Solutions 23.11.2023
Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift an old customer repurchase order successfully landed running.

electric reach truck

Modern people attach particular importance to sports and fitness, as a supplier of high-quality sports equipment, the enterprise's product orders continue to increase. Under the good development momentum, the space and efficiency problems gradually appeared, the enterprise seeks more cost-effective and efficient logistics operation solutions from Zowell.

一、Client Background

The customer enterprise is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of sports and leisure equipment, to meet the needs of consumers in a variety of sports, products are exported to overseas, and with a number of internationally renowned companies to maintain a good strategic cooperative relationship.

二、Project Difficulties

Warehousing land is expensive, and the enterprise tries to compress the cost of land use by improving the ping efficiency. For this reason, the enterprise has strict requirements for the operational efficiency of the warehousing equipment, the width of the stacking aisle, and the ability of high level stacking.


The company wanted to increase the storage capacity as the focus of the new warehouse planning to cope with the sharp increase in demand for storage;

The huge volume of daily export orders requires highly efficient storage vehicles to cope with the frequent inbound and outbound demand;


High-intensity operation mode requires high endurance of the equipment.

三、Project Highlights

45% increase in warehouse capacity

Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommends the double deep reach truck high level racking program with four rows of racks arranged back to back. Compared with the pre-selected program, the overall access area of the warehouse is greatly reduced, and the amount of storage space can be increased by about 45%, which compressed the land cost to a certain extent;

electric forklift

Saving time cost

Zowell double deep reach truck, shear fork forward travel up to 1080mm, in a single side can complete the two rows of shelves of the longitudinal access operations, eliminating the need to change the channel time, improve work efficiency;

More convenient operation

Integrated handle, a single handle can reach multiple functional operations, low operating difficulty and convenience.

With 8.0kw traction motor, the maximum speed can reach 10km, and start-stop traveling without slipping. Under the conditions of working conditions, it can maximize the efficiency of the process of material entering, picking and leaving the warehouse.

Strong endurance

Double deep reach truck with lithium battery has a strong range, and it can work continuously for 8h under full charge, which can meet the use demand of a whole working day.

Repurchase comes from the accumulation of trust, thanks to the customer's support and affirmation of Zowell's intelligent forklifts. For every project, Zowell has made great efforts to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, so that they can feel the value that Zowell products bring to their enterprises.




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