• Zowell Forklifts support against the Covid-19
    09.04.2022 Zowell Forklifts support against the Covid-19
    Zowell Forklifts support against the Covid-19 The covid-19 situation is serious, but life still goes on, everyone works together to overcome the difficulties, zowell forklift team also contributes to the prevention and control of the covid-19. Zowell Forklifts formed a 9-member volunteer team to support the outbreak prevention and control at a time when the covid-19 was not yet over. The Zowell Forklifts team practiced the spirit of courageous covid-19 control with actions. At the site of the vaccination site, Zowell Forklifts volunteers patiently carry out the task of prevention and control. They showed their love in their passionate dedication and shone brightly in their ordinary days, physically demonstrating Zowell Forklifts' core values of "integrity and courage". Zowell Forklifts team will continue to volunteer for prevention and control and contribute to the fight against the covid-19. Let's help each other and wait for the beauty. Zowell is an intelligent equipment manufacturer whose main products are industrial vehicles. The leading products are three-way forklifts,multi-directional reach trucks,double-deep reach truck , driverless intelligent forklifts-AGV, industry customized machine,electric warehouse material handling equipment, electric towing tractors and electric forklifts. Zowell not only provide the machines but also provide the full set of material handling solutions. Zowell Products can fully replace all imported products and they are widely used in air transportation, medicine, cold chain, food and beverage,tobacco,express delivery,manufacturing,e-commerce, automobile and other industries.The electric reach stackers have became the industry benchmark. Zowell uses industry international standard as its products technical index and it has passed the CE certificate . Zowell company has more than 30 inventions and more than 200 utility model patents  and it has been invited to become the pilot unit of mobile robots for industrial use in China
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  • Zowell Forklifts Successfully Passes 2021 Intellectual Property Management System Review
    26.03.2022 Zowell Forklifts Successfully Passes 2021 Intellectual Property Management System Review
    Zowell Forklifts Successfully Passes 2021 Intellectual Property Management System Review From March 24 to March 25, 2022, the audit team from China Standard (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. visited Zowell Forklifts and conducted an annual on-site audit on the operation of Zowell Forklifts' intellectual property management system in 2021. After receiving the audit plan, all relevant departments of the company carried out sufficient and active combing and preparation work. The person in charge of the company's inspected departments (management, intellectual property department, manufacturing center, capital and finance center) and other involved departments attended the first and last meeting of the audit. During the audit, the person in charge of the company's department reported on the overall work of the company's intellectual property rights and the operation of the intellectual property management system in 2021, and the audit team leader carefully verified all the documents and records of the audited department and conducted detailed checks with the relevant persons in charge on the specific contents. After two days of rigorous and orderly audit work, the audit team unanimously agreed that Zowell Forklifts intellectual property management system was operating effectively, and thus Zowell Forklifts successfully passed the annual audit of intellectual property management system certification. The "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" is the final recognition of the implementation of the national "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System Specification" (GB/T 29490-2013), which enables enterprises to establish a scientific and standardized intellectual property management system, form an intellectual property management system throughout all aspects of production and operation, strengthen the enterprise's intellectual property application Through the establishment of a scientific and standardized intellectual property management system, enterprises can form an intellectual property management system throughout all aspects of production and operation, strengthen their intellectual property application capabilities, protect their own intellectual property rights, enhance their innovation awareness and core competitiveness, and ensure their sustainable development. In March 2017, Zowell Forklifts officially launched the IP management system certification, and has made outstanding achievements in IP work over the past 5 years. Up to now, Zowell Forklifts has applied for more than 700 patents, 3 software copyrights, and 13 domestic and foreign trademark registrations, ranking among the top in the industry. 2020, Zowell Forklifts was even awarded as a national intellectual property advantageous enterprise, a series of achievements are the affirmation of Zowell Forklifts' intellectual property work. The successful passing of the annual review of the national intellectual property management system marks the further improveme...
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  • Zowell Forklift's 2022 Chinese New Year Annual Party was successfully held in Suzhou!
