Solutions 06.04.2024

Recently, another batch of Zowell double deep reach trucks was delivered.

The automation technology empowers our manufacturing plant to have a stronger and more reliable order processing capability, enabling us to realize delivery at an unprecedented speed. After passing the strict quality inspection, 8 sets of double deep reach trucks embarked on the sea journey.

Project Background

This large-scale procurement customer is an overseas auto parts factory, which mainly specializes in the R&D, production and sales of parts in the field of new energy vehicles, and belongs to the leading level in the industry.

As the new energy automobile industry is in a period of rapid growth, driving the continuous expansion of the auto parts industry. The enterprise continues to obtain a large number of orders, the urgent need for logistics upgrades, hoping to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company's products in the global market share by virtue of advanced order processing capabilities.

With the increasing popularity of the Zowell brand in the international market, the customer took the initiative to contact us, and after learning about our successful cases of serving other enterprises and more flexible customized services, the customer firmly chose Zowell to realize the upgrading of the internal logistics of the enterprise!

Project Difficulties

1. With the expansion of business scale, SKU increase, the pressure of corporate warehousing highlighted, but the high cost of expanding warehouses, how to realize the volume rate of warehousing in the existing warehouse to enhance a new challenge.

2. From the raw material warehouse to the docking production line, the finished product transfer into the warehouse, each process must be closely linked, however, the current logistics handling equipment of the enterprise is inefficient, the internal transfer cycle is long, and the delivery of orders is slow.

3. Heavy-duty, palletized auto parts have certain risks when handling, the enterprise attaches great importance to the safety of employees and the factory, and hopes to have a breakthrough in safety and security.

Project Highlights

Part.1 Warehouse Capacity Expansion by 140%

The enterprise Zowell's suggestion to reconstruct the warehouse space, and used 11m high double deep reach racks to cooperate with our double deep reach trucks to carry our warehouse operations. The space on the upper floor of the warehouse was fully released, and the overall access area of the warehouse was greatly reduced. Under the circumstance of unchanged land cost, the warehouse realized an increase of nearly 140% in storage space.

Part.2 More Efficient Turnover

Equipped with 8.0 kw traction motors, Zowell double deep reach trucks can reach a maximum speed of 10km per hour, and start-stop driving without skidding, with excellent driving ability, and can maximize the efficiency of cargo transfer from storage space to connection point to storage space under safe conditions.

In addition, the shear fork forward travel of this model can reach up to 1080mm, which can complete the longitudinal access operation of four rows of shelves on both sides in a single channel, eliminating the need to change the channel several times and improving the efficiency of stacking and loading and unloading;

Part.3 Safe and secure

Zowell attaches great importance to the safety and durability of the product, the German imported channel steel door frame and firm roof rack can make the driver in the operation completely in the car body protection range, by the all-round protection.

Double deep reach truck can load 1.5T of goods, and it is equipped with high-definition wireless camera at the fork, so that no matter empty/full load, high/low position, the driver can observe the position of the warehouse and the pallet in a clear way, so as to avoid the impact caused by misoperation, which will jeopardize the safety of people and property.


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