Solutions 20.01.2024

Project Background

As a major household appliance company, China's largest and the world's second-largest cookware R&D company and China's leading small kitchen appliance brand, it is the first listed company in China's cookware industry.

Current situation

As a well-known company in the home appliance industry with a leading market share, warehousing and logistics have always been the top priority of the company's management. In order to cope with the large amount of goods flow every day, the company is equipped with several forklift trucks of various types to ensure the fast operation of logistics. In the past, the use of counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, etc. could only handle one pallet of goods at a time, which was costly and seriously affected the efficiency of the handling operation.

Zowell Solution

To support the company's express development, accelerate the speed of goods flow, improve work efficiency, save labour and logistics costs. Zowell electric forklift engineers for its selection of XT40 electric tow tractor. Maximum one-time handling 4 tonnes of goods, pulling a number of flow car. The body is compact and flexible for easy operation, and the power is strong to ensure efficiency. At the same time, the enlarged driving platform, wide backrest with two armrests, more humane design and safety, driving comfort. After the improvement, the operating efficiency has been increased several times, which greatly saves labour and logistics costs, and has been unanimously approved by customers.

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment&Technology Co, Ltd. as a Chinese manufacturer focusing on high-end electric forklift trucks, specialises in the production of "Zowell" series electric forklift trucks, including forklift trucks, tractors, reach trucks, electric stackers, electric towing trucks, AGV forklift , counterbalanced forklift, VNA forklift, Multi-directional reach forklifts, double deep reach forklifts, hydraulic stackers and other warehouse handling equipment. . Through in-depth analysis of the market demand for electric material handling equipment, the company grasps the development trend of modern intelligent and energy-saving material handling equipment, and develops new technologies and products that meet the market demand.

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