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Company News 19.05.2023
"Technology creates value, and value drives the future." Only by constantly innovating, constantly breaking through, and calming down to study products and technologies can we develop high-quality markets with high-quality products, reward customers with ingenious products, and revitalize Made in China.

Zowell has always actively participated in the development and construction of the logistics industry. Relying on years of technical accumulation and program experience, Zowell has invested a lot of energy in research and development, and finally broke through the technical barriers and brought our latest logistics achievements—another blockbuster model under the narrow channel series. Product: Side loader/ multidirectional forklifts, opening a new era of heavy-duty, long-material and narrow-aisle handling.

For a long time, long-load and heavy-duty multi-directional forklifts have been monopolized by German and Irish brands, and all products rely on imports. The long delivery period of imported forklifts, the high purchase cost and maintenance cost make many domestic demand enterprises discouraged. The emergence of Zowell side loader broke the monopoly of imports, and made the name of a Chinese company appear for the first time in the field of long-material and heavy-duty multi-directional forklifts.

As the first side loader/multidirectional forklift suitable for handling 5-ton heavy-duty long materials in China, it has a number of innovative patented technologies, and has the advantages of high efficiency, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost. Among them, the dual patented technologies of all-wheel drive and hydraulic synchronous cross-steering make this kind of multi-directional large-tonnage forklift have the possibility of continuous operation under outdoor harsh working conditions, which solves the problem of the interaction between large and heavy materials indoors and outdoors in many enterprises. The problems of transshipment and stacking have improved the handling efficiency of oversized goods and reduced the operating costs of logistics links. It can be said to be an ideal choice for industries such as pipes, plates, logs, furniture, mattresses, cloth rolls, glass, heavy molds, cabinets, boxes, and elevators.

Zowell's side loader/multidirectional forklift WSHM model is a multi-forward forward-moving forklift-with multiple driving modes such as straight travel, side travel, and slewing in situ, and is easy to operate and switch freely.

Heavy duty long material

The WSHM model integrates a number of patented technologies, is suitable for handling, stacking, and high-lifting conditions of super-long and heavy materials (such as: more than 15 meters, 5 tons and more). The lifting height is 3m-10m.

Extremely narrow lanes, safe driving

This side loader is specially designed for extremely narrow aisle operations: the side stacking channel is ≤2750mm, and it adopts unique patented technology, which can maintain excellent straightness for long-distance sideways driving. It adopts all-wheel service brake and Parking brake, full-load emergency braking under full-speed sideways driving can still maintain a stable body posture. Zowell's side loader aims to safely and efficiently solve the problem of handling and stacking heavy and long materials in extremely narrow passages, so as to ensure that the utilization rate of enterprise storage is improved, the efficiency of logistics operations is improved, and cost reduction and efficiency increase are realized.

Suitable for harsh working conditions

For asphalt, potholes, and slippery roads: We have standard imported solid rubber tires that are wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and anti-skid to ensure the smooth running of forklifts and handle logistics problems such as outdoor complex road transfers with ease.

Standard fully enclosed cab - noise insulation, dustproof, outdoor work without fear of wind, frost, rain and snow.

outdoor climbing

All-wheel all-drive: full-time all-wheel drive, full-time multi-drive, timely multi-drive, providing surging power for outdoor conditions of large climbing roads. The climbing ability is greater than or equal to 12%, the working condition is adaptive to the power source, and the fixed wheel angle is hydraulically locked in different modes. Ensure that vehicles and goods pass through the slope section of the road smoothly.

Previously, the traditional long material handling mostly used counterbalanced forklifts, which entered the stacking lane from the main roadway and then switched directions for stacking operations. The operation was complicated and the width of the stacking channel was extremely high, making it difficult to improve operating efficiency and storage space. Underutilization.

Zowell side loader/multi-directional forklift has a maximum lifting height of 10m, and has outstanding long-distance lateral straight-line driving ability. It can safely and efficiently complete the warehousing operation of large and long materials over 15m in the side fort channel that protrudes to 2750mm without any effort. It only needs to reduce the archway distance, increase high shelves, and increase the number of warehouses on the basis of the original shelf arrangement, which can help long product companies to greatly increase the warehouse storage rate. Not just simple and complex handling steps, to achieve twice the result with half the effort, but also to break through the limitations of warehouse space.

Shopping malls are like battlefields, and only by taking the lead can we win the future. We are well aware of the risks and challenges in the transportation process of the long-term goods industry, so we have injected a lot of manpower and material resources just to launch this ideal, cutting-edge multi-directional forklift that can greatly improve the level and efficiency of customers. Superior driveway products have grown by leaps and bounds.

We believe that the launch of Zowell's new product forklifts will provide customers with safer, more reliable and more efficient long-term material flow solutions. In the future, we will not assert that the old will bring forth the new, and we will improve our technical strength and product competitiveness. Thank you for your trust and support in us.

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