• Customer Case|Zowell Electric Tractors Appliance Industry
    Customer Case|Zowell Electric Tractors Appliance Industry
    Project Background As a major household appliance company, China's largest and the world's second-largest cookware R&D company and China's leading small kitchen appliance brand, it is the first listed company in China's cookware industry. Current situation As a well-known company in the home appliance industry with a leading market share, warehousing and logistics have always been the top priority of the company's management. In order to cope with the large amount of goods flow every day, the company is equipped with several forklift trucks of various types to ensure the fast operation of logistics. In the past, the use of counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, etc. could only handle one pallet of goods at a time, which was costly and seriously affected the efficiency of the handling operation. Zowell Solution To support the company's express development, accelerate the speed of goods flow, improve work efficiency, save labour and logistics costs. Zowell electric forklift engineers for its selection of XT40 electric tow tractor. Maximum one-time handling 4 tonnes of goods, pulling a number of flow car. The body is compact and flexible for easy operation, and the power is strong to ensure efficiency. At the same time, the enlarged driving platform, wide backrest with two armrests, more humane design and safety, driving comfort. After the improvement, the operating efficiency has been increased several times, which greatly saves labour and logistics costs, and has been unanimously approved by customers. Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment&Technology Co, Ltd. as a Chinese manufacturer focusing on high-end electric forklift trucks, specialises in the production of "Zowell" series electric forklift trucks, including forklift trucks, tractors, reach trucks, electric stackers, electric towing trucks, AGV forklift , counterbalanced forklift, VNA forklift, Multi-directional reach forklifts, double deep reach forklifts, hydraulic stackers and other warehouse handling equipment. . Through in-depth analysis of the market demand for electric material handling equipment, the company grasps the development trend of modern intelligent and energy-saving material handling equipment, and develops new technologies and products that meet the market demand.
  • Zowell's three-way stacking vehicle AGVs are fully loaded and ready to go for the injection molding industry to create a narrow-aisle intelligent logistics assistance
    Zowell's three-way stacking vehicle AGVs are fully loaded and ready to go for the injection molding industry to create a narrow-aisle intelligent logistics assistance
    In today's rising labor costs, the application of driverless forklifts provides labor-intensive enterprises with a more efficient and smarter path to modernized warehousing and logistics, which not only improves operational speed and accuracy, but also releases manpower from high-frequency repetitive labor and reduces manpower costs for the enterprise. A few days ago, Zowell intelligent forklift two three-way stacking vehicle AGV has completed the quality inspection out of the warehouse process, sent to the target customers, through automation technology for customers to solve the problem. Project Background The customer is an enterprise focusing on injection molding production and processing, with experienced technical research and development team and complete production line, covering a wide range of products, exported to many countries. Due to the increase in demand for injection molding products in the automotive, medical, daily necessities and other fields, the enterprise orders continue to rise, facing great delivery pressure, the enterprise hopes to shorten the order delivery cycle through automation technology, reduce manpower requirements, and further promote the transformation of the industry's full process automation. Customer Pain Points 01 Short update cycle of injection molding products, many SKUs, under the pressure of a large number of orders, the backlog of goods, warehouse space is seriously insufficient; 02 Due to manpower fatigue or other unstable factors, the lack of coordination between the various links of the docking, delayed access to the warehouse and order picking progress, the order delivery cycle is forced to extend; 03 A large number of repetitive fork picking, transportation, stacking work consumes too much time, manpower, and due to the increase in business volume, the logistics link manpower has been obviously insufficient, the enterprise is facing more labor cost expenditure. Program highlights Based on the site conditions and customer's key requirements, Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommended the narrow aisle AGV solution, which is planned to help the enterprise realize logistics automation upgrade through unmanned transport stacking technology, in order to cut labor costs and improve logistics efficiency. 01 Narrow aisle racking is equipped with three-way stacking vehicle AGVs, giving full play to Zowell's differentiated technological capabilities, automated high-density warehousing, and high level stacking technology to open up the remaining warehousing space for customers to cope with the huge amount of SKUs. 02 On-board computer, task monitoring. Three-way stacking vehicle AGV will dynamically manage tasks according to task priority, real-time, accurate and efficient completion of all aspects of docking to further enhance the efficiency of internal logistics operations. 03 Through high-precision positioning and identification technology, it replaces manual labor in highly repetitive routine processes such ...
