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In the era of rapid development of the logistics industry, logistics technology to solve the problem of long, large and heavy material storage and transportation is gradually receiving attention. Nowadays, the industry is subdivided, the order demand industry attributes are more obvious, and the logistics mode of long material industries such as plates, elevators, pipes and furniture at home and abroad present a new situation of rapid upgrading.

This week, this week Zowell electric multidirectional forklift were sent to overseas to deliver long material high density storage solutions to customers in Europe and Southeast Asia, helping them to realize long material handling and stacking efficiency improvement.


European Clients & Zowell

▷Application Scenarios     European furniture companies

forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with fork positioner)

forklift information
Max. lifting height 10m, rated load 3T, operating channel 2300mm.

Project Background and Difficulties:

The customer is a large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprise, involving large and long material handling of panels, sofas, mattresses, wooden doors, etc., with large differences in cargo specifications and low standardization;
The traditional long material handling mode is to use different logistics machinery to achieve loading, unloading, handling and storage, which is labor-intensive, complicated and has great safety hazards.
Enterprise orders are climbing and developing rapidly, but the storage volume rate is low, and the scattered shelf layout cannot meet the new demand for long material storage.
Application value:

Zowell intelligent forklift provided customized long material narrow aisle intensive storage solution for this European furniture factory. The above problems were solved for the customer.

Zowell meet the actual application scenario of customers, and equips the fork positioner to adjust the fork width at any time according to the load width of different specifications of long materials, which provides greater flexibility and adaptability for operation and gives higher economic benefits to the RSEW model;

Driving RSEW model can independently complete loading, unloading, handling and stacking work, eliminating equipment docking links, improving logistics operation efficiency and reducing labor demand for enterprises;

Re-planning shelf solution for customers, optimizing the storage space structure. RSEW model with six driving modes, such as sideways, diagonal and in-situ rotation, can easily pass through narrow passages even when loaded with long materials, effectively helping customers to improve the utilization of storage space.


Application Scenarios Southeast Asian steel companies

▷Application Scenarios     Southeast Asian steel companies

forklift model     RSEW model electric multidirectional forklift (equipped with four forks)

forklift information
Max. lifting height 10m, rated load 3T, operating channel 2300mm.

Project Background and Difficulties:

The enterprise has a large number of raw materials and finished products, the shelves are full of pallets, the aisles outside the shelves are crowded, the current high cost of warehouse expansion is the most headache for the customer;
The complex environment inside and outside the factory, there are some rugged and undulating ground, the handling process will pass through high stacking corners, there is a risk of falling over when loading, unloading and handling goods;
Application value:
The customer's material transported has neat length specifications and large weight, which requires high balance and stability of logistics machinery. Therefore, for the customer's long material storage expansion needs, Zowell recommended a solution of high narrow aisle racking + four forks RSEW model for it.

Traditional forklift trucks need to turn and reverse when stacking long materials and have wide stacking aisle requirements, while RSEW model can move in all directions at any fixed position, which can better adapt to narrow area transportation and stacking and more fully utilize storage space. By adding high and low shelves and increasing the number of shelf rows, it helps enterprises to reduce the cost of expanding/leasing warehouses.

The front wheel structure of Zowell RSEW model adopts horse riding design, through the support plate on both sides and wheel axle common force, can meet the maximum load of 3 tons of the whole vehicle, coupled with the stable body structure of three pivot points, bearing stronger and more stable, reduce the possibility of tilting and falling cargo under complex working conditions.

For the long material handling scenario, Zowell continuously strengthens technical innovation, drills into narrow aisle intensive storage technology, and empowers RSEW series multidirectional forklifts with a number of proprietary technologies, and devotes itself to boosting the ping efficiency for the long material industry.

Zowell intelligent forklift have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and the overseas orders of narrow aisle series are constantly, which also means that Zowell's high quality, high standard and good service have been positively affirmed by international customers, and Zowell RSEW series have become the choice of more customers in long material industry at home and abroad.


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