    26.01.2022 Zowell Forklift's 2022 Chinese New Year Annual Party was successfully held in Suzhou!
    Zowell Forklift's 2022 Chinese New Year Annual Party was successfully held in Suzhou! Looking back at the road of striving, bidding farewell to the unforgettable 2021 and looking forward to the new era of Zowell forklifts! On January 15, 2022, Zowell Forklift's 2022 New Year's party, was held in Suzhou Convention Center! The annual party was full of splendid songs, skits, dances and magic tricks, which fully demonstrated the creativity and talent of Zowell forklift employees from all departments. The dance sketch was dynamic and energetic, enthusiastic; the mime was witty and humorous, interesting; the skit was colorful and applauded; the song was sweet and beautiful, curling, and the various and vivid performances brought a joyful visual feast to the leaders, guests and all employees present. Covid-19 and the world economic situation are full of uncertainties, and 2022 is an extraordinary year, which witnessed Zowell people's practical and diligent, hard-working and aggressive, the development of Zowell forklifts is inseparable from every employee's hard work; the today of Zowell forklifts is also inseparable from every employee's joint efforts. At the meeting, recognition and awards were given to Zowell's outstanding individuals, teams and special contribution employees who have been working silently for the development of the company for 6 years in the year 2021, so as to inspire more employees to shine in their own positions. Finally, Mr. Pan, General Manager of Zowell Forklifts, delivered a New Year speech with the theme of "Growing resiliently and embracing the broad sky". Mr. Pan reviewed the work footprints in 2021, shared his own journey, and put forward the plans and goals for 2022. Only by insisting on reverence, doing the right thing in the long run and being altruistic can a company maintain sustainable development. After 6 hours, 2022 Zowell Forklifts New Year Annual Party came to an end. The brilliant fireworks are the splendid colors of the New Year; the loud and clear songs are the moving melody of the New Year! It was a joyful event, which not only showed the positive and youthful appearance of all employees, but also showed the harmony and love of all our colleagues, and conveyed the ambition to the company's great development! In the new year, Zowell forklifts will continue to ride on the east wind of the development of the times, take the needs of customers as the guide, make efforts to move forward and contribute to the development of forklift trucks worldwide!
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  • How to drive Zowell mechanical guided VNA forklift into Aisle
    31.12.2021 How to drive Zowell mechanical guided VNA forklift into Aisle
    How to drive a Zowell mechanical guided VNA forklift into Aisle 1. Drive the VNA forklift close to the Aisle. 2. Put the VNA forklift right on the track and observe the distance between the front guide wheel and the guide rail. 3. Drive the VNA forklift to put the front guide wheel against the rail, pay attention that the speed is not too fast to avoid damage to the rail. 4. Continue to drive the VNA forklift truck to ensure that the front guide wheel and rear guide wheel are attached to the rail. When the VNA forklift is completely in the Aisle, the rail entry is completed. Note: Please do not stick any part of your body out of the forklift to prevent from being pinched.
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  • Zowell Forklifts lanuches new product--Man up VNA forklifts
    16.12.2021 Zowell Forklifts lanuches new product--Man up VNA forklifts
    Zowell Forklifts Lanuches new product- Man up VNA forklifts. The year 2021 is nearing the end, with the epidemic entering normalization on one side and the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry on the other, it is destined to be a year of both opportunities and challenges. In this year, Zowell VDA II generation man-down three-way truck was launched at 2021 LET China Guangzhou Logistics, showing the technical advantages of Zowell intelligent forklift in narrow aisle series. Today, Zowell forklift's technical exchange conference of narrow aisle series products with the theme of "No extreme in narrow aisle, reconstruct new space" was launched in this warm winter, which attracted new and old customers of Zowell forklifts and media friends from all over China to observe the conference. At the same time, the conference was broadcasted globally through Zowell's official WeChat video, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. At the beginning of the conference, the deputy general manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift delivered a welcome speech. He firstly thanked the guests for coming to the conference venue from their busy schedules and introduced Zowell's exploration and persistence in the field of narrow aisle forklifts, which gave everyone a new awareness of the technical strength of Zowell's narrow aisle products, with unswerving determination and without forgetting the original intention, Zowell will keep plowing deeper in the field of narrow aisle and deliver more cost-effective products to global customers. The second section of the conference ushered in the most exciting moment. Four Zowell VUE man-up three-way trucks were lined up in full costume and officially unveiled the mystery after the host counted down. The general manager of Zowell intelligent forklift and the director of narrow-aisle product R&D gave a key explanation of man-up three-way trucks through PPT and live operation demonstration. From static structure to dynamic performance, it shows the craftsmanship and determination of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the development and manufacturing of Man up VNA forklifts. Zowell Man-up trilateral VNA forklift is the latest generation forklift fitted with the electric drive fork and has stacking and picking function. The maximum load capacity is 1600kg and the maximum lifting height is 13,500mm. It is equipped with three-way electric drive fork, full AC control system and stable and efficient electromagnetic wire guidance technology owns efficient energy recovery system, self-adaptive uneven ground function, comfortable operating cab, multiple active protection for the whole forklift make operation safer. Suitable for wide range of application and a variety of configurations can be optional. It can increase warehouse space by 270%. The last part of the meeting was arranged for the guests to test-drive the Zowell VUE man-up three-way forklift to experience its speed and passion. In the past few years, Zowell has formed a product ...
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  • Things need to pay attention to when driving Zowell Multi-directional forklift.
