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At present, the logistics transportation system is showing large-scale, formalized improvement and upgrading, and the demand for modern logistics equipment is also growing. The foreign trade export of Zowell intelligent forklift has always been on a positive trend, and has won a number of foreign trade orders and made a batch delivery in August, and several sets of logistics equipment have crossed the ocean and been delivered to overseas customers for use.

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Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Warehouse industry

One of the reasons for the low efficiency of the warehouse is the low utilization rate of logistics equipment. The customer is a well-known warehousing enterprise, which applies Zowell intelligent forklift multiple station-driven electric forklift trucks in the warehouse to complete the demand of efficient loading and unloading and transportation of materials in the warehouse.

Zowell this stand-drive electric forklift is ideal for use in warehouses and other indoor environments, with a wide field of view door frame to give the operator a broader view, safe and reliable operation. Small and compact body structure, can be used in a small space; this vehicle is powerful, equipped with 3kw lifting motor, providing strong performance, excellent climbing performance and excellent stability, can cope with the stacking of goods weighing up to 1.5 tons, is an excellent choice for the storage industry.


Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Clothing industry

The customer is a foreign garment company with extensive experience in the garment industry. The apparel industry requires a high degree of flexibility as it moves with demand, so the internal logistics operation system needs to be efficient, low cost and low energy consumption.

Zowell pedestrian and stand-up type electric stacker trucks, with small weight, compact body, simple operation and high lifting efficiency, can efficiently and stably carry out stacking and transportation operations. The company has purchased many Zowell pedestrian and stand-up type electric stacker trucks to cope with high frequency, long distance, time-consuming and labor-intensive handling work, speed up the efficiency of fabric warehousing and finished goods out of the warehouse, release more production capacity, shorten the delivery cycle, and maximize the profit of the enterprise.


Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Auto Parts industry

The scale and quality requirements of the auto parts industry continue to rise, and while enterprises focus on production, the requirements for logistics and transportation are also gradually rising. The customer is a foreign auto parts company, in order to meet the demand of large-tonnage parts from indoor to outdoor, production line to the warehouse of the whole scene handling, improve the efficiency of indoor and outdoor cargo transfer logistics line, the purchase of multiple Zowell a large tonnage tractor.

This electric tractor can haul up to 6 tons of material, the body design is compact and can travel through narrow aisles; short distance micro-motion function, long press the dip switch can slowly move back and forth to achieve accurate docking, docking efficiency is higher, helping to improve the efficiency of the whole handling process.


Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Beverage industry

The customer is a foreign beverage manufacturer. The beverage industry has been facing long-term product changes and an ever-increasing variety of beverages, which has put the manufacturer under increasing pressure in terms of storage.

To safely and economically handle the rising inventory in the storage center, the storage capacity per square foot needed to be fully utilized without seeking a new warehouse. After repeated selection, the customer purchased a Zowell VNA man down type three-way electric stacker truck and a double deep reach truck, both of which are suitable for narrow-aisle stacking scenarios with no exhaust emissions to ensure that beverages are not contaminated. Meanwhile, the double-extension shear forklift can access and stack in two rows of shelves side by side, helping the company to improve the efficiency of access and storage volume rate with the same warehouse space.


Zowell intelligent forklift × a foreign Beverage industry

The customer is a foreign food manufacturing company, with auxiliary materials on line, scattered goods into the warehouse, short distance material transportation and other scenarios needs. The food manufacturing company is characterized by busy production lines, high turnover of goods and long working hours, so the traditional manual stacking trucks are not suitable for the scenario of large workload. The company purchased several Zowell electric stackers to meet the stacking needs of large quantities of materials.

Zowell electric stacker with battery as the power source, no emission pollution, green and environmental protection, to ensure food safety, improve the efficiency of auxiliary materials storage, further enhance the amount of food production, increase corporate income, the customer introduced multiple Zowell electric stacker to replace the traditional manual truck operations, to promote the whole process of docking efficiency.

It is believed that with the delivery of more forklifts, Zowell will obtain excellent brand feedback and further expand its brand awareness in overseas regions. In the future, Zowell will also continue to cultivate the international market, focus on R&D and manufacturing technology, create more products with core competitiveness, and help global customers create greater value.

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