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multi-directional Forklifts

Zowell RSEW Series is multi-directional Forklifts allow movement for long loads in all four directions, and you get all the benefits of counterbalanced forklifts and narrow aisle lift trucks in one vehicle. It's unique 4-wheel steering system allows the forklift to maneuver smaller aisles and maximize warehouse storage.

Features of multi directional forklifts:

Increase Storage up to 40%; Suitable for cantilever racking.

Applicable industries: Aluminum, Building materials, Logistics, Metals, Plastics, Steel, Timber, Warehousing

Max loading capacity: 3 tons; Max Lifting height: 10.5 meters

Full AC Technology;Real time full wheels display

Battery capacity: 48V/600Ah

Four moving mode:

narrow aisle lift truckselectric multi-directional forklift

2 ton Electric Forkliftmulti-directional Forklifts supplier

Long Load Handling

Whether you are handling bar stock, tubing, lumber or other long and bulky loads, the RSEW multi-directional forklift can increase your storage space by up to 40%. With a wide range of trucks built for specific long load handling applications and innovations, Zowell makes it easy to maximize your space.

Palletless Handling

Whether you are moving carpeting, steel, or other palletless loads, Zowell has the answer. The multi-directional forklift is one of several options Zowell offers to maximize space utilization, decrease damage to inventory and increase productivity with palletless handling.

Multi Directional Forklift Manufacturer

Specialty Racks

The Zowell multi-directional forklift can interface with every industry-standard warehouse rack. And we always have a solution that will help maximize your storage capacity and productivity.

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