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Company News 04.02.2023

On January 16, Pan Xiaojun, general manager of Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd in an interview with Forklift magazine, detailing the development history of Zowell in recent years, looking forward to the future vision of the enterprise, and expressing the confidence and determination of all the staff to make great achievements in 2023 with one heart and one mind.

"Concentrating superior resources and focusing on niche markets.

If the track is only 1cm wide.

we will dig down to a depth of 100 meters and

We will do our best to be the best!"

Differentiated competition, sales growth against the trend

In 2022, the epidemic repeatedly, all industries are difficult, the forklift industry as a whole is downward, and the development road of Zowell intelligent forklift is also full of obstacles, Pan Xiaojun said, "Although the enterprise management and operation are under great pressure during the epidemic, but there is an opportunity in danger, Zowell intelligent forklift insists on differentiated competition without wavering, ploughs deep into the niche market, focuses on research and development of narrow aisle forklift series products, domestic and foreign market in parallel, continue to expand sales channels, provide customers with comprehensive solutions for narrow-aisle handling, and increase sales by more than 30% year-on-year in 2022."

No focus to overcome difficulties, no focus to strengthen the capital and open up new. Pan Xiaojun thinks: "Every enterprise has its own genes, Zowell chooses to enter the niche track and concentrate its strength to be precise and strong". The leading products of Zowell intelligent forklift include VNA narrow aisle forklift, unmanned AGV forklift, big tonnage pallet truck, non-standard industry customized vehicle and other series products. At present, the industrial land is scarce, and the enterprise plants tend to be designed as buildings or multi-storey, and the increase of volume ratio has become the main demand of users. The Zowell intelligent forklift, mainly of VNA narrow aisle series, are suitable for such scenarios and can effectively solve the handling problems of intensive storage. Through understanding the customer's situation and designing comprehensive handling solutions in advance, Zowell intelligent forklifts can greatly improve space utilization, save cost and create greater value for customers.

In 2009, Zowell Intelligent Forklift started to march overseas and emerged in the international arena, gradually occupying a place in the global forklift market. Zowell Intelligent Forklift has proved the strength and quality of Chinese manufacturing with more than ten years' efforts and become the cost-effective choice of foreign users. Pan Xiaojun told the reporter that with the climbing of manufacturing level, R&D capability and brand influence, in 2022, Zowell intelligent forklift trucks have been successfully delivered for many overseas projects and have been unanimously recognized by customers, "At present, Zowell's partners are located in nearly 60 countries and regions around the world, such as Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America and South America, etc. With the liberalization of epidemic, recent overseas customers With the liberalization of the epidemic, the phone calls and emails of active consultation and appointment to meet are coming, the opportunities in 2023 are obvious."

New plant put into operation, Zowell"soaring"

Rooted in the industry for 30 years and founding Zowell brand for 12 years, Pan Xiaojun has made unremitting efforts on the ground to figure out the exclusive track of Zowell intelligent forklift, and as a business operator, he has been preparing for the long-term development strategy of the enterprise. in 2023, he decided to lead Zowell to step into the next stage and move forward to a large-scale and intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

"This year is an important point in the development of Zowell intelligent forklift. By introducing investment to expand the scale, our new factory built in Anhui will be put into production within the year. The new factory covers an area of 45,000 square meters, which is five times of the original factory, and the production capacity will increase exponentially." Pan Xiaojun introduced, "What's more, the new factory is built according to the design concept of digital intelligent factory, and the digital management platform and automatic production line are fully activated to guarantee the consistency of products, improve the quality control ability, effectively reduce the production and manufacturing cost, and make Zowell intelligent forklifts have higher quality and cost performance."

"We will still focus on the main track, continue to broaden the production line, improve the product architecture and build a full range of products." In the production workshop, Pan Xiaojun showed the reporter the new model to be released by Zowell, "This model is mainly applicable to the stacking and transportation of large tonnage long materials, which can effectively reduce the width and channel distance between the shelves of long materials, circumvent the waste caused to the warehouse by the traditional delivery method because of the length of goods, and save space for customers exponentially. More importantly, Zowell has broken the long-term monopoly of imported products, not only can export to foreign markets, but also for domestic customers who just need to greatly save procurement costs."

3 years of hard work and preparation to seize opportunities

"Opportunities and challenges coexist in 2023 forklift market, the epidemic 3 years industry enterprises bide their time, this year is the key moment for each to shine. 3 years domestic and foreign customers also have new demands for forklift products, whether enterprises can adapt to the changes and build up their strengths will soon see the real chapter." Pan Xiaojun is optimistic about the forklift market in 2023: "The opportunity is fair to everyone, whether we can grasp the opportunity depends on whether we are well prepared. In the past 3 years, we have been combing and polishing from R&D design, manufacturing process, supply chain management, cost control and other multi-dimensions, practicing our internal strength and steadfastly taking the road of differentiated competition. Concentrate our strengths and focus on niche markets, if the track is only 1 cm wide, we will dig down to a depth of 100 meters and do our best to achieve the best."

Talking about the future forklift market situation and medium and long-term strategic planning of the enterprise, Pan Xiaojun said, "Innovation is the first driving force of Zowell intelligent forklift, this year we will further introduce talents, strengthen the technical team, increase the research and development of intelligent and unmanned products, break the core technology 'neck' problem, overcome the supply chain obstacle, and continuously upgrade and optimize the series of products with the guidance of customer demand, and create value for customers. Overcome the supply chain obstacles, continuously upgrade and optimize the series of products oriented to customer needs, provide personalized customization solutions, and create more value for customers."

In 2023, the forklift industry is revitalized.

The brand-new Zowell Intelligent Forklift

is striding forward with the posture of struggle...

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