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Custom Made 10.08.2020

With the development of economy, more and more industrial sectors are pursing lean production. Small and medium-size factories are sensitive to the price of towing tractors.  They are flexible to choose suitable product to match their production request.In order to adopt those factories’ logistical strategies of implementing lean production plan,

Zowell provide full ranges of electric towing tractors.

Zowell 2 ton-15 ton capacity electric towing tractors are suitable for use in confined spaces.

XT20/XT40/XTH60 sitting on towing tractors are very popular in vehicle spare parts manufacturing industry.

XT30/XTE30/XTE40/XTE50 standing on type electric towing tractors meet customers’different driving practice.

Apart from this, Zowell is professional for making the heavy duty towing tractors like

XTD25 2.5 ton electric car movers

XTB30/XTB50/XTB60 electric towing head

XTB80 8 ton electric towing head

XTB100  10 ton electric towing tractor

XTB150  15 ton electric towing tractor

Other customized towing tractors and AGV towing tractors.

Please send us your request to us and we will provide you with suitable products.

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