  • Customer Case|Zowell VNA Man-down Type Helping Daily necessities manufacturing industry to create efficient and intensive warehousing
    Customer Case|Zowell VNA Man-down Type Helping Daily necessities manufacturing industry to create efficient and intensive warehousing
    Recently, Zowell man-down three-way forklift has successfully landed and operated in a daily necessities manufacturing enterprise in China. After a period of use, the customer has highly appreciated its extremely narrow aisle stacking ability, operational efficiency and endurance. Project Background The enterprise is a domestic company specializing in the technical development, production and sales of daily necessities such as cups and pots. Due to the continued good performance, the enterprise has established a new plant to undertake the business expansion needs in the next few years. However, how to maximize the use of storage space, how to save the operating costs of the logistics link and achieve efficient docking of the production process has become the next headache for the enterprise. Existing Problems 1. Enterprise logistics around the production process operation, with the increase in business volume, enterprises have higher requirements for the docking efficiency of the production plant and warehousing area. The load capacity and handling speed of small handling equipment is obviously insufficient. 2. The enterprise upgraded the warehouse layout, the newly installed shelves are tightly arranged, the aisle is narrow, the traditional forklift can not enter the stacking aisle operation; 3. With many SKUs but chaotic stacking, which makes order delivery more difficult, the enterprice hopes to complete the turnover of goods in the most convenient way to improve the speed of order delivery and enhance customer satisfaction. 4.Cups and pots are fragile. Palletized cargo involves a large number of individual products, which can lead to a large number of losses in the event of tipping, and therefore requires operational precision. Zowell Solution Part.1 The man-down three-way forklift has a rated load of 1.2T, a low high lost load rate.With the efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, the cargo handling volume and handling efficiency of a single trip have been significantly improved, optimizing the production docking process. Part.2 The narrowest working channel is only 1650mm, which can easily enter the narrow aisle reserved by the enterprise, and can complete the shelf access operation on both sides without changing the direction of the body, which can solve the problem of intensive warehousing for the enterprise. Part.3 Under Zowell suggestion, the enterprise re-planned and clarified the location of goods storage according to the high or low turnover rate, and selected the function of fixing the level and height. With just one click, the forks reach the target level, which is faster and more accurate than manual lifting and lowering operations, and the efficiency of on-demand shipment is improved. Part.4 Zowell has installed wireless cameras at the forks to assist the access operation, the real-time picture is clearly visible, and the access operation is more accurate. The forklift trucks have strong traveling stability, which reduces t...
  • Customer case | Zowell Double Deep Reach Trucks Shipped in Bulk to Help North American Pharmaceutical Enterprises Reconstruct New Warehousing Space
    Customer case | Zowell Double Deep Reach Trucks Shipped in Bulk to Help North American Pharmaceutical Enterprises Reconstruct New Warehousing Space
    This days, 7 units of RRE double reach trucks were sent to North America to provide a narrow aisle high level stacking solution for a large pharmaceutical enterprise in North America, which helps the customer to solve the low space utilisation and other warehousing and logistics problems. Project Background The client is a head pharmaceutical company in China, which has a professional R&D team and a number of pharmaceutical patents. And it is constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research and development. Nowadays, people's health awareness is increasing,  based on the long-term strategic vision, the enterprise decided to optimise the internal logistics, enhance the scale of enterprise pharmaceutical production, in order to broaden the market and meet more medical needs. Existing Problems 1.Insufficient Existing Warehouse Space The pharmaceutical company always receives large quantities of multiple categories of purchase orders in a short time, which brings storage and cost pressure to the its warehouse. In order to control the cost of expenditure, the customer needs to expand the storage space without changing the warehouse infrastructure. 2.Outdated logistics equipment Pharmaceuticals have shelf-life limitations, and the enterprice is under pressure to keep up with order timelines, so they are looking to modernise their equipment to achieve first-in-first-out (FIFO) of goods and efficient logistics operations. 