• Smart and new intelligent machine creates future.
    23.08.2020 Smart and new intelligent machine creates future.
    Smart and new intelligent machine creates future. Technology exchange technology seminar of Zowell aisle width intelligent equipment is successfully hold in Suzhou, China on August,22nd, 2020 Mr Pan,  general manager & CEO of Zowell introduces Zowell new aisle width forklifts such as the three way forklift, full directional forklifts, double deep reach trucks, Min-AGV, AGV-three way forklift. More than 80 representatives from warehouse equipment distributors,racking manufacturers, warehouse system suppliers, AGV system providers and also the institute of intelligent equipment attend this seminar. During the seminar, Zowell also signed strategic cooperation agreement with  DELI automation Ltd and Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd. They will start positive and deep cooperation on the commercial business. The Professor Wang Jixiang, worked as Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, shared its opinion on the “Intelligent handling”. Doctor Wang Zujing, worked as Executive Vice President of Technology Application and Engineering Service Branch of China Warehousing and Distribution Association and marketing and sales expert of China warehouse material handling equipments, Gave a speech on the topic: Supplier chains of logistics and the development direction of the material handling technology in new economic environment. Mr Liu Shihong give a meaningful sharing on the “new space concept on the material handling equipment. In the afternoon ,the participants came to the Zowell intelligent forklift factory and had a zero-distance contact with Zowell's narrow aisle width forklift products. The afternoon activity was staged lively in the product explanations and demonstrations of the three Zowell technical project leaders. In the live scene of the dense storage rack area, three-way trucks, omnidirectional trucks, and double deep reach trucks  was unanimously recognized by everyone. After the explanation and demonstration ended, and the free negotiation was made between the main designer and the visitors. Find opportunities in crises and find directions in chaos. A pandemic that swept the world in 2020 was unexpected to many people, and it also brought many survival challenges to many companies.The more you are in the turbulent upstream of the waves, the more you have to stick to your direction and learn to ride the wind and waves! Zowell has successfully completing their own gorgeous transformation from traditional basic material handling equipment  manufacturer to a narrow aisles, high altitudes, and intelligence products and solutions supplier. Based on differentiated products, it actively cooperates with multiple parties and believes that Zowell  will become a leading brand of intelligent forklifts in the world. With more than 10 year’s development, Zowell, from the little-known name more than ten years ago, to a influenti...
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  • Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing Session of Robot Industry Alliance (Phase II: Suzhou Station)
    10.09.2020 Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing Session of Robot Industry Alliance (Phase II: Suzhou Station)
    Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing Session of Robot Industry Alliance (Phase II: Suzhou Station) Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing session of robot Industry Alliance (phase II: Suzhou Station) was held as scheduled in ZOWELL company. Leaders of the robot industry from Suzhou and surrounding areas gathered together to discuss the healthy development of the robot industry. After more than a month of rainy season, suzhou finally ushered in good weather. With the good weather, on July 22, Sharing session of robot Industry Alliance was held as scheduled in ZOWELL Company.Leaders of the robot industry from Suzhou and surrounding areas gathered together to discuss the healthy development of the robot industry. This conference is sponsored by China Robot (AGV) Industry Alliance and undertaken by ZOWELL company. The meeting was successfully held at ZOWELL company at 5:00 PM. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Yu Xiwen, who is in charge of the alliance sharing meeting. The participants of the meeting were representatives of new stars or stars in the industry, such as CSG Huaxiao, Phoenix Power, Mu Xing Intelligent, Edgeway and Kaiyunlai. At the beginning of the meeting, the delegates were shown around the ZOWELL factory. Then everyone moved to the conference room and started the formal process of the sharing meeting. After the guests introduced themselves, they Shared and discussed this year's AGV market situation and industry development. With the support of industry 4.0 and a series of intelligent manufacturing policies in recent years, China's robot AGV industry has mushrooming. The huge market capacity and demand make AGV industry more and more have a bad development trend of scuffle. , vice President of China mobile robots (AGV) industry alliance, CSG share huaxiao company general manager li said, in this case, we can't forget the original goal of AGV industry alliance, and focus on our own characteristics and advantages of the project, the proper choice, to make our industry from disorder competition into an orderly, healthy, benign cooperation.We will work together to facilitate the full arrival of China's Industry 4.0 era. At the meeting, people also communicated about the market situation of this year. They said that the domestic AGV industry had been greatly affected in the first half of this year because of the CoVID-19 epidemic. However, with the comprehensive recovery of the resumption of work and production in China, people still had full confidence in this year's AGV market. ZOWELL was involved in the robot AGV industry since 2015. After years of exploration and accumulation, ZOWELL has gained a place in the robot AGV industry and gradually formed its own competitive advantage. As an enterprise with more than ten years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of traditional electric forklifts, ZOWELL company have received more and more attention and recognition in the forklift ...
