• multi directional forklift
    multi directional forklift Jan 14, 2021
    Zowell multi-directional forklift is equipped with steering wheels display system and barking system to maximise safety. Multi-directional forklift has three wheel structure, which ensures the best performance and stability. Required aisle width of transporting 10m long goods, dropped by 66% . Compared with using normal forklifts, its storeable materials can have multipling growth. Equipped w...
  • Be down-to-earth, Moving forward with wisdom
    Be down-to-earth, Moving forward with wisdom Mar 17, 2021
    Be down-to-earth,Moving forward with wisdom——zhihui network entrepreneur representative come to zowell intelligent forklift, not only a process of learning and communication, but also a affirmation of corporate management standards in zowell intelligent forklift , push zowell intelligent forklift firm pace moving forward with wisdom. In the afternoon, more than 20 zhihui net entrepreneur represent...

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