Solutions 03.07.2023

Recently, Zowell intelligent forklift VNA series man up type VUE model logistics solution successfully landed in a head furniture enterprise in Europe.

After the project was finished, the difficulties of the enterprise such as cluttered storage of pallet materials, insufficient storage space and low operational efficiency were well solved. Zowell intelligent forklift has won the unanimous praise of the customer for the logistics solution of cost reduction and efficiency increase.



The company specializes in the design, production and manufacturing of high-end furniture and continues to actively explore online e-commerce retail layout to meet the home needs of customers in more regions. Today, the diverse preferences of young people have led to a rapid increase in market demand while diversifying orders and a continuous expansion of product SKUs. In addition, the original vehicles used by the enterprise due to the growth of the use of age, multiple equipment can not run, the performance of equipment decline, affecting the enterprise business operation strength, the enterprise turned to seek better quality logistics solutions. After repeated consideration by the enterprise, Zowell became the final choice.



◼ The enterprise's new racking scheme was closely aligned with narrow aisles, making the stacking aisles inaccessible to traditional reach trucks;

◼ The enterprise's originally used logistics equipment was partially abandoned, and some of it had undergone multiple high-cost repairs, and its performance had been greatly degraded, making it impossible to meet the current stage of heavy workload operations;

The enterprise has many SKUs, material stacking is crowded and chaotic, and the demand for stacking and picking is great, and it hopes to complete cargo picking and in/out operations in the most convenient way.




· Narrow Aisle Width, Dense Storage ·

Zowell VNA forklift, the narrowest operating channel is only 1600mm, easily entering the 1750mm aisle width of the enterprise, solving the high and dense storage problem for the enterprise;


· High Standard Configuration, Fast Delivery ·

Zowell VUE model reduces the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance for enterprises with its cost-effective high-standard configuration, and solves the urgent problem of warehouse congestion for enterprises with the fastest delivery speed.

◼ The high-lift mast made of channel steel imported from Germany has a low loss of load rate at high positions and a load of 1.6T at low positions;

◼ Equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, fast charging, long battery life, long life, maintenance-free, reducing equipment maintenance costs for enterprises.

Efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, the maximum passing speed in the roadway can reach 9.5km/h, employees can improve the handling efficiency as much as possible on the basis of ensuring operation safety.


· Patented Three-Way Electric Fork, Stacking and Picking Perfectly ·

The patented three-way electric fork can complete the loading and unloading operations of the left and right shelves without changing the orientation of the vehicle body, which is energy-saving and efficient; the cab is lifted synchronously, stacking and picking can be at the same time , reducing the time for replacing picking equipment, and realizing zero waiting for picking, optimized Order processing delivery capabilities.

Today, the logistics of domestic and foreign enterprises are booming. Zowell intelligent forklifts continue to improve narrow-aisle technology, empower customers through differentiated products, and become a new choice for domestic and foreign customers in the field of narrow-aisle storage. In the future, Zowell will continue to innovate around the new needs of warehousing and logistics in various industries, and continue to provide more competitive logistics solutions.


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