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Company News 17.09.2020

Customized products expert for 15 years——Zowell

"Who am I", this is a question. The answer seems  simple but it quietly not simple. 15 years has passed  away since Since Zowell is established. Now,Zowell began to think again about "who am I".

Looking back on the past, we have joys, regrets, persistence and hesitation. We have stuck to our mission in making decisions and determined our direction in breakthroughs.  With 15 years of development, Zowell has grown from a little-known forklift brand to now has many loyal customers in the domestic and foreign markets;  Zowell now focus on the full directional forklifts, three-way forklifts, and scissor forklifts , Electric reach forklifts, electric tractors, Customized special forklifts and other categories have their own reputation and status.

With the advent of the era of "intelligent" manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and changes in resource supply, the manufacturing industry is facing a reshuffle and challenge. How to take advantage of the trend and how to use effective resources to make the company have a

longer and more sustainable development seems to have been placed in front of every manufacturing company. At the same time, on the one hand, the increasingly severe homogenization competition in China's electric storage truck market is intensifying, on the other hand, industry users are struggling to find solutions. We are also thinking about what value Zowell can contribute to them.

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