• Customer Case|Massive Repurchase! The strength of Zowell Intelligent Forklift to win the client's firm choice!
    Customer Case|Massive Repurchase! The strength of Zowell Intelligent Forklift to win the client's firm choice!
    Recently, an automotive parts company in the Americas joined forces with Zowell again in anticipation of expanding its industrial scale and upgrading its overall logistics capabilities to meet growing throughput demands. The enterprise has cooperated with Zowell for several times. The successful landing of the previous project has increased the storage capacity of the enterprise by 50%, and the daily throughput has also been significantly improved, which has also established and solidified the client's sense of identity with Zowell. In the implementation of this production expansion plan, the enterprise straightforwardly expressed to Zowell a number of double deep reach truck re-purchase demand, ready to the previously proven program for large-scale replication and application in the new large-scale warehouses. 0 1Client Background The client is an automotive parts supplier that specializes in the design, development, production, and sales of high-quality automotive parts, systems, and modules. In order to expand its business scope and meet the diversified needs of the automotive field, the company has started a capacity expansion program. 0 2Background Difficulties  01 There are many SKUs for automotive parts, and with orders continuing to grow, it is necessary to realize high-density warehousing in order to take on the increased production planning;   02 Parts in and out of the warehouse frequently, need to ensure that the material into the warehouse, warehousing, transportation, out of the warehouse process efficient operation, so as to improve the efficiency of the enterprise;   03 Two shifts of high-intensity mode of operation, for the equipment range has very high requirements. 0 3Project Highlights 1 50% increase in storage capacity In order to make full use of the storage site, Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommended a storage logistics upgrade program for the enterprise: double reach racking with double deep reach truck. By reducing the number of aisles, shortening the average aisle width, and increasing the height of the shelves to open up more storage space for the warehouse, the enterprise was helped to increase the storage capacity by about 50%. 2 Saving time and cost Fork forward travel up to 1080mm, employees in a single side of the parallel two rows of shelves for deep access operations, in a single shelf channel can be operated on four rows of shelves on the goods, eliminating the need to change the channel time. 3 Smooth and efficient operation With 8.0kw traction motor, the maximum speed can reach 10km and start-stop driving without skidding, which maximizes the efficiency of entering and exiting the warehouse under the permissible working conditions. 4 Outstanding endurance The double deep reach truck with lithium battery can work continuously under full charge for 8 h. The fast charging and charging time eliminates the waiting time for charging, which perfectly matches the enterprise's high-intensity operation ...
  • Client Case|Zowell Very Narrow Aisle forklift man up type VUE model helps European head furniture company achieve high density storage
    Client Case|Zowell Very Narrow Aisle forklift man up type VUE model helps European head furniture company achieve high density storage
    Recently, Zowell intelligent forklift VNA series man up type VUE model logistics solution successfully landed in a head furniture enterprise in Europe. After the project was finished, the difficulties of the enterprise such as cluttered storage of pallet materials, insufficient storage space and low operational efficiency were well solved. Zowell intelligent forklift has won the unanimous praise of the customer for the logistics solution of cost reduction and efficiency increase. 01 PROJECT BACKGROUND The company specializes in the design, production and manufacturing of high-end furniture and continues to actively explore online e-commerce retail layout to meet the home needs of customers in more regions. Today, the diverse preferences of young people have led to a rapid increase in market demand while diversifying orders and a continuous expansion of product SKUs. In addition, the original vehicles used by the enterprise due to the growth of the use of age, multiple equipment can not run, the performance of equipment decline, affecting the enterprise business operation strength, the enterprise turned to seek better quality logistics solutions. After repeated consideration by the enterprise, Zowell became the final choice. 02 PROJECT DIFFICULTIES ◼ The enterprise's new racking scheme was closely aligned with narrow aisles, making the stacking aisles inaccessible to traditional reach trucks; ◼ The enterprise's originally used logistics equipment was partially abandoned, and some of it had undergone multiple high-cost repairs, and its performance had been greatly degraded, making it impossible to meet the current stage of heavy workload operations; ◼ The enterprise has many SKUs, material stacking is crowded and chaotic, and the demand for stacking and picking is great, and it hopes to complete cargo picking and in/out operations in the most convenient way. 03 ZOWELL SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGES POINT ONE · Narrow Aisle Width, Dense Storage · Zowell VNA forklift, the narrowest operating channel is only 1600mm, easily entering the 1750mm aisle width of the enterprise, solving the high and dense storage problem for the enterprise; POINT TWO · High Standard Configuration, Fast Delivery · Zowell VUE model reduces the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance for enterprises with its cost-effective high-standard configuration, and solves the urgent problem of warehouse congestion for enterprises with the fastest delivery speed. ◼ The high-lift mast made of channel steel imported from Germany has a low loss of load rate at high positions and a load of 1.6T at low positions; ◼ Equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, fast charging, long battery life, long life, maintenance-free, reducing equipment maintenance costs for enterprises. ◼ Efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, the maximum passing speed in the roadway can reach 9.5km/h, employees can improve the handling efficiency as much as possible on the basis of ensuring operatio...