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  • 2021LET Exhibition---Zowell Intelligent Forklift New Product Release
    01.06.2021 2021LET Exhibition---Zowell Intelligent Forklift New Product Release
    2021LET Exhibition---Zowell Intelligent Forklift 2021 New Product Release On May 25, 2021, 2021 LET China Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition will be held as scheduled in the beautiful Guangzhou. As the most prestigious and large-scale logistics equipment industry event in the first half of the year, Zowell smart forklifts have accumulated a lot of accumulation and launched four new products for the South China market-VDA forklift II, mini AGV vehicle series, and mini trucks, a total of 4 models appeared at the exhibition and were Aroused widespread concern. At 10:18 in the morning, the 2021 Zowell smart forklift new product launch conference was grandly opened at the Zowell booth, attracting many visitors, media and other industry insiders and outsiders to observe and observe. Mr. Pan, General Manager of Zowell Smart Forklift, attended the launch ceremony and thanked everyone for coming. The four major new products of the Zowell family were unveiled in the eagerly anticipated appearance. The beautiful product appearance, more ergonomic structural design, and perfect performance display demonstrated the technical strength and manufacturing attitude of Zowell forklifts, which attracted the exhibition scene. The personal experience of the personnel has been widely praised. The VDA II forklift is an upgraded version based on the original Zowell VDA three-way forklift. It strives to be more convenient and comfortable in terms of ergonomics, driving operation and maintenance convenience, thereby improving the user experience and making the product more humane And lean. The operation interface is convenient and easy to operate, the mast has a wide view, the backrest is comfortable, the camera is more precise and clear, and the optimized arrangement of the joystick makes the driving feel better. One-piece welded new roof guard frame structure, higher strength and more beautiful. While many external optimizations have been carried out, the internal layout has also been designed with a more reasonable and convenient new layout, which has stronger stability and more convenient maintenance. The MiNi-AGV mini truck and mini stacker have loads of 2500kg and 1200kg respectively. Adopting structural design, the overall appearance is small and smart, and the extremely small turning radius can better meet the customer's working conditions. SLAM natural navigation, low-position + high-position obstacle avoidance radar, precise fork-in self-adjustment and attitude matching, etc., all make MiNi-AGV operations more accurate, safe, and reliable. At the same time, the product realizes 24/7 unmanned operation and longer battery life. Improve logistics throughput efficiency. Another new member of MiNi-AGV has a vehicle size of 1520mm*838mm*805mm, which is thinner, smaller and more compact, and can realize cross-floor and elevator operations. The minimum turning radius is 1200mm, which is suitable for extremely narrow working channels. Small stature and large strengt...
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  • Dense storage, let space create value ——Zowell intelligent forklift will participate in the 2021 (seventh) International Summit Forum of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Full Industrial Chain
    18.05.2021 Dense storage, let space create value ——Zowell intelligent forklift will participate in the 2021 (seventh) International Summit Forum of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Full Industrial Chain
    Zowell Intelligent Forklift CEO Mr. Pan bring a speech theme is <dense storage, let space create value>, shared two very narrow forklift with us----VNA tri-lateral forklift, RRE double deep forklift. The combination of products and cases is more intuitive, it brought more possibilities to the industry's logistics and warehousing solutions and was favored by the participants. 2020 year, Zowell Intelligent Forklift Narrow Aisle Series Forklifts Achieve Fruitful Results, It has set off a big wave inside and outside the industry. In 2021, Zowell Intelligent Forklift will pursue the victory and determine a marketing plan focusing on precision industries. In 2021, we will strive to cover all target industries, bring more solutions to more warehousing and logistics planning industries, and create value for customers! On March 26, the 2021 (seventh) international summit forum on the whole industrial chain of the pharmaceutical cold chain was held in Suzhou, known as the Chinese Medicine Valley. Zowell Intelligent Forklifts were present in full, and the pain points of the increasing storage cost of the pharmaceutical industry were brought about The good recipe has received the attention of the guests at the meeting. At this conference, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts set up booths indoors and outdoors. The outdoor booth also displayed Zowell Intelligent Forklift family classics and new main models commonly used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, giving everyone a more comprehensive experience. In the afternoon "Biomedicine Cold Chain Logistics Management Theory". In the post-epidemic era, the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry is facing many challenges. Increasing costs and limited storage space are testing the logistics personnel of every company. Zowell Intelligent Forklifts focus on the pain points of the industry. Two narrow-aisle forklifts-VNA tri-lateral forklift and RRE double-deep forklifts, which were previously monopolized by imports, have emerged as narrow aisle tools that discouraged many companies with actual use needs. I believe they will bring new possibilities to more and more industry companies. The road is long and long, and we will continue to create value for customers. Zowell Intelligent Forklift will continue to take market demand as the direction, take the responsibility of creating Chinese-made products and contribute to the development of Chinese-made products!
