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Company News 23.08.2020

Smart and new intelligent machine creates future.

Technology exchange technology seminar of Zowell aisle width intelligent equipment is successfully hold in Suzhou, China on August,22nd, 2020

Mr Pan,  general manager & CEO of Zowell introduces Zowell new aisle width forklifts such as the three way forklift, full directional forklifts, double deep reach trucks, Min-AGV, AGV-three way forklift.

More than 80 representatives from warehouse equipment distributors,racking manufacturers, warehouse system suppliers, AGV system providers and also the institute of intelligent equipment attend this seminar.

During the seminar, Zowell also signed strategic cooperation agreement with  DELI automation Ltd and Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd. They will start positive and deep cooperation on the commercial business.

The Professor Wang Jixiang, worked as Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, shared its opinion on the “Intelligent handling”.

Doctor Wang Zujing, worked as Executive Vice President of Technology Application and Engineering Service Branch of China Warehousing and Distribution Association and marketing and sales expert of China warehouse material handling equipments,

Gave a speech on the topic: Supplier chains of logistics and the development direction of the material handling technology in new economic environment.

Mr Liu Shihong give a meaningful sharing on the “new space concept on the material handling equipment.

In the afternoon ,the participants came to the Zowell intelligent forklift factory and had a zero-distance contact with Zowell's narrow aisle width forklift products.

The afternoon activity was staged lively in the product explanations and demonstrations of the three Zowell technical project leaders. In the live scene of the dense storage rack area, three-way trucks, omnidirectional trucks, and double deep reach trucks  was unanimously recognized by everyone.

After the explanation and demonstration ended, and the free negotiation was made between the main designer and the visitors.

Find opportunities in crises and find directions in chaos. A pandemic that swept the world in 2020 was unexpected to many people, and it also brought many survival challenges to many companies.The more you are in the turbulent upstream of the waves, the more you have to stick to your direction and learn to ride the wind and waves! Zowell has successfully completing their own gorgeous transformation from traditional basic material handling equipment  manufacturer to a narrow aisles, high altitudes, and intelligence products and solutions supplier.

Based on differentiated products, it actively cooperates with multiple parties and believes that Zowell  will become a leading brand of intelligent forklifts in the world.

With more than 10 year’s development, Zowell,

from the little-known name more than ten years ago, to a influential brand of electric industrial vehicles,and now become a leading brand of China's smart forklifts.

Zowell smart forklifts have never stopped, striving to contribute to the rise of China's smart manufacturing.

The seminar was hold by Zowell and assisted by China Warehousing and Distribution Association.

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