3.Tough conditions for drug storage and handling Due to the special nature of the product, the enterprise requires the use of logistics equipment can not contaminate the clean storage environment. And also need to achieve smooth transport access to ensure the stability and safety of drugs. 4. Rising labour costs Under the traditional logistics mode, the increasing orders triggered the problem of manpower shortage and the increase in labour costs. Zowell Solution 1. Zowell Forklift optimises the warehouse layout from the perspective of very narrow aisle and high stacking, and recommends the double reach racking solution for the enterprise, replacing the previous ordinary racking with double deep reach trucks RRE15. With a maximum lifting height of 10.7m, RRE15 makes full use of the high space of the warehouse to increase the storage space significantly and increase the storage volume rate by 60% compared with the previous. 2. Zowell double deep reach truck can move forward and backward freely in the aisle to facilitate the first-in-first-out of medicines. And the model has a high-strength scissors structure, which can extend to 1080mm. RRE15 can work in 3.1m of the aisle with four rows of shelves , eliminating the need to change the channel time, to achieve high efficiency throughput requirements. 3. The whole series of products of Zowell are electric, no gas emission during operation, which can create a good storage environment for medicines; the whole vehicle moves smoothly, which can avoid tipping ov...
  • Customer case | Zowell VNA forklift VDA model landing auto parts factory, providing efficient and dense storage solutions
    Customer case | Zowell VNA forklift VDA model landing auto parts factory, providing efficient and dense storage solutions
    For manufacturing powers, in order to increase the competitive advantage of manufacturing enterprises, internal logistics upgrading is an indispensable part. Recently, two units of Zowell VNA forklift are successfully delivered to a domestic machinery manufacturing enterprise, helping the enterprise achieve higher performance breakthrough. 1.Project Background This customer is a national high-tech enterprise, committed to fluid materials, fast connection and control tansport, automotive parts research and development, production and sales. As an industry leader, the company has production and R&D centers in both China and Germany, and has a number of complete industrial chains. 2.Customer requirements ①The product specifications and styles of the enterprise are different, and there are many raw materials and SKUs finished products, which is easy to produce a chaotic situation in warehousing. This company needs a large number of clear storage locations to avoid stacking of goods and reduce the pressure on employees to produce. ②The quantity and number of times of auto parts products out-put and in-put of warehouse are large. So the enterprise hopes to shorten the internal logistics stacking and transfer cycle to ensure the efficient completion of orders and improve customer satisfaction. ③The enterprise has a high demand for storage, but it is worried that the operator will hit the top of the warehouse or the shelf during the operation due to lack of experience, which will endanger the safety of human life and property. 3.Projects highlifts After much investigation, the company finally chose Zowell VNA forklift VDA model, which has a maximum load of 1600kg and the maximum lifting height of 9500mm to support the company's high-density warehousing and efficient stacking needs. According to the narrowest aisle distance of 1650mm of Zowell VNA forklift, we planned a narrow aisle racking solutions for the enterprise. In the existing warehouse space to develop a large storage capacity, to achieve the classification of various categories of material storage, reduce the overall storage cost. In response to the frequent inbound and outbound needs, Zowell provides the enterprise with efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, which can reach a maximum speed of 5km/h in the roadway. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the operation, the efficiency of accessing the goods is multiplied. Add the set layer and height function; click one button to the target layer directly ; avoid the impact of improper operation ; convenient, safe and smart control. The wireless camera is installed at the fork to assist the access operation, and the real-time picture is clearly visible to avoid the collision risk. As the most classic product of Zowell VNA foiklift series, it has served many well-known customers, and has won unanimous praise from customers with mature narrow aisle stacking technology. We are also constantly improving the technical capabilities, st...