  • Customer Case|RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift helps overseas long material industry to achieve narrow aisle intensive storage!
    Customer Case|RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift helps overseas long material industry to achieve narrow aisle intensive storage!
    In the era of rapid development of the logistics industry, logistics technology to solve the problem of long, large and heavy material storage and transportation is gradually receiving attention. Nowadays, the industry is subdivided, the order demand industry attributes are more obvious, and the logistics mode of long material industries such as plates, elevators, pipes and furniture at home and abroad present a new situation of rapid upgrading. This week, this week Zowell electric multidirectional forklift were sent to overseas to deliver long material high density storage solutions to customers in Europe and Southeast Asia, helping them to realize long material handling and stacking efficiency improvement. 1 European Clients & Zowell ▷Application Scenarios     European furniture companies ▷forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with fork positioner) ▷forklift information Max. lifting height 10m, rated load 3T, operating channel 2300mm. Project Background and Difficulties: 01 The customer is a large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprise, involving large and long material handling of panels, sofas, mattresses, wooden doors, etc., with large differences in cargo specifications and low standardization; 02 The traditional long material handling mode is to use different logistics machinery to achieve loading, unloading, handling and storage, which is labor-intensive, complicated and has great safety hazards. 03 Enterprise orders are climbing and developing rapidly, but the storage volume rate is low, and the scattered shelf layout cannot meet the new demand for long material storage. Application value: Zowell intelligent forklift provided customized long material narrow aisle intensive storage solution for this European furniture factory. The above problems were solved for the customer. Zowell meet the actual application scenario of customers, and equips the fork positioner to adjust the fork width at any time according to the load width of different specifications of long materials, which provides greater flexibility and adaptability for operation and gives higher economic benefits to the RSEW model; Driving RSEW model can independently complete loading, unloading, handling and stacking work, eliminating equipment docking links, improving logistics operation efficiency and reducing labor demand for enterprises; Re-planning shelf solution for customers, optimizing the storage space structure. RSEW model with six driving modes, such as sideways, diagonal and in-situ rotation, can easily pass through narrow passages even when loaded with long materials, effectively helping customers to improve the utilization of storage space. 2 Application Scenarios Southeast Asian steel companies ▷Application Scenarios     Southeast Asian steel companies ▷forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with four forks) ▷forklift informatio...
  • New Product Case|Zowell side loader easily resolves the problem of super-long material stacking in the aluminum profile industry
    New Product Case|Zowell side loader easily resolves the problem of super-long material stacking in the aluminum profile industry
    As the first 5t side loader suitable for handling heavy-duty long materials in China, it has attracted widespread attention and has also been practically applied in a domestic aluminum profile company. In order to help domestic enterprises solve stacking problems such as ultra-long and heavy materials with complex handling procedures, large safety hazards, and low efficiency, Zowell intelligent forklift takes the storage of ultra-long and heavy materials in narrow lanes as the entry point, and devotes itself to research and development to overcome multiple difficulties. A number of innovative patented technologies have improved the efficiency of large-scale cargo handling and storage density, and also added another model to Zowell's narrow aisle series. PART 1 Project background The customer is an enterprise engaged in the production, processing and sales of high-strength aluminum alloy industrial profiles in new energy, rail transit and other industries. It has reserves of aluminum profile products of various uses and specifications. In order to better complete the entry and exit of raw materials and finished products, the customer purchases Zowell intelligent forklift ultra-long material heavy-duty side loader to realize logistics upgrades. PART 2 Project difficulties 1 Frequent indoor and outdoor transfers are required, but the outdoor ground is undulating and there are large climbing requirements; 2 The company has a large warehouse space, insufficient storage utilization, and high logistics costs in the storage link; 3 The handling process is complicated, the number of handling is high, the efficiency is low, and there are potential safety hazards. PART 3 Zowell Solution Highlights NO.1 Zowell 5t side loader is equipped with wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and anti-skid full solid rubber tires as standard, which can handle indoor and outdoor transfers and complex road conditions with ease. In response to the company's climbing needs, the all-wheel and all-drive side loader has a climbing ability greater than or equal to 12%, and can easily pass through slopes. The efficiency of enterprise access and transfer has been significantly improved; NO.2 In order to facilitate the transfer of profiles, the enterprise's stacking aisle is too wide, the storage utilization rate is insufficient, and the storage link occupies a high logistics cost. Zowell side loader has outstanding lateral and straight driving ability, and only needs a 2750mm side passage to safely and efficiently complete the storage operation of heavy and long materials over 15m; NO.3 Continuous replacement of equipment during high-frequency handling is likely to cause material loss, time-consuming, labor costs, and high labor intensity. After Zowell side loader appeared on the scene, it simplified the complicated handling steps, realized "one-stop" stacking, broke through the limitations of the storage method for super-long profiles, and made the handling process more efficient; N...
