Solutions 28.04.2024
Last week, Zowell Intelligent Forklift Narrow Aisle Dense Storage Program landed in a domestic bearing, gears and other transmission parts manufacturing plant.

Project Background

The enterprise is committed to providing top quality drive shafts for home appliances and automobile motors at home and abroad.

Nowadays, the market demand has increased, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the transmission bearing industry, storage pressure and logistics inefficiency problems gradually appeared, the enterprise wants to seek more cost-effective warehousing and logistics solutions to enhance market competitiveness.

Pain Points

Capacity planning and upgrading, backlog of goods, but the high cost of expanding warehouses, warehouse expansion has become a major problem;
By the handling equipment load capacity and handling, stacking speed limitations, the enterprise day in and out of the warehouse efficiency is low;
Enterprises are worried about the safety of high level access: the weight of palletized axle products is large, and the naked eye can not judge the accuracy of the position when stacking at a high place, and if the pallet hits the shelves, the consequences are unimaginable.

Project Advantages

The price of renting land and expanding warehouses is not expensive. In order to control the cost expenditure, Zowell Intelligent Forklifts decided to customize the narrow aisle intensive storage solution for the enterprise within the limited storage space.



With the narrowest operating channel of only 1.65m man down type three-way forklift to provide assistance, the original wide aisle of shelves narrowed to 1.65m, freeing up space to set up more rows of shelves, the warehouse's usable storage capacity increased by nearly 60%.


As long as you control the forks to rotate 180° to change direction, you can easily pick up the goods on both sides of the shelves without wasting time on vehicle change operation, upgrading the stacking efficiency.


Zowell suggests enterprises to clarify the location of various types of goods and install electromagnetic guidance technology, under the premise of knowing the location of each product warehouse, the maximum 5km/h travelling speed of the human downstream can be faster to complete the order demand, significantly improving the daily in and out of the warehouse volume.


Installation of wireless camera at the fork to assist access operations, real-time images in the driver's seat is clearly visible, in the high position can also realize the precise operation, to avoid collision accidents.


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