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Company News 20.06.2024

On June 18, 2024, the 2024 Zowell Narrow Aisle Intelligent Forklift Technical Exchange Meeting was successfully concluded in Jinan, Shandong Province, the city of a thousand springs. In this "Jinan" technical exchange meeting, Mrs. Jie Zhang, Secretary General of Industrial Vehicle Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Shihong Liu, marketing expert of China's forklift industry and logistics equipment industry, enterprise consultant, Mr. Minsheng Zhang, senior expert of China's forklift industry and other big names in the industry, as well as representatives of our customers were invited to attend, to discuss together the narrow aisle intensive storage technology and automation technology will be used to improve the quality of the forklift industry. They were invited to discuss the new possibilities that the narrow aisle intensive storage technology and automation technology will bring to the enterprise logistics.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yantao Wu, Deputy General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklifts, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the invited guests.

"Small and medium-sized enterprises are more likely to seek differentiated development and take the road of specialization and development." Mrs. Jie Zhang, Secretary General of Industrial Vehicle Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, took the stage to deliver a speech, mentioning that, in the period of booming development of intelligent forklifts in China, Zowell has kept pace with the times, fully utilized the advantages of its many years of ontology manufacturing experience, and fused advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, sensors, and so on, to occupy a place in the field of intelligent AGV forklifts. What's more, it has highly integrated the intelligent AGV technology with the innovative narrow aisle technology, which highlights the leading advantage of Zowell's narrow aisle technology in the industry. Finally, Mrs. Jie Zhang, on behalf of Industrial Vehicle Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, wished this technical exchange meeting a complete success.

▲China Construction Machinery Industry Association Industrial Vehicle Branch Secretary General

Mrs. Jie Zhang Speech

"Field survey + tailor-made solutions, timely pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services are my deepest impression of Zowell." Mr. Junsheng Li, as the representative of Zowell's customers, delivered a speech, giving high praise to Zowell's product quality and considerate service, and expressing his best wishes for Zowell's future development.

▲Head of Warehouse, Hitachi High Voltage Switchgear Co.
Mr. Junsheng Li Greetings

Subsequently, Mr. Shihong Liu, a marketing expert of China's forklift industry and logistics equipment industry, took the stage and delivered a keynote speech on "VNA Narrow Aisle Forklift, the Next Market Hotspot", which elaborated on the current situation of the development of industrial vehicles in China and analyzed the trend of the transformation of forklift products to lightweight and economy. China's high-standard warehouses account for less than 8%, higher density, more flexible, fast implementation, lower cost is a common demand, which will create market space for the lightweight and economy of VNA forklift trucks adapted to narrow aisle storage and handling, and industrial scenarios of material handling unmanned will also move towards a larger market.

▲China's forklift industry and logistics equipment industry marketing experts, business consultants
Mr. Shihong Liu Speech

Mr. Pan, general manager of Zowell Intelligent forklifts, took the stage and gave a brief introduction of the company's three phases and product evolution over the 17 years of deep cultivation of forklift trucks. From the R&D and manufacturing of a small number of product lines, deep focus on the narrow aisle segmentation track, to the continuous attack on the necklace technology, Zowell has formed a full range of product matrix mainly for narrow aisle and driverless AGV, and some of the products have fully replaced the imports, which are widely used in the aerospace, new energy, cold chain, pharmaceutical and other industries. Taking differentiation as the core, Zowell Forklifts is committed to building competitive advantages in the fields of products, technology, management and brand, and always adheres to the "customer-centered" principle, taking the feedback from customers as the important basis for us to continuously optimize the products, technology and services, and strives to provide more possibilities for the modernized warehousing.

▲General Manager MR. Pan made an enterprise introduction

After that, Mr. Yantao Wu, Deputy General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift, went on the stage for Zowell Narrow Aisle Forklift product promotion, and explained in detail about the six Narrow Aisle Forklift trucks in terms of the product parameters, applicable working conditions, and technological breakthroughs, respectively. The achievements of narrow aisle series are constantly refreshed, and new products are entering the testing process one after another, hoping to make more valuable logistics solutions for customers.

▲Vice President Mr. Wu made a product introduction of Zowell.

Mr. Chao Ding, the marketing manager of AGV division of Zowell Intelligent Forklift, brought Zowell three-way forklift intelligent warehouse using scenarios and technology sharing. Respectively from the company's product series, software architecture, scene positioning, