Solutions 12.01.2024

Recently, Zowell man-down three-way forklift has successfully landed and operated in a daily necessities manufacturing enterprise in China. After a period of use, the customer has highly appreciated its extremely narrow aisle stacking ability, operational efficiency and endurance.

Project Background

The enterprise is a domestic company specializing in the technical development, production and sales of daily necessities such as cups and pots. Due to the continued good performance, the enterprise has established a new plant to undertake the business expansion needs in the next few years. However, how to maximize the use of storage space, how to save the operating costs of the logistics link and achieve efficient docking of the production process has become the next headache for the enterprise.

Existing Problems

1. Enterprise logistics around the production process operation, with the increase in business volume, enterprises have higher requirements for the docking efficiency of the production plant and warehousing area. The load capacity and handling speed of small handling equipment is obviously insufficient.

2. The enterprise upgraded the warehouse layout, the newly installed shelves are tightly arranged, the aisle is narrow, the traditional forklift can not enter the stacking aisle operation;

3. With many SKUs but chaotic stacking, which makes order delivery more difficult, the enterprice hopes to complete the turnover of goods in the most convenient way to improve the speed of order delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.

4.Cups and pots are fragile. Palletized cargo involves a large number of individual products, which can lead to a large number of losses in the event of tipping, and therefore requires operational precision.

Zowell Solution


The man-down three-way forklift has a rated load of 1.2T, a low high lost load rate.With the efficient electromagnetic guidance technology, the cargo handling volume and handling efficiency of a single trip have been significantly improved, optimizing the production docking process.


The narrowest working channel is only 1650mm, which can easily enter the narrow aisle reserved by the enterprise, and can complete the shelf access operation on both sides without changing the direction of the body, which can solve the problem of intensive warehousing for the enterprise.


Under Zowell suggestion, the enterprise re-planned and clarified the location of goods storage according to the high or low turnover rate, and selected the function of fixing the level and height. With just one click, the forks reach the target level, which is faster and more accurate than manual lifting and lowering operations, and the efficiency of on-demand shipment is improved.


Zowell has installed wireless cameras at the forks to assist the access operation, the real-time picture is clearly visible, and the access operation is more accurate. The forklift trucks have strong traveling stability, which reduces the loss of materials in the whole process of entering and exiting the warehouse.

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