  • Client Case|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Extremely Narrow Aisle Solution Landed in an International TOP Cosmetics Enterprise
    Client Case|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Extremely Narrow Aisle Solution Landed in an International TOP Cosmetics Enterprise
    Recently, Zowell's VNA forklift stacking solution for extremely narrow aisles has successfully landed in an international leading cosmetics company. Client background The client is the creator of the international beauty industry, dedicated to the R&D and production of cosmetics, and has more than 1,000 international cooperative brands. Based on the development needs of the enterprise, the upgrading of the traditional logistics system has become a project to be solved by the enterprise. Zowell Intelligent Forklift provided four sets of three-way VAN forklifts + three reach trucks to help the company get rid of logistics problems. The low-carbon and environmentally-friendly logistics system realizes the improvement of inventory space and operation efficiency by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and meeting the needs of the high-speed business development of the cosmetics company. Project difficulties 1. There are many types of cosmetics, with SKUs ranging from hundreds to thousands, and each product contains multiple SKUs. Due to the impact of production batches and shelf life, it is necessary to quickly select and first-in-first-out when leaving the warehouse; 2. Cosmetic products have extremely strict requirements on the temperature and air cleanliness of the storage environment; 3. Affected by marketing, activities, and brand power, it is not uncommon for warehouses to be liquidated, so it is extremely challenging for storage space and storage costs; 4. Cosmetic goods are high in value, small in size, irregular in shape, fragile and easy to leak, and have extremely high requirements on transportation stability. Project highlights Zowell intelligent forklift has rich experience in logistics and warehousing of the whole industry. After in-depth understanding of the warehousing and picking mode of cosmetics companies, Zhuoyi provides a complete logistics operation plan (reach truck + man up VNA three-way forklift). While reducing logistics operation costs for the enterprise, it can realize efficient docking of loading, unloading and stacking + improvement of sorting efficiency. 1. The operator chooses to stack up three-way forklifts, and unloads with reach trucks, according to the first-in-first-out batches with expiration dates. The three-way electric fork head that is standard for VUE model can complete the 180° rotation of the fork in less than 10 seconds, and lightly change direction in the 1.6m roadway to take the goods on both sides, which greatly improves the asset turnover efficiency; 2. Zowell’s products are all electric, and there is no exhaust emission during the operation process, which can ensure that the warehouse is clean and dust-free, and the cosmetics are not polluted. 3. On the basis of no change in the site, increase the height of the shelves, increase the quantity of inventory, and make good use of the warehouse space to the greatest extent. For complicated SKUs, the storage area is divided to avoid stacking and mixin...
