Solutions 04.12.2023

For manufacturing powers, in order to increase the competitive advantage of manufacturing enterprises, internal logistics upgrading is an indispensable part.

Recently, two units of Zowell VNA forklift are successfully delivered to a domestic machinery manufacturing enterprise, helping the enterprise achieve higher performance breakthrough.

1.Project Background

This customer is a national high-tech enterprise, committed to fluid materials, fast connection and control tansport, automotive parts research and development, production and sales. As an industry leader, the company has production and R&D centers in both China and Germany, and has a number of complete industrial chains.

2.Customer requirements

①The product specifications and styles of the enterprise are different, and there are many raw materials and SKUs finished products, which is easy to produce a chaotic situation in warehousing. This company needs a large number of clear storage locations to avoid stacking of goods and reduce the pressure on employees to produce.

②The quantity and number of times of auto parts products out-put and in-put of warehouse are large. So the enterprise hopes to shorten the internal logistics stacking and transfer cycle to ensure the efficient completion of orders and improve customer satisfaction.

③The enterprise has a high demand for storage, but it is worried that the operator will hit the top of the warehouse or the shelf during the operation due to lack of experience, which will endanger the safety of human life and property.

3.Projects highlifts

After much investigation, the company finally chose Zowell VNA forklift VDA model, which has a maximum load of 1600kg and the maximum lifting height of 9500mm to support the company's high-density warehousing and efficient stacking needs.

According to the narrowest aisle distance of 1650mm of Zowell VNA forklift, we planned a narrow aisle racking solutions for the enterprise. In the existing warehouse space to develop a large storage capacity, to achieve the classification of various categories of material storage, reduce the overall storage cost.

In response to the frequent inbound and outbound needs, Zowell provides the enterprise with efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, which can reach a maximum speed of 5km/h in the roadway. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the operation, the efficiency of accessing the goods is multiplied.

Add the set layer and height function; click one button to the target layer directly ; avoid the impact of improper operation ; convenient, safe and smart control.

The wireless camera is installed at the fork to assist the access operation, and the real-time picture is clearly visible to avoid the collision risk.

As the most classic product of Zowell VNA foiklift series, it has served many well-known customers, and has won unanimous praise from customers with mature narrow aisle stacking technology. We are also constantly improving the technical capabilities, strengthening the service quality of the pre-sales and after-sales teams. We hope to bring more customers a 100% satisfaction.


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