Solutions 23.03.2024

Recently, out of the vehicle maintenance needs, Zowell Intelligent Forklift made a return visit to an old customer, and our three-way forklifts have been applied in the enterprise for more than one year.

During the maintenance service, the customer expressed to our after-sales service personnel the recognition and praise for the three-way forklift truck: "The performance of this truck is really outstanding in the past year, everyone can't help praising its flexibility and high efficiency after using it, and a lot of troubles we had because of the ground stacked warehousing have been solved by it before. We no longer need to spend a lot of time and manpower to adjust the position of the goods, the enterprise's storage space to achieve a nearly 70% increase in work efficiency has also gone up a level!"



The client is a comprehensive packaging solutions provider, with a full range of packaging solutions such as program planning, packaging design and product manufacturing at home and abroad to open up the popularity of the company, with a number of production bases across the country. Nowadays, the enterprise is rising rapidly, orders continue to rise, in order to occupy a larger market share in the industry, the enterprise began to upgrade the internal logistics program.



---In the past, the stacking height of the floor storage is limited, not only excessive occupation of the warehouse floor, but also a large amount of vertical storage space is wasted, in the gradual expansion of orders, the enterprise storage pressure escalation, the phenomenon of warehouse explosion.
---Product specifications vary and SKUs are numerous, and the chaotic and unorganized status quo of floor stacked warehousing has increased the difficulty of retrieving and discharging goods according to orders, and the efficiency of order delivery needs to be improved.
---After a large number of packages are stacked, the palletized goods are large in volume and weight, and enterprises are worried that after changing to rack stacking form, the goods will have safety hazards if they are elevated to a high level of stacking.



After the on-site research, Zowell Intelligent Forklift team provided a customized narrow aisle solution from a professional point of view, combined with the customer's demands, to promote the upgrading of the enterprise's logistics equipment and warehousing mode.

Increase in storage density

Part of the ground stack space is upgraded to a narrow aisle storage space with shelves as high as 13.5m and an aisle width of only 1.75m, and at the same time, a man-up three-way forklift with a lift of 13.5m is used to work with the operation. The vertical storage capacity of the warehouse has been improved, and the amount of storage space has been increased by an additional 70%, easily solving the problem of warehouse explosion.

Accurate and efficient in and out of the warehouse

Add RFID electronic tag technology for VUE model, and suggest customers to introduce professional WMS warehouse management system, the warehouse information for fine management, forklift operators can quickly and accurately locate the position of the goods.

It comes standard with a three-way electric fork head, which takes less than 10s to complete the 180° rotation of the fork in the aisle, and the efficiency of accessing goods rises sharply. With the support of two major technologies, the efficiency of order in and out of the warehouse is greatly improved.

High-level stacking without loss of load

Zowell's man up type three-way forklift mast is made of German imported channel steel, with strong high loading capacity, the load of 900KG goods can be up to 13.5m without loss of load.

It can absolutely afford the high level stacking of large tonnage packaging materials and fully protect the safety of employees and goods when working at height.

Customer recognition is the driving force for Zowell to move forward, at present, Zowell's narrow aisle logistics solutions have realized the goal of cost reduction and efficiency for many industrial customers, Zowell also looks forward to more in-depth cooperation with new and old customers in the future, with the continuous upgrading of the logistics equipment and technology empowers the majority of customers, and for the long-term development of various enterprises to help!


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