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Exhibition News 01.06.2021

2021LET Exhibition---Zowell Intelligent Forklift 2021 New Product Release

On May 25, 2021, 2021 LET China Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition will be held as scheduled in the beautiful Guangzhou. As the most prestigious and large-scale logistics equipment industry event in the first half of the year, Zowell smart forklifts have accumulated a lot of accumulation and launched four new products for the South China market-VDA forklift II, mini AGV vehicle series, and mini trucks, a total of 4 models appeared at the exhibition and were Aroused widespread concern.

At 10:18 in the morning, the 2021 Zowell smart forklift new product launch conference was grandly opened at the Zowell booth, attracting many visitors, media and other industry insiders and outsiders to observe and observe. Mr. Pan, General Manager of Zowell Smart Forklift, attended the launch ceremony and thanked everyone for coming. The four major new products of the Zowell family were unveiled in the eagerly anticipated appearance. The beautiful product appearance, more ergonomic structural design, and perfect performance display demonstrated the technical strength and manufacturing attitude of Zowell forklifts, which attracted the exhibition scene. The personal experience of the personnel has been widely praised.

VDA narrow aisle forklift

The VDA II forklift is an upgraded version based on the original Zowell VDA three-way forklift. It strives to be more convenient and comfortable in terms of ergonomics, driving operation and maintenance convenience, thereby improving the user experience and making the product more humane And lean. The operation interface is convenient and easy to operate, the mast has a wide view, the backrest is comfortable, the camera is more precise and clear, and the optimized arrangement of the joystick makes the driving feel better. One-piece welded new roof guard frame structure, higher strength and more beautiful. While many external optimizations have been carried out, the internal layout has also been designed with a more reasonable and convenient new layout, which has stronger stability and more convenient maintenance.

The MiNi-AGV mini truck and mini stacker have loads of 2500kg and 1200kg respectively. Adopting structural design, the overall appearance is small and smart, and the extremely small turning radius can better meet the customer's working conditions. SLAM natural navigation, low-position + high-position obstacle avoidance radar, precise fork-in self-adjustment and attitude matching, etc., all make MiNi-AGV operations more accurate, safe, and reliable. At the same time, the product realizes 24/7 unmanned operation and longer battery life. Improve logistics throughput efficiency.

Zowell mini stackerAnother new member of MiNi-AGV has a vehicle size of 1520mm*838mm*805mm, which is thinner, smaller and more compact, and can realize cross-floor and elevator operations. The minimum turning radius is 1200mm, which is suitable for extremely narrow working channels. Small stature and large strength, the maximum load capacity can reach 1.8 tons, optional lithium battery, support 1 hour fast charge, one-key mapping, support non-reverse SLAM navigation and positioning, fast construction. The fork landing height is 85mm, which is suitable for various conventional pallets. The modular design brings the possibility of efficient tailor-made for customers.

The Zowell 2021 new product launch conference arrived as scheduled. The scene was full of enthusiasm and received widespread attention from inside and outside the industry; at 11:35 am on the 25th, Mr. Pan, the general manager of Zowell smart forklifts, was in the 2021 “Belt and Road” international smart logistics The keynote speech of "Space Creates Value" was given at the Development Summit. The content was richer and more practical, which attracted many participants to come to the booth for negotiation; 25th-27th, 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition for three full days The all-round vehicle display will give exhibitors a chance to have zero-distance contact with Zowell smart forklifts.

In this new product release, Zowell Smart Forklift presented a display of the new VDA narrow aisle forklift and three AGV products. Since 2018, with the PK reshuffle in the domestic forklift industry in full swing, the Zowell smart forklift, which has many years of experience in forklift manufacturing, has also begun its own product strategy upgrade road. In 2019, three narrow-aisle forklift trucks detonated the market as soon as they were launched. After a period of market testing, Zowell narrow-aisle forklifts are well-known in the industry for their high performance, low failure, and create space value for customers, and they have also upgraded themselves. The road opened up territory.

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