Solutions 20.06.2023

As the first 5t side loader suitable for handling heavy-duty long materials in China, it has attracted widespread attention and has also been practically applied in a domestic aluminum profile company.

In order to help domestic enterprises solve stacking problems such as ultra-long and heavy materials with complex handling procedures, large safety hazards, and low efficiency, Zowell intelligent forklift takes the storage of ultra-long and heavy materials in narrow lanes as the entry point, and devotes itself to research and development to overcome multiple difficulties. A number of innovative patented technologies have improved the efficiency of large-scale cargo handling and storage density, and also added another model to Zowell's narrow aisle series.


Project background

The customer is an enterprise engaged in the production, processing and sales of high-strength aluminum alloy industrial profiles in new energy, rail transit and other industries. It has reserves of aluminum profile products of various uses and specifications.

In order to better complete the entry and exit of raw materials and finished products, the customer purchases Zowell intelligent forklift ultra-long material heavy-duty side loader to realize logistics upgrades.


Project difficulties


Frequent indoor and outdoor transfers are required, but the outdoor ground is undulating and there are large climbing requirements;


The company has a large warehouse space, insufficient storage utilization, and high logistics costs in the storage link;


The handling process is complicated, the number of handling is high, the efficiency is low, and there are potential safety hazards.


Zowell Solution Highlights


Zowell 5t side loader is equipped with wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and anti-skid full solid rubber tires as standard, which can handle indoor and outdoor transfers and complex road conditions with ease.

In response to the company's climbing needs, the all-wheel and all-drive side loader has a climbing ability greater than or equal to 12%, and can easily pass through slopes. The efficiency of enterprise access and transfer has been significantly improved;


In order to facilitate the transfer of profiles, the enterprise's stacking aisle is too wide, the storage utilization rate is insufficient, and the storage link occupies a high logistics cost. Zowell side loader has outstanding lateral and straight driving ability, and only needs a 2750mm side passage to safely and efficiently complete the storage operation of heavy and long materials over 15m;


Continuous replacement of equipment during high-frequency handling is likely to cause material loss, time-consuming, labor costs, and high labor intensity. After Zowell side loader appeared on the scene, it simplified the complicated handling steps, realized "one-stop" stacking, broke through the limitations of the storage method for super-long profiles, and made the handling process more efficient;


Zowell side loader adopts all-wheel service brake and parking brake. When driving sideways at full speed, it can keep the body stable even with full load and emergency braking, avoiding the safety hazard caused by the rolling of profiles.

Product Basic Introduction

Maximum lifting height: 10m

Applicable to extra-long material specifications: more than 15m

Rated load: 5 tons

The narrowest working channel: 2750mm

Applicable industries:

Heavy-duty moulds, cabinets, boxes, elevators, pipes, plates, logs, furniture, mattresses, cloth rolls, glass, and other enterprises with ultra-long and heavy material handling and stacking needs.


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