Solutions 25.01.2021

The company is China's leading provider of overall solutions for curtain wall systems. It is one of the fast growing and most competitive curtain wall companies currently in China. It is specializing in manufacturing various curtain walls, doors and windows, and steel structure products. Both original material and finished products have long length and heavy weight characteristics, that will cause the large aisle area and low utilization rate of warehouse if use traditional forklifts for handling and storage materials. which wastes space and increases the cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the person in charge of the company needs a solution to solve this problem urgently.

By chance, the manager found a new product of zowell ----multi directional forklift . After learning about the multi directional forklift , the manager believed that zowell's multi directional forklift  will solve the problems they faced. Therefore, relevant personnel are arranged to discuss cooperation matters.

Compare with the normal reach stacker, multi directional forklift has models of straight travelling, side travelling, oblique travelling and in situ rotating, best choice for metal profiles, rebar, wood, steel pipe and others. Apply to textile, aluminium alloy, steel, doors and windows and so on.

After receiving the request from the company, Zowell’s engineers customized a multi directional forklift  for the company based on their actual situation. The multi directional forklift  weight is 3 tons and the maximum lifting height is 10 meters. Using three-wheel structure and imported controller, stable and reliable performance, smooth and stable turning. The multi directional forklift is equipped with a fork positioner which can adjust the width of the fork according to actual needs.

This cooperation allowed customers to praise Zowell's multi directional forklift , believe in Zowell's brand, recognize Zowell's company strength, and show their willingness to cooperate in the future. Zowell adheres to the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, let Zowell and customers work together towards a better future.

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