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  • Talk about trend, logistics and future
    09.04.2021 Talk about trend, logistics and future
    2019year,zowell has finished transformation perfect from normal forklift to very narrow forklift and from electric forklift to intelligent forklift. In the future, zowell will instant hard work in very narrow forklift and intelligent forklift. Make the advantage of research and development and manufacture well. Meanwhile make a characteristic road of zowell, add luster to the development of China's industrial vehicles! Recently, an article is very popular called《Ten trends of logistics technology in the next decade》。What’s change of logistic technology will become in ten year later? This article has a bold prediction in logistical technology, industry situation, logistics carrier, logistic massage statistics, logistic operation and so on, has aroused wide attention and discussion in the industry. T his article’s author is Logistics industry planning expert Dr. Wang zujin who has fifteen years experience in logistic planning consulting service, support consulting service to large and medium sized enterprises at home and abroad at home and abroad like  L'oreal, Sketch, COFCO liquor and so on. It’s well-known in the logistics industry. Several predictions mentioned in the article happened to coincide with zowell intelligent  forklift product strategic planning. Therefore, Pan xiaojun the CEO of zowell invited Dr. Wang zujin come to the factory in Suzhou investigation guidance, both sides has a depth communication and discuss in current market demand and future development trend of logistic equipment technology. In particular, Dr. Wang said that on the one hand the internet economy develop make a big change of warehouse operation structure, the proportion of box picking and split picking continues to rise; on the other hand, the rental cost of warehouse accounts for a high proportion in the operation cost of warehouse. In planning and design of logistics center need consider a question that how to improve  utilization rate of warehouse space. So he think narrow aisle storage and extraction equipment technology is main development direction in the future. From the original common forklift required channel width of 3-3.5m will gradually change to 1.8m narrow channel. In the past five years, zowell forklift has been working hard to break many technical barriers, and finally presented VNA narrow aisle forklift to you, reducing the channel width to less than 1.6 meters. We have got good reputation and return orders from customers in the past more than a year of delivery cases. It solves the problems of space saving, high purchase cost and timely service. Dr. Wang and manager Pan has a depth discussion in industry development trend, both of them is optimism in intelligent forklift development. This is not only the trend of domestic logistic industry but also the inevitable trend of global warehouse logistic technology in the new economic era! Though more than three hours communication, towards the end, Dr. Wang put forward hope that the logi...
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  • Zowell's very narrow forklift export to Southeast Asia
    02.03.2021 Zowell's very narrow forklift export to Southeast Asia
    Today,zowell has exported four very narrow aisle forklift and 14 electric pallet truck to a textile company in Southeast Asia. The company is a world-famous jeans clothing production company. Customer due to business expansion, The storage capacity is increasing continuously, but the original warehouse space is limited can’t meet the increasing storage capacity. Therefore, the customer want to build a new warehouse. The new warehouse implements modern warehouse management, In order to maximize the space utilization of the warehouse, customer choose  the very narrow forklift of zowell. Zowell’s forklift maximum load capacity is 1.6 ton, maximum lift height is 9 meter, the top space of warehouse is useful, the very narrow forklift makes warehouse channel  is more narrower, the shelf height is higher, the shelf density is higher. The utilization rate of the warehouse can be improved by more than 50%. Facing the extremely narrow stacking operation, zowell's the very narrow aisle forklift  performs perfectly in meeting customer requirements: 1. Zowell very narrow forklift is required minimum channel width is 1.5M, maximize the use of customer storage space. 2. Zowell very narrow forklift’s fork can rotate 180°, easily fork the goods on both sides of the shelf easily. 3. Zowell very narrow forklift maximum lifting height is 9 M, meet the customer’s high stacking requirements. 4. Zowell very narrow forklift adaptive magnetic stripe navigation,realize automatic orbit entry function. The driving direction is automatically corrected in the roadway without manual steering wheel operation. Reduce the driver's labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. At the beginning of the new year, everything is revived. Wish the zowell very narrow forklift has a smooth  journey at sea. Go to the customer's warehouse safely and quickly. Make the best use of them in the warehouse.
