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Exhibition News 20.06.2020

International live broadcast of Zowell intelligent forklifts(Online Canton Fair)was successfully hold on June,15th.

During the online broadcast, Zowell teams provide the professional demonstration and introduction on three way forklifts, full directional forklifts, double deep reach trucks and the heavy duty pallet trucks, customized products which represents on the industry leader in technology. This online broadcasts totally show more than 20 kinds of products, which is the highest models numbers in exhibition since the establishment in 2006.


The online broadcasting show took place in Zowell factory. The busy production line comes into our eyes from time to time. The show vividly reflect Zowell’s factory activities, which makes the show more meaning and expressing.

The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. With the spread of the epidemic worldwide and the arena of fierce competition,the standard exhibition and face to face business has been greatly influenced.

As the China’s biggest and world famous Canton fair had to keep the pace with the times and breaks new ways to move the exhibition into online show. Instead of different kinds of real exhibition booths before, the live broadcasting room makes the customers far away in the world close at hand.


In response to this special form of participation requirements, Zowell International Trade Center and the Marketing Department have worked together to strive for excellence at every step from uploading the products early to the construction and operation of the following live broadcast room. Moreover, the representative from the International Trade Center entered the live broadcast room, pick up a microphone ,work as  an anchor for online live broadcast, to  give live introduction of each products.

large LED floor-to-ceiling display with pictures and text words, accompanied by on-site product operation demonstrations, bringing a more three-dimensional and intuitive viewing experience to Zowell’s  both new and old friends.

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