standardization refers to the establishment of production safety responsibility system, the formulation of safety management system and operating procedures, investigation and treatment of hidden dangers and monitoring of major sources of danger, the establishment of a preventive mechanism, standardize production behavior, so that the production process in line with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations on production safety and standards and norms of personnel, machinery, materials, the environment, etc., in a good state of production, and continue to improve, and continuously strengthen the production safety of the enterprise. Standardized construction. Zowell Intelligent Forklift attaches great importance to this standardization review, and earlier on, with the active cooperation of all departments, it has continuously strengthened the implementation of safety responsibilities, gradually improved the level of safety management, and created a good atmosphere for safe production. This three-level safety standardization assessment is also an important performance of our company's initiative to implement the main responsibility of safety production. During the evaluation process, the evaluation team conducted a comprehensive, meticulous and strict review of the normative conditions involved in the construction of the company's three-level production safety standardization, item by item, by means of evaluation meetings, document review and other means. At the same time, the on-site reviewers, accompanied by the relevant persons in charge of our safety department, checked the production site one by one to check whether the safety standardization system is running effectively. During the process, the evaluation team carried out the basic specification scoring, and gave guiding optimization suggestions to the company's safety standardization construction work. In the end, Zowell Intelligent Forklift reached the level of Level 3 safety standardization and passed the evaluation of certificate renewal. The successful completion of this level 3 safety standardization assessment marks that the safety work of Zowell Intelligent Forklift meets the level of national level 3 safety production standardization enterprise. In the follow-up work, our company will further strengthen the awareness of employees at all levels of production safety, and seriously analyze and effectively improve the shortcomings in th...
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  • Enterprise News|Congratulations to Zowell Intelligent Forklift for participating in the drafting of the two national standards for automatic guided vehicles successfully released!
    21.08.2023 Enterprise News|Congratulations to Zowell Intelligent Forklift for participating in the drafting of the two national standards for automatic guided vehicles successfully released!
    Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift received two national standards drafting unit certificates issued by the National Logistics and Storage Equipment Standardization Technical Committee. Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the drafting unit and Mr. Pan Xiaojun, General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the main drafter participated in the drafting of national standards GB/T 30029-2023 General Rules for the Design of Automated Guided Vehicles and GB/T 30030-2023 Terminology of Automated Guided Vehicles. Both national standards were drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2020 "Guidelines for Standardization Part 1: Structure of Standardization Documents and Drafting Rules". National standards are of great significance to the national economic and technological development, and are uniformly applied throughout the country, which is the main body of the standard system. The participation of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the drafting of two national standards for automated guided vehicles fully reflects the enhancement of the influence of the Zowell brand in the AGV industry, and the company's technological innovation and product innovation strength is recognized by the industry. AGV is the English abbreviation for Automated Guided Vehicle. In the era of global factories and warehouses evolving towards automation, the use of automated guided vehicles, which are known for their high flexibility and unmanned operation, is becoming more and more extensive; Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks has more than ten years of industry experience in the field of AGVs, and has a wide range of AGVs, including narrow-aisle AGVs, handling AGVs, towing AGVs, and forward-moving AGVs, which comprehensively cover and meet the usage needs of multiple industries. meet the needs of multiple industries. At present, Zowell has provided AGV intelligent forklift logistics solutions for many famous enterprises, such as Goldwind Technology, Huaqi Intelligence, North China Cable, WoWang Electric, Suyan Valve, etc., helping customers realize automation and flexibilization upgrade of the logistics link, and obtaining the unanimous affirmation from customers. In the field of automated guided vehicles, Zowell will continue to maintain the existing advantages in body manufacturing, increase R&D investment in on-board control system, navigation system, human-machine interaction system, etc., and make efforts to realize technological upgrading and breakthrough. The above two national standards on automated guided vehicles were officially released on May 23, 2023, which will further guide and standardize the product development, design, manufacturing and application of automated guided vehicles, guide the orderly development of related enterprises, and help to enhance the technological capability and market competitiveness of China's automated guided vehicle industry. Zowell Intelligent Forklift always attaches great importance to the standard work, and has participated in the formu...
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  • Standard Work|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Hosts Industry Standard Expert Validation Meeting
    15.07.2023 Standard Work|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Successfully Hosts Industry Standard Expert Validation Meeting
    From July 12 to July 14, 2023, the expert validation meeting for the two industry standards of "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "Multi-directional Forklift", which were organized by the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Vehicles (NTCSIV), was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is a beautiful city in China. As a participant in the formulation of the two industry standards, Zowell Intelligent Forklift was entrusted by the Standardization Committee to undertake this meeting. Ms. Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of National Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Vehicles, Mr. Fan Hengman, Senior Engineer of National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Lifting and Transportation Machinery, and representatives of famous domestic enterprises such as HELI, HANGCHA, LINDE, Jungheinrich and so on, a total of 16 technical experts attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Ms. Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of Industrial Vehicle Standard Committee. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Pan, General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift, delivered a sincere speech on behalf of the contractor. As a 30+ years forklift veteran, Mr. Pan expressed the importance of the development of the two industry standards "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "Multi-directional Forklift" in the construction of the product quality system and the future participation of enterprises in the international competition, and lastly, he expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the arrival of the experts for the standard validation. According to the schedule, after Mr. Pan's speech, the meeting entered into an intense and orderly discussion of the standard terms and conditions of the validation session. At the meeting, the experts expressed their views, and with international standards and domestic existing standards closely linked to the integration of the "Three-way VNA Forklift" and "multi directional forklift" two industry standards (draft) chapter by chapter, article by article, and rigorous validation, and strive to achieve rigorous and professional professional in terms of professionalism, technicality, practicality, guidance, etc., highlighting the authority of the standard-setting work. After 1.5 days of opinion summarization and discussion, and finally on the basis of the consensus of the participating experts to form the "two-way and multi-directional forklift", "Three-way VNA Forklift" two industry standards for review and approval, the agenda of the meeting was successfully completed. In recent years, the development and establishment of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the field of narrow aisle forklifts have been highly concerned and recognized by the industry. This time, the successful participation in the formulation of two industry standards for narrow aisle forklifts, namely "Two-way and Multi-directional Forklift" and "Three-way VNA Forklift" and the hosting of the related conference work, is a test and an affir...
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