    30.11.2021 Things need to pay attention to when driving Zowell Multi-directional forklift.
    Things need to pay attention to when driving Zowell Multi-directional forklift. 1. Fasten the operator's seat belt Check the seat belt and its latch, if the seat belt has wear or crack, should be replaced. If you find that the seat belt buckle cannot be fastened, make sure to replace it. 2. Pay close attention to the direction of travel of the forklift Make sure there are no obstacles in the path of the forklift and on the ground or no objects protruding from the racks in the aisle. Pay attention to the surroundings at all times and pay attention to the current direction of travel. Make sure the forklift warning device is activated to warn vehicles and pedestrians in the same work area to avoid them. 3. Drive carefully Always ensure that the operator is physically located within the operator's area of the cab. Always ensure that the forklift is under the operator's control. Always drive at a speed that will safely stop the forklift. 4. Avoid falling or tipping Inspect the seat belt and its latch and replace it if it is worn or cracked. If you find that the seat belt latch does not fasten, be sure to replace it. 5. Use the forklift safely Do not allow any person to stand under or over the forks under any circumstances. Do not allow others to ride on the forklift. Before leaving the forklift, you should: 1. park the forklift in the specified area. 2. stop the forklift completely. 3. lower the forks to the ground. 4. Pull out the key or cut off the power switch.
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  • What determines Aisle Width of Zowell VNA Forklifts
    20.11.2021 What determines Aisle Width of Zowell VNA Forklifts
    What determines Aisle Width of Zowell VNA Forklifts ● Aisle width ● Pallets, cargo dimensions (length, width and height), and the fork entry direction will determine the aisle width ● After confirming the pallet depth, you can know the rail to rail distance, the pallet to pallet distance and the main aisle distance, etc. ● Zowell 1.2 ton VNA forklifts ● Zowell 1.6 ton VNA forklifts ● Notes ● The main aisle width of the magnetic guide will generally be determined according to the actual area of the customer's site and the operating conditions of the forklift, because the magnetic guide needs to consider the distance of the magnetic strip extending out of the rack, and the magnetic strip generally needs to extend in 1 to 3 meters.
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  • When you are choosing at Zowell VNA Forklifts...
    31.10.2021 When you are choosing at Zowell VNA Forklifts...
    When you are choosing at Zowell VNA Forklifts... 1.Are your racks suitable for mechanically guided vna forklifts or magnetically guided vna forklifts? Please check the table below to confirm. 2. Your pallet depth and cargo size determine the working aisle width, rail to rail distance, pallet to pallet distance, main aisle distance. 3. We suggest you to use our VNA forklift on the ground floor. 4. Please check if your warehouse has any door height/tunnel restriction and roof height, we will help you to confirm if our vna forklift can be used in your warehouse.
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  • Factors you need to know when choosing a forklift mast
    23.10.2021 Factors you need to know when choosing a forklift mast
    Factors you need to know when choosing a forklift mast When choosing a forklift mast, there are a few factors to consider in addition to type: the lowered and extended height, lift height, and freelift. Lift Height: (also known as maximum fork height) tells you how high the forks will be with the mast fully extended. When choosing a forklift mast, add at least six inches to the height of your topmost racking shelf. This will allow your operators to safely adjust loads when the mast is fully extended. Free lift: refers to how high a load can be lifted before the mast starts to extend. The ability to freelift is important if your lift truck will be lifting and maneuvering in areas where overhead clearance is restricted. Lowered Height or Collapsed Height: This is the distance from from the floor to the top of the mast when the mast is lowered. If your forklift needs to travel beneath a garage or container door, the lowered height may be important. Extended Height:This measures the height from the top of the mast (or load backrest) with the mast fully extended.
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  • What is drive in racks
    30.09.2021 What is drive in racks
    What is drive in racks? Drive in pallet rack is a high density storage system used in warehouses to store pallets on a first in/last out (FILO) basis. Pallets are loaded and retrieved from the front side of the rack and forklift trucks drive directly into the rack's bays to get to the stored product. The last pallet loaded becomes the first pallet accessible, creating a more dense and uniform load in a confined storage area. Drive-In Rack is perfect for products that need cold or freezer storage, especially for applications that have a large number of similar product loads. Since freezer warehouse space is so expensive to operate, it is important to maintain a dense storage area. Zowell Products for drive in racks 1.Zowell FRB series Zowell FRB series Electric Reach Truck is 2 ton reach truck.Its maximum lifting height is up to 9m.It is good partner for drive in racking system.It can be used for Food & Beverage ,Paper,Automoble,Clothes , Electronic Components,Logisitic industry and Racking system company. 2.  Zowell FE series electric forklift truck can be used indoor and warehouse applications,ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.It adopts AC motors provide new levels of performance, efficiency, and reliability to maximize your productivity and return on investment.
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