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Company News 18.01.2024

Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift received two national standards drafting certificates issued by the National Industrial Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee.

According to the National Standard Information Public Service Platform, the national standards GB/T 26949.7-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 7: Bidirectional and Multidirectional Forklift Trucks" and GB/T 26949.17-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 17: Tractor Trucks, Cargo and Personnel Carriers", with Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks as a participant in the drafting, have both been officially released in 2023. and GB/T 26949.17-2023 "Stability Verification of Industrial Vehicles Part 17: Tractors, Goods and Personnel Carriers" have been officially published in 2023.

National standards are of great significance to China's economic and technological development and are the cornerstone of market development. The national standard is also the main body of the standard system, which is uniformly applied throughout the country, and other standards at all levels shall not contradict with the national standard. Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks' successful participation in the drafting and formulation of the above two national standards not only shows the importance we attach to the standardization work, but also reflects the enhancement of our technological strength and influence in the industrial vehicle industry.

Stability is one of the important indexes for assessing the safety of industrial vehicles, and the release of the two standards will further standardize the stability of various types of industrial vehicles and their validation methods in China, and promote the safe and orderly development of the industry. The two standards have adopted the corresponding ISO international standards, which is of great significance for the integrity of China's industrial vehicle standard system, ensuring operational safety and realizing China's industrial vehicle products in line with international standards.

As one of the drafting units of the above two national standards, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts actively provides professional technical support and experience output for the development of the standards. Over the years, we have always attached great importance to the stability of industrial vehicles and the safety of the industry, and have carried out rigorous and meticulous requirements in every aspect of our work, so as to be responsible for our employees and customers, and to promote the safe and healthy development of the industry.

Take electric tractor as an example, according to the market segmentation, our company has created various kinds of customized tractor, and widely used in automotive, color steel, rolling mill, electrode plate, aerospace and other industries, stable product quality by the customer's unanimous recognition. In addition, the first multi-directional forklift launched by our company, which is suitable for handling 5 tons of heavy and long materials, has achieved a great leap in narrow aisle track with a number of innovative and patented technologies, which has solved the problems of stacking such as indoor and outdoor transfer of ultra-long and heavy materials, big safety hazards, and inefficient stacking.

Our company has participated in the formulation of 9 national standards and 3 group standards. As the New Year begins a new chapter, the honor brought by the two national standards drafting certificates will bring new strength to Zowell's industry development in 2024. In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of professionalism, actively participate in the construction of standards, continue to explore innovative logistics equipment technology in depth, and strive to promote the professionalism of equipment in the logistics industry, bringing more wisdom and strength to the development of China's logistics industry.


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