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  • Look forward to the future together---Intelligent Forklift Supplier Annual Meeting 2021 of zowell
    03.02.2021 Look forward to the future together---Intelligent Forklift Supplier Annual Meeting 2021 of zowell
    9th January, long-unseen winter sun comes to Suzhou After a cold wave, Intelligent Forklift Supplier Annual Meeting 2021 of zowell convened in the lakeside of beautiful tai lake. This supplier annual meeting attracted representatives from more than 40 cooperative manufacturers from all over the country. Let's gather in Zowell again and Plan for the future together. This meeting was hosted by Zowell Intelligent Forklift Materials Center and presided over by manage wu----Director of Manufacturing Center. After a short film of Zowell's history review in 2020, the annual meeting of suppliers officially kicked off. At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Pan of Zowell Intelligent Forklift gave a comprehensive introduction of the company's basic situation, achievements in 2020 and future development which theme is "taking advantage of the situation and opening a new bureau". At the end of sharing, Mr. Pan quoted a sentence from the book "Anti-Fragility": "The wind will blow out the candles, but it can make the fire burn more and more brightly", which encourages everyone to join together and create greater glory again! Then, the three responsible person from Purchasing Department, Quality Assurance Center and Materials Center shared the specific implementation issues in the cooperation in their own responsible area. The shared content was concrete and practical, which standardized the company's supply chain management and provided a foundation for more efficient cooperation between the two parties in the future, which was recognized by the participants! In 2020, with the superiority of its own production market and indomitable fighting spirit, Zowell Intelligent Forklift has drawn a perfect ending for 2020! Zowell knows that the achievement can’t be achieved without the cooperation of every supplier. The third part of the conference is the awarding session, which pushes the conference to a climax. In this supplier conference, Zhongchuan Gearbox and Wannan Xinwei Electric won the technical service award, Jinchao Yuke Battery and Qiantuo Electronics won the excellent supplier award, and Xinchentai Precision won the best service award. Delegates have delivered enthusiastic acceptance speeches and strengthened their confidence in close cooperation in the future. At the end of the meeting, vice general Manager Wu of Zowell Intelligent Forklift made a concluding speech. She introduced the future development plan of intelligent forklift truck in Zowell to the participants. Hard parties show courage, but the road is not lonely. She proposed to strengthen cooperation with various suppliers and work together for the development of industrial vehicles in China! Finally, in the song "My Country and Me", the 2021 Annual Meeting of Zowell Intelligent Forklift Suppliers ended successfully. In 2020, resisting the influence of COVID-19, Zowell intelligent forklift started the transformation of intelligent narrow-aside forklift, and gained all the way. In 2021, ...
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  • Zowell Intelligent forklift starts the era of Dense storage 2.0
    02.12.2020 Zowell Intelligent forklift starts the era of Dense storage 2.0
    Zowell intelligent forklift starts the era of dense storage 2.0,in 2020,zowell intelligent forklift has  returned with honor depends on hard work in the narrow aisle product line, at  present, VNA forklift and multi-directional forklift made in Chinese products that can compete with imported brands, meanwhile it has withstood the test of the market and received praise from customers. On November 17-18, 2020, the 2020 entrepreneurs annual meeting of chinese warehousing and distribution was held in Jinan. zowell intelligent forklift was invited to attend this event. In 2019, zowell intelligent forklifts made a grand debut at the 2019 entrepreneur annual conference with new narrow-channel products, earning enough attention and becoming the most shining star of the previous annual conference. In 2020,zowell intelligent forklift has  returned with honor depends on hard work in the narrow aisle product line, at  present, VNA forklift and multi-directional forklift made in Chinese products that can compete with imported brands, meanwhile it has withstood the test of the market and received praise from customers. As an important sharing session of this annual meeting, Mr. Pan, the general manager of zowell Smart Forklift, brought the theme sharing of "Smart Open Dense Storage 2.0 Era" at the branch venue of "Cloud Warehouse and Smart Logistics Summit Forum". The sharing content combined data analysis  with customer case made the guests appreciate zowell’s leading advantage in narrow channel products once more time. At the same time, the show off of Permeability  VNA forklift and AGV multi-directional forklift let people knows the results that zowell intelligent forklift in very narrow product line. Was unanimously affirmed by the participants. During the meeting, representatives of many companies came to the booth of zowell intelligent Forklift and expressed their willingness to further cooperate. 2020,in order to satisfied more customer’s request, zowell intelligent forklift are pursuing the best in narrow aisle products. Published Permeability  VNA forklift, AGV multi-directional forklift, Mini-AGV forklift and so on. Start the 2.0 era of intensive storage of zowell intelligent forklifts ceremonial. Not only consolidated the position of zowell intelligent forklift as the "storage space magician", but also provide some solution about dense storage in intelligent operation. to empower industry 4.0 smart manufacturing together! Sky is so wide that birds can fly freely, the sea is so broad that fishes can swim and jump. Relying on technological innovation and research and development, and customer demand-oriented, zowell intelligent forklift is completing its own smart manufacturing transformation. I believe, twenty years of manufacturing experience in the electric forklift industry will pave the way for zowell's intelligent road and usher in the intelligent era of zowell's smart forklift!
