Solutions 06.01.2021

An aircraft engine manufacturing plant ordered an electric pallet truck in zowell. Previously, customers used semi-electric pallet trucks—that is, lifting was manual, and walking was electric. The customer found that this type of electric forklift was not very efficient and safe during use, and hoped that zowell could provide a set of electric forklift solutions that can improve work efficiency and safety.

On the first day after receiving customer information, zowell dispatched relevant R&D personnel to conduct field research. After investigation, it is found that the customer's product is placed on a 2-meter-long material rack, and the cargo needs to be transported into a 200°C stove for heating. After returning to the company, zowell investigators worked with related designers to design a non-standard customized forklift that meets customer requirements-a long-leg pallet truck. As the name implies, the length of the support leg of the electric forklift is extended to 2200mm, and the stability of the goods during lifting can be guaranteed, which solves the problems faced by customers. And in view of the high temperature diffusion of the furnace, the tires of the electric pallet truck all use high temperature resistant polyurethane wheels. It meets the long-lasting quality requirements of zowell electric forklifts!

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