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Expensive land prices, so that the limited space warehousing expansion has become an inevitable trend of enterprise logistics link to reduce costs and increase efficiency. As a booster for the upgrading of enterprise warehousing and logistics, Zowell's narrow-aisle forklift trucks have entered into thousands of enterprises one after another, continuously injecting new energy for enterprise logistics.

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Recently, Zowell intelligent forklifts another narrow aisle program, in a domestic agricultural machinery parts manufacturing enterprises quickly completed.

Project Background

The enterprise specializes in the research and development, manufacture and sales of agricultural machinery equipment accessories, and all series of products have good markets at home and abroad.

Under the two major trends of rural modernization and urban beautification, the sales of agricultural machinery and equipment have been increasing, and the demand for agricultural machinery parts has also steadily increased. The enterprise's production volume and order quantity have stepped up to a new level, and there is an urgent need to optimize the logistics to improve the inventory turnover rate and further enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Pain Points


With many parts categories and rapid expansion of production capacity, it is difficult to carry a large amount of inventory in limited warehouse space;


A wide variety of parts, placed in a messy, difficult to query, inventory, picking inefficient;


The operation mode of two shifts has high requirements for the endurance of logistics equipment.

Advantages of the Zowell Program

The most important feature of Zowell's narrow aisle series is to develop a larger storage capacity in limited space. Comprehensively integrating the customer's picking, range and efficiency needs, Zowell recommended a customized narrow aisle solution for the enterprise, helping the customer to improve its warehousing and logistics capacity.


The racking aisle was narrowed to 1750mm, multiple rows of racking were added, and high lift man up type three-way forklifts were supplemented. Despite the limited height of the warehouse, the capacity of the warehouse has been increased by nearly 80% by fully utilizing the horizontal and vertical space.


The client was advised to introduce a WMS warehouse management system and install RFID tags on the three-way forklift trucks to refine inventory management and allow forklift operators to quickly locate goods;


When the man up type three-way forklift truck travels, the cab rises synchronously, so the driver does not need to change the equipment, and can complete the stacking + overhead picking operation with only one person and one vehicle, which simplifies the workflow and further improves the efficiency of order delivery in the warehouse.


The lithium battery-equipped man up type three-way forklift has faster charging speed and longer endurance, and has a higher intensity of operation capability. Replenishment of power during breaks eliminates charging waiting time, which perfectly fits the two-shift operation mode of the enterprise.

Half a month after being put into use, the customer said that he was very satisfied with Zowell's customized narrow-aisle logistics solution itself and its ability to land quickly. With Zowell's help, they not only controlled the cost expenditure, but also realized the value of storage space and order delivery efficiency, which gave them more confidence to meet the market challenges.

Thank you for the customer's recognition, more competitive narrow aisle logistics solutions, at Zowell Intelligent Forklifts!


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