Solutions 21.12.2023

This days, 7 units of RRE double reach trucks were sent to North America to provide a narrow aisle high level stacking solution for a large pharmaceutical enterprise in North America, which helps the customer to solve the low space utilisation and other warehousing and logistics problems.

Project Background

The client is a head pharmaceutical company in China, which has a professional R&D team and a number of pharmaceutical patents. And it is constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research and development. Nowadays, people's health awareness is increasing,  based on the long-term strategic vision, the enterprise decided to optimise the internal logistics, enhance the scale of enterprise pharmaceutical production, in order to broaden the market and meet more medical needs.

Existing Problems

1.Insufficient Existing Warehouse Space

The pharmaceutical company always receives large quantities of multiple categories of purchase orders in a short time, which brings storage and cost pressure to the its warehouse. In order to control the cost of expenditure, the customer needs to expand the storage space without changing the warehouse infrastructure.

2.Outdated logistics equipment

Pharmaceuticals have shelf-life limitations, and the enterprice is under pressure to keep up with order timelines, so they are looking to modernise their equipment to achieve first-in-first-out (FIFO) of goods and efficient logistics operations.

3.Tough conditions for drug storage and handling

Due to the special nature of the product, the enterprise requires the use of logistics equipment can not contaminate the clean storage environment. And also need to achieve smooth transport access to ensure the stability and safety of drugs.

4. Rising labour costs

Under the traditional logistics mode, the increasing orders triggered the problem of manpower shortage and the increase in labour costs.

Zowell Solution

1. Zowell Forklift optimises the warehouse layout from the perspective of very narrow aisle and high stacking, and recommends the double reach racking solution for the enterprise, replacing the previous ordinary racking with double deep reach trucks RRE15. With a maximum lifting height of 10.7m, RRE15 makes full use of the high space of the warehouse to increase the storage space significantly and increase the storage volume rate by 60% compared with the previous.

2. Zowell double deep reach truck can move forward and backward freely in the aisle to facilitate the first-in-first-out of medicines. And the model has a high-strength scissors structure, which can extend to 1080mm. RRE15 can work in 3.1m of the aisle with four rows of shelves , eliminating the need to change the channel time, to achieve high efficiency throughput requirements.

3. The whole series of products of Zowell are electric, no gas emission during operation, which can create a good storage environment for medicines; the whole vehicle moves smoothly, which can avoid tipping over and damage of medicines during transport.

4. Double reach forklift can lift up to 1.5 tonnes of goods at a time, equipped with 8.0KW traction motor maximum speed of up to 10km. Artificial labour intensity is greatly reduced.

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