  • Customer Case | ZOWELL Double Deep Reach Truck Empower Sports Equipment Industry to Create High-Level Dense Storage
    Customer Case | ZOWELL Double Deep Reach Truck Empower Sports Equipment Industry to Create High-Level Dense Storage
    Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift an old customer repurchase order successfully landed running. Modern people attach particular importance to sports and fitness, as a supplier of high-quality sports equipment, the enterprise's product orders continue to increase. Under the good development momentum, the space and efficiency problems gradually appeared, the enterprise seeks more cost-effective and efficient logistics operation solutions from Zowell. 一、Client Background The customer enterprise is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of sports and leisure equipment, to meet the needs of consumers in a variety of sports, products are exported to overseas, and with a number of internationally renowned companies to maintain a good strategic cooperative relationship. 二、Project Difficulties Warehousing land is expensive, and the enterprise tries to compress the cost of land use by improving the ping efficiency. For this reason, the enterprise has strict requirements for the operational efficiency of the warehousing equipment, the width of the stacking aisle, and the ability of high level stacking. NO.1 The company wanted to increase the storage capacity as the focus of the new warehouse planning to cope with the sharp increase in demand for storage; NO.2 The huge volume of daily export orders requires highly efficient storage vehicles to cope with the frequent inbound and outbound demand; NO.3 High-intensity operation mode requires high endurance of the equipment. 三、Project Highlights 45% increase in warehouse capacity Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommends the double deep reach truck high level racking program with four rows of racks arranged back to back. Compared with the pre-selected program, the overall access area of the warehouse is greatly reduced, and the amount of storage space can be increased by about 45%, which compressed the land cost to a certain extent; Saving time cost Zowell double deep reach truck, shear fork forward travel up to 1080mm, in a single side can complete the two rows of shelves of the longitudinal access operations, eliminating the need to change the channel time, improve work efficiency; More convenient operation Integrated handle, a single handle can reach multiple functional operations, low operating difficulty and convenience. With 8.0kw traction motor, the maximum speed can reach 10km, and start-stop traveling without slipping. Under the conditions of working conditions, it can maximize the efficiency of the process of material entering, picking and leaving the warehouse. Strong endurance Double deep reach truck with lithium battery has a strong range, and it can work continuously for 8h under full charge, which can meet the use demand of a whole working day. Repurchase comes from the accumulation of trust, thanks to the customer's support and affirmation of Zowell's intelligent forklifts. For every project, Zowell has made great efforts to help customers reduce costs and increase eff...
  • Customer Case | Zowell Electric Side Loader/Multi-Directional Forklift Help You Realize Efficient Handling of Extra Long and Heavy Duty Materials
    Customer Case | Zowell Electric Side Loader/Multi-Directional Forklift Help You Realize Efficient Handling of Extra Long and Heavy Duty Materials
    China as a manufacturing country, in the ultra-large heavy long material handling warehousing has always had a high demand, but the domestic logistics equipment in this field has been a blank state, enterprises can only rely on imported vehicles. High acquisition costs + long waiting period for how many enterprises to deter, logistics efficiency once stagnant. The emergence of Zowell multi-directional forklift/ side loader has broken a lot of constraints, and given domestic enterprises with heavy-duty handling needs for long materials, such as aluminum profiles, curtain walls and panels, a new choice. This article is the actual application of it in a domestic wood structure whole building enterprise, presenting an example of efficient handling of ultra-long and heavy-duty materials. 01 Project Background The client is an integrated supplier specializing in modern wood-frame monolithic buildings with systematic R&D, design and construction capabilities, and all technologies and services have reached the leading level in the industry. The enterprise's buildings have been recognized by domestic and foreign project applicants for their advantages of short construction period, high rate of housing and energy saving and environmental protection. 02 Customer Pain Points Logistics is one of the great challenges faced by large timber construction enterprises. In the handling process, professional logistics equipment is needed to ensure the integrity of the goods and the efficiency of sorting, handling and stacking. In order to solve the logistics problems, the enterprise joins hands with Zhuo Yi intelligent forklift for logistics upgrade. Part. 1 Oversized materials + difficult handling action, it is easy to produce visual blind spot, easy to cause personal and property damage in the process of handling; Part. 2 In order to ensure the stability of the material pile, when completing the indoor and outdoor stacking, it is necessary to ensure precise stacking, and the equipment with insufficient flexibility needs to repeatedly adjust the position, which significantly extends the handling operation time. Part. 3 Frequent indoor and outdoor transfer operations will inevitably pass through sloping road surfaces and potholes, and if the equipment is not stable enough, the chance of damage to wooden materials is too high. Part. 4 In order to save warehousing costs, the enterprise has set up narrow aisle racking in part of the warehousing area, but due to the narrow aisle, only other equipment can be used for stacking lightweight goods. 03 ZOWELL Project Highlights Part. 1 Zowell side loader offers excellent visibility. Through the full-view glass, the operator can easily observe the environment outside the vehicle, control the position of the forklift, and ensure safe avoidance of obstacles, even when travelling in narrow aisles; Part. 2 It have the ability to move in multiple directions, such as forward, backward, sideways and 360° rotation. Regardless of wh...
