Solutions 09.09.2023

Recently, an automotive parts company in the Americas joined forces with Zowell again in anticipation of expanding its industrial scale and upgrading its overall logistics capabilities to meet growing throughput demands.

electric double deep reach truck

The enterprise has cooperated with Zowell for several times. The successful landing of the previous project has increased the storage capacity of the enterprise by 50%, and the daily throughput has also been significantly improved, which has also established and solidified the client's sense of identity with Zowell. In the implementation of this production expansion plan, the enterprise straightforwardly expressed to Zowell a number of double deep reach truck re-purchase demand, ready to the previously proven program for large-scale replication and application in the new large-scale warehouses.

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Client Background

The client is an automotive parts supplier that specializes in the design, development, production, and sales of high-quality automotive parts, systems, and modules. In order to expand its business scope and meet the diversified needs of the automotive field, the company has started a capacity expansion program.

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Background Difficulties

There are many SKUs for automotive parts, and with orders continuing to grow, it is necessary to realize high-density warehousing in order to take on the increased production planning;


Parts in and out of the warehouse frequently, need to ensure that the material into the warehouse, warehousing, transportation, out of the warehouse process efficient operation, so as to improve the efficiency of the enterprise;


Two shifts of high-intensity mode of operation, for the equipment range has very high requirements.

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Project Highlights


50% increase in storage capacity
In order to make full use of the storage site, Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommended a storage logistics upgrade program for the enterprise: double reach racking with double deep reach truck. By reducing the number of aisles, shortening the average aisle width, and increasing the height of the shelves to open up more storage space for the warehouse, the enterprise was helped to increase the storage capacity by about 50%.


Saving time and cost

Fork forward travel up to 1080mm, employees in a single side of the parallel two rows of shelves for deep access operations, in a single shelf channel can be operated on four rows of shelves on the goods, eliminating the need to change the channel time.


Smooth and efficient operation
With 8.0kw traction motor, the maximum speed can reach 10km and start-stop driving without skidding, which maximizes the efficiency of entering and exiting the warehouse under the permissible working conditions.


Outstanding endurance

The double deep reach truck with lithium battery can work continuously under full charge for 8 h. The fast charging and charging time eliminates the waiting time for charging, which perfectly matches the enterprise's high-intensity operation mode.

"Repurchase" represents clients' high recognition of Zowell, and "large-volume repurchase" represents clients' firm support of Zowell. In the future, Zowell will join hands with more enterprises to promote the efficient operation of enterprise logistics with differentiated narrow-aisle products, technologies and customized, cutting-edge logistics solutions, and help clients enhance their market competitiveness.


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