Solutions 18.01.2024

In today's rising labor costs, the application of driverless forklifts provides labor-intensive enterprises with a more efficient and smarter path to modernized warehousing and logistics, which not only improves operational speed and accuracy, but also releases manpower from high-frequency repetitive labor and reduces manpower costs for the enterprise.

A few days ago, Zowell intelligent forklift two three-way stacking vehicle AGV has completed the quality inspection out of the warehouse process, sent to the target customers, through automation technology for customers to solve the problem.

Project Background

The customer is an enterprise focusing on injection molding production and processing, with experienced technical research and development team and complete production line, covering a wide range of products, exported to many countries. Due to the increase in demand for injection molding products in the automotive, medical, daily necessities and other fields, the enterprise orders continue to rise, facing great delivery pressure, the enterprise hopes to shorten the order delivery cycle through automation technology, reduce manpower requirements, and further promote the transformation of the industry's full process automation.

Customer Pain Points

Short update cycle of injection molding products, many SKUs, under the pressure of a large number of orders, the backlog of goods, warehouse space is seriously insufficient;

Due to manpower fatigue or other unstable factors, the lack of coordination between the various links of the docking, delayed access to the warehouse and order picking progress, the order delivery cycle is forced to extend;

A large number of repetitive fork picking, transportation, stacking work consumes too much time, manpower, and due to the increase in business volume, the logistics link manpower has been obviously insufficient, the enterprise is facing more labor cost expenditure.

Program highlights

Based on the site conditions and customer's key requirements, Zowell Intelligent Forklift recommended the narrow aisle AGV solution, which is planned to help the enterprise realize logistics automation upgrade through unmanned transport stacking technology, in order to cut labor costs and improve logistics efficiency.

Narrow aisle racking is equipped with three-way stacking vehicle AGVs, giving full play to Zowell's differentiated technological capabilities, automated high-density warehousing, and high level stacking technology to open up the remaining warehousing space for customers to cope with the huge amount of SKUs.

On-board computer, task monitoring. Three-way stacking vehicle AGV will dynamically manage tasks according to task priority, real-time, accurate and efficient completion of all aspects of docking to further enhance the efficiency of internal logistics operations.

Through high-precision positioning and identification technology, it replaces manual labor in highly repetitive routine processes such as material docking, finished product warehousing, transportation stacking, and empty pallet recycling, which greatly reduces the intensity of personnel operations and decreases manpower requirements.

At the same time, these three-way stacking AGVs are equipped with three-way electric fork heads, which can complete the 180° rotation and direction change of the forks in the stacking aisle in less than 10 seconds, doubling the overall access efficiency.


Combined with the working conditions, we have optional broken pallet detection and obstacle detection modules to ensure that the goods are intact while executing the instructions. Obstacle avoidance radar is installed on the vehicle body to avoid collision in the process of human-machine cooperation.


Shipped with automatic charging piles, the three-way stacking vehicle AGVs will automatically travel to the charging area to charge during idle hours in conjunction with task scheduling to better respond to subsequent task demands.


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