  • Customer Case|Massive Repurchase! The strength of Zowell Intelligent Forklift to win the client's firm choice!
    Customer Case|Massive Repurchase! The strength of Zowell Intelligent Forklift to win the client's firm choice!
    Recently, an automotive parts company in the Americas joined forces with Zowell again in anticipation of expanding its industrial scale and upgrading its overall logistics capabilities to meet growing throughput demands. The enterprise has cooperated with Zowell for several times. The successful landing of the previous project has increased the storage capacity of the enterprise by 50%, and the daily throughput has also been significantly improved, which has also established and solidified the client's sense of identity with Zowell. In the implementation of this production expansion plan, the enterprise straightforwardly expressed to Zowell a number of double deep reach truck re-purchase demand, ready to the previously proven program for large-scale replication and application in the new large-scale warehouses. 0 1Client Background The client is an automotive parts supplier that specializes in the design, development, production, and sales of high-quality automotive parts, systems, and modules. In order to expand its business scope and meet the diversified needs of the automotive field, the company has started a capacity expansion program. 0 2Background Difficulties  01 There are many SKUs for automotive parts, and with orders continuing to grow, it is necessary to realize high-density warehousing in order to take on the increased production planning;   02 Parts in and out of the warehouse frequently, need to ensure that the material into the warehouse, warehousing, transportation, out of the warehouse process efficient operation, so as to improve the efficiency of the enterprise;   03 Two shifts of high-intensity mode of operation, for the equipment range has very high requirements. 0 3Project Highlights 1 50% increase in storage capacity In order to make full use of the storage site, Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommended a storage logistics upgrade program for the enterprise: double reach racking with double deep reach truck. By reducing the number of aisles, shortening the average aisle width, and increasing the height of the shelves to open up more storage space for the warehouse, the enterprise was helped to increase the storage capacity by about 50%. 2 Saving time and cost Fork forward travel up to 1080mm, employees in a single side of the parallel two rows of shelves for deep access operations, in a single shelf channel can be operated on four rows of shelves on the goods, eliminating the need to change the channel time. 3 Smooth and efficient operation With 8.0kw traction motor, the maximum speed can reach 10km and start-stop driving without skidding, which maximizes the efficiency of entering and exiting the warehouse under the permissible working conditions. 4 Outstanding endurance The double deep reach truck with lithium battery can work continuously under full charge for 8 h. The fast charging and charging time eliminates the waiting time for charging, which perfectly matches the enterprise's high-intensity operation ...