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  • Why is Zowell electric forklift awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office? 
    27.09.2020 Why is Zowell electric forklift awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office? 
    Why is Zowell electric forklift awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office?  The honorary title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" is not only the recognition of Zowell electric forklifts knowledge right work over the years, but also the affirmation of Zowell electric forklifts research and development innovation in the enterprise for many years. The award of the honor has enhanced the enterprise soft power and brand competitiveness of Zowell electric forklift, and strengthened the development direction of Zowell electric forklifts independent r&d and innovation. Zowell electric forklift will continue to take innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, strengthen intellectual property protection, and create a continuous escort for Zowell electric forklift brand!                         Enterprise intellectual property rights are the rights of invention, trademark, patent and software works acquired by the company, the basis and measurement index of independent r&d and innovation, and the symbol of a company's technical strength, which has become the core competitiveness and strategic advantage of today's enterprises.   Recently, Zowell electric forklift truck won the honorary title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" in 2019 from the State Intellectual Property Administration, marking that The intellectual property management work of Zowell electric forklift truck has entered a new stage.   National intellectual property advantage enterprises are set up to carry out the cultivation of national intellectual property advantage enterprises and realize the development goal of strong intellectual property enterprises. The assessment mainly includes the intellectual property work of the enterprise (110 points), the introduction of the advantageous enterprise construction work plan (20 points) and its implementation (20 points), with a full mark of 150 points. After examination and selection, Zowell electric forklift truck was named "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" in 2019.   Since the establishment of Zowell electric forklift, intellectual property management has been the focus of its work. The company has professionals to take charge of the daily management of intellectual property, and at the same time, the company carries out active and in-depth work with senior consulting companies, so that Zowell electric forklift intellectual property work can be healthy and orderly operation. Up to now, the company has applied for more than 800 patents in total, and has more than 30 effective invention patents. The patent protection covers all kinds of products. At the same time, zhuoyi, Zowell trademarks in English and Chinese in addition to the domestic trademark certificate, but also in the United States, Russia, the European Union and oth...
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  • Online canton fair bringing Zowell products to the world
    20.06.2020 Online canton fair bringing Zowell products to the world
    International live broadcast of Zowell intelligent forklifts(Online Canton Fair)was successfully hold on June,15th. During the online broadcast, Zowell teams provide the professional demonstration and introduction on three way forklifts, full directional forklifts, double deep reach trucks and the heavy duty pallet trucks, customized products which represents on the industry leader in technology. This online broadcasts totally show more than 20 kinds of products, which is the highest models numbers in exhibition since the establishment in 2006.   The online broadcasting show took place in Zowell factory. The busy production line comes into our eyes from time to time. The show vividly reflect Zowell’s factory activities, which makes the show more meaning and expressing. The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. With the spread of the epidemic worldwide and the arena of fierce competition,the standard exhibition and face to face business has been greatly influenced. As the China’s biggest and world famous Canton fair had to keep the pace with the times and breaks new ways to move the exhibition into online show. Instead of different kinds of real exhibition booths before, the live broadcasting room makes the customers far away in the world close at hand.   In response to this special form of participation requirements, Zowell International Trade Center and the Marketing Department have worked together to strive for excellence at every step from uploading the products early to the construction and operation of the following live broadcast room. Moreover, the representative from the International Trade Center entered the live broadcast room, pick up a microphone ,work as  an anchor for online live broadcast, to  give live introduction of each products. large LED floor-to-ceiling display with pictures and text words, accompanied by on-site product operation demonstrations, bringing a more three-dimensional and intuitive viewing experience to Zowell’s  both new and old friends.
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