  • Customer Case|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Helps Sanitary Ware Enterprises to Break Through the Bottleneck of Warehousing Efficiency
    Customer Case|Zowell Intelligent Forklift Helps Sanitary Ware Enterprises to Break Through the Bottleneck of Warehousing Efficiency
    The pressure of modern people is doubled, and comfort and taste have become the primary requirements of contemporary people for bathroom space. With the continuous development of the overall bathroom market in China and the improvement of consumer purchasing power, suppliers are also gradually improving their competitiveness, trying to bring people an ideal living space through faster distribution and installation speed and higher quality bathroom space. experience. In order to increase the speed of internal logistics and keep up with the pace of enterprise expansion, the enterprise sought out more efficient and convenient logistics solutions. Client Background The customer belongs to the overall bathroom equipment supplier, has advanced technology and research and development capabilities, and has been contributing to the innovation of bathroom products for many years. With the expansion of business, the need to improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics has become increasingly prominent. In order to increase the speed of internal logistics and keep up with the pace of enterprise expansion, the enterprise sought out more efficient and convenient logistics solutions. Project Difficulties 1 Difficult to meet high throughput requirements There are many types of SKUs in the sanitary industry, with different specifications and sizes. Previously, the company’s warehouse used drive-in racks. Although it can obtain a high storage rate at low cost, this type of rack is more suitable for large quantities of storage, and the storage of goods with a single SKU cannot achieve first-in-first-out , The demand for high-frequency storage and storage of different categories. 2 The storage rate cannot meet the development needs The height of the original shelf is low, and the space in the upper part of the warehouse is not effectively utilized. The company wants to upgrade its intensive storage, but because the company is located in a coastal city, the ground is under too much pressure when using heavy equipment, which may lead to ground subsidence, and the transformation of the storage area encounters difficulties. 3 Personnel safety is not guaranteed There are no guide rails or other forklift operation auxiliary devices installed on the bottom of the shelf, and the forklift driving into the depth of the shelf for access operations is likely to collide with the shelf, which cannot effectively avoid safety accidents. Zowell VNA forklift solution After surveying the site and gaining an in-depth understanding of the working conditions and the needs of the enterprise, the person in charge of the Zowell intelligent forklift project provided a very narrow aisle stacking solution, using VNA man down type three-way forklifts to help the enterprise's logistics upgrade. 1. Standard configuration of three-way electric fork for man up type VNA forklift, one-button linkage for rotation/side movement, and the reversing time of ordinary hydraulic fork is more than 30s....
  • Customer Case| Zowell AGV helps e-commerce wisdom logistics system construction
    Customer Case| Zowell AGV helps e-commerce wisdom logistics system construction
    In recent years, with the leapfrog development of e-commerce platforms, logistics business is expanding rapidly, and warehouse logistics, as an important part of the e-commerce supply chain, also needs to achieve the needs of the client with faster response speed. The client of this article is a domestic e-commerce enterprise. The client's original model of manual picking, shipping, operating machines for cargo transfer and stacking cannot meet the business development needs, which hinders the enterprise's pace of striving for the first place. The company hopes to take this opportunity to introduce digital technology and open up a new, modern and flexible intelligent storage model through automated logistics solutions. Helping e-commerce storage intelligence: Recently, many MiNi-AGV mini stackers of Zhuoyi intelligent forklifts have been shipped to the enterprise. The addition of key intelligent logistics equipment will help the enterprise speed up order response, reduce order processing difficulties and promote the efficient and large-scale operation process of the enterprise. The MiNi-AGV mini stacker truck sent to the customer's enterprise has a rated load of 1500kg, a lifting height of 1800mm and a minimum channel width of only 2114mm. The whole vehicle is compact and flexible, which can meet the application scenarios of different industries. The vehicle is equipped with a mature integrated pump control system, which can realize the smooth lift of forks with pump-controlled rise/proportional fall. Warehouse planning in the e-commerce industry is different from the traditional industry, with a wide variety and a large volume of goods. Warehouse men drive forklifts all over the warehouse after picking up goods and stacking them haphazardly, which increases the cost of storing goods and demands more and more storage area, and enterprises will be overwhelmed when facing the situation of surge in orders. Therefore, the planning of access routes is one of the important factors to improve logistics efficiency. After planning the established route for the AGVs to enter and exit the warehouse, we cooperate with the AGV dispatching system to monitor the location information of the pickup and discharge points and the trajectory of the AGVs to ensure that the goods can be delivered intact and accurately. At a time when labor costs are rising, the application of Zowell intelligent storage equipment, the enterprise's manual from the high-frequency, repetitive handling process to free up. In reducing labor costs at the same time, greatly enhance the efficiency of warehouse operations, to help the enterprise logistics wisdom transformation, to bring better development opportunities for enterprises. According to the actual needs of this customer's site, we have selected and installed broken pallet detection and obstacle detection modules to ensure the safety of load stacking and handling operations. The vehicle is equipped with LED turn signal lights, and obs...