  • Client Case|Zowell Very Narrow Aisle forklift man up type VUE model helps European head furniture company achieve high density storage
    Client Case|Zowell Very Narrow Aisle forklift man up type VUE model helps European head furniture company achieve high density storage
    Recently, Zowell intelligent forklift VNA series man up type VUE model logistics solution successfully landed in a head furniture enterprise in Europe. After the project was finished, the difficulties of the enterprise such as cluttered storage of pallet materials, insufficient storage space and low operational efficiency were well solved. Zowell intelligent forklift has won the unanimous praise of the customer for the logistics solution of cost reduction and efficiency increase. 01 PROJECT BACKGROUND The company specializes in the design, production and manufacturing of high-end furniture and continues to actively explore online e-commerce retail layout to meet the home needs of customers in more regions. Today, the diverse preferences of young people have led to a rapid increase in market demand while diversifying orders and a continuous expansion of product SKUs. In addition, the original vehicles used by the enterprise due to the growth of the use of age, multiple equipment can not run, the performance of equipment decline, affecting the enterprise business operation strength, the enterprise turned to seek better quality logistics solutions. After repeated consideration by the enterprise, Zowell became the final choice. 02 PROJECT DIFFICULTIES ◼ The enterprise's new racking scheme was closely aligned with narrow aisles, making the stacking aisles inaccessible to traditional reach trucks; ◼ The enterprise's originally used logistics equipment was partially abandoned, and some of it had undergone multiple high-cost repairs, and its performance had been greatly degraded, making it impossible to meet the current stage of heavy workload operations; ◼ The enterprise has many SKUs, material stacking is crowded and chaotic, and the demand for stacking and picking is great, and it hopes to complete cargo picking and in/out operations in the most convenient way. 03 ZOWELL SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGES POINT ONE · Narrow Aisle Width, Dense Storage · Zowell VNA forklift, the narrowest operating channel is only 1600mm, easily entering the 1750mm aisle width of the enterprise, solving the high and dense storage problem for the enterprise; POINT TWO · High Standard Configuration, Fast Delivery · Zowell VUE model reduces the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance for enterprises with its cost-effective high-standard configuration, and solves the urgent problem of warehouse congestion for enterprises with the fastest delivery speed. ◼ The high-lift mast made of channel steel imported from Germany has a low loss of load rate at high positions and a load of 1.6T at low positions; ◼ Equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, fast charging, long battery life, long life, maintenance-free, reducing equipment maintenance costs for enterprises. ◼ Efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, the maximum passing speed in the roadway can reach 9.5km/h, employees can improve the handling efficiency as much as possible on the basis of ensuring operatio...
  • Customer Case|RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift helps overseas long material industry to achieve narrow aisle intensive storage!
    Customer Case|RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift helps overseas long material industry to achieve narrow aisle intensive storage!
    In the era of rapid development of the logistics industry, logistics technology to solve the problem of long, large and heavy material storage and transportation is gradually receiving attention. Nowadays, the industry is subdivided, the order demand industry attributes are more obvious, and the logistics mode of long material industries such as plates, elevators, pipes and furniture at home and abroad present a new situation of rapid upgrading. This week, this week Zowell electric multidirectional forklift were sent to overseas to deliver long material high density storage solutions to customers in Europe and Southeast Asia, helping them to realize long material handling and stacking efficiency improvement. 1 European Clients & Zowell ▷Application Scenarios     European furniture companies ▷forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with fork positioner) ▷forklift information Max. lifting height 10m, rated load 3T, operating channel 2300mm. Project Background and Difficulties: 01 The customer is a large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprise, involving large and long material handling of panels, sofas, mattresses, wooden doors, etc., with large differences in cargo specifications and low standardization; 02 The traditional long material handling mode is to use different logistics machinery to achieve loading, unloading, handling and storage, which is labor-intensive, complicated and has great safety hazards. 03 Enterprise orders are climbing and developing rapidly, but the storage volume rate is low, and the scattered shelf layout cannot meet the new demand for long material storage. Application value: Zowell intelligent forklift provided customized long material narrow aisle intensive storage solution for this European furniture factory. The above problems were solved for the customer. Zowell meet the actual application scenario of customers, and equips the fork positioner to adjust the fork width at any time according to the load width of different specifications of long materials, which provides greater flexibility and adaptability for operation and gives higher economic benefits to the RSEW model; Driving RSEW model can independently complete loading, unloading, handling and stacking work, eliminating equipment docking links, improving logistics operation efficiency and reducing labor demand for enterprises; Re-planning shelf solution for customers, optimizing the storage space structure. RSEW model with six driving modes, such as sideways, diagonal and in-situ rotation, can easily pass through narrow passages even when loaded with long materials, effectively helping customers to improve the utilization of storage space. 2 Application Scenarios Southeast Asian steel companies ▷Application Scenarios     Southeast Asian steel companies ▷forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with four forks) ▷forklift informatio...
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