  • Overseas Sales Case Collection|Momentum is in full swing! Zowell intelligent forklifts are exported to overseas markets
    Overseas Sales Case Collection|Momentum is in full swing! Zowell intelligent forklifts are exported to overseas markets
    At present, the logistics transportation system is showing large-scale, formalized improvement and upgrading, and the demand for modern logistics equipment is also growing. The foreign trade export of Zowell intelligent forklift has always been on a positive trend, and has won a number of foreign trade orders and made a batch delivery in August, and several sets of logistics equipment have crossed the ocean and been delivered to overseas customers for use. 1. Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Warehouse industry One of the reasons for the low efficiency of the warehouse is the low utilization rate of logistics equipment. The customer is a well-known warehousing enterprise, which applies Zowell intelligent forklift multiple station-driven electric forklift trucks in the warehouse to complete the demand of efficient loading and unloading and transportation of materials in the warehouse. Zowell this stand-drive electric forklift is ideal for use in warehouses and other indoor environments, with a wide field of view door frame to give the operator a broader view, safe and reliable operation. Small and compact body structure, can be used in a small space; this vehicle is powerful, equipped with 3kw lifting motor, providing strong performance, excellent climbing performance and excellent stability, can cope with the stacking of goods weighing up to 1.5 tons, is an excellent choice for the storage industry. 2. Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Clothing industry The customer is a foreign garment company with extensive experience in the garment industry. The apparel industry requires a high degree of flexibility as it moves with demand, so the internal logistics operation system needs to be efficient, low cost and low energy consumption. Zowell pedestrian and stand-up type electric stacker trucks, with small weight, compact body, simple operation and high lifting efficiency, can efficiently and stably carry out stacking and transportation operations. The company has purchased many Zowell pedestrian and stand-up type electric stacker trucks to cope with high frequency, long distance, time-consuming and labor-intensive handling work, speed up the efficiency of fabric warehousing and finished goods out of the warehouse, release more production capacity, shorten the delivery cycle, and maximize the profit of the enterprise. 3. Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Auto Parts industry The scale and quality requirements of the auto parts industry continue to rise, and while enterprises focus on production, the requirements for logistics and transportation are also gradually rising. The customer is a foreign auto parts company, in order to meet the demand of large-tonnage parts from indoor to outdoor, production line to the warehouse of the whole scene handling, improve the efficiency of indoor and outdoor cargo transfer logistics line, the purchase of multiple Zowell a large tonnage tractor. This electric tractor can haul up to 6 tons of material, ...
  • Why Customer choose Zowell Multi-directional forklift instead of conventional forklift?
    Why Customer choose Zowell Multi-directional forklift instead of conventional forklift?
    Why Customer choose Zowell Multi-directional forklift instead of conventional forklift? Zowell RSEW series 3 ton electric multi-directional forklift is suitable for moving long materail. It adopts thumb switch and proportional function to make the truck more stable and low noise during operation. Its maxium lifting height is up to 10.5m. Case background The customer had previously been using conventional counterbalanced forklifts to stack long materials, which were difficult to pick up and difficult to steer in the aisles. And they needs a lifting height of 7m but conventional forklift can only reach 6m, which cannot be satisfied. The customer's questions was solved when they chose Zowell RSEW multi-directional forklifts.
  • Electric tow tractors
    Electric tow tractors
    Tow tractors are warehouse machines that handle various materials. They are usually used for transporting raw materials in warehouses and pallets of other goods. Other than using tow tractors for work in warehouses, they can also be used in locations such as airports for moving cargo and baggage as well as to pull out the aircraft when it is preparing to depart. Tow tractors have the ability to tow a lot of trailers at the same time, making them able to form a train. They look similar to pallet trucks. The only difference is that tow tractors do not have forks that are mounted at the front. General features of tow tractors include regenerative braking, an axle weldment rubber suspension system, and a control handle with multiple functions. These features greatly enhance worker productivity and efficiency. Different Types Electric tow tractors are powered by a AC traction motor that acquires electricity from batteries that are rechargeable. When compared to internal combustion models of tow tractors, electric models cost around 70% less when in operation. Thus, there are more preferred than the other type. These tractors are designed for indoor use since they do not emit exhaust fumes. Electric tow tractors have subtypes and they have been categorized according to the driving position of the operator: walkie, walkie rider, and sit-down rider. Stand-in tow tractors are designed especially for order picking and horizontal transport in warehouses. These electric tow tractors have smooth acceleration that contributes to the increased productivity of workers as well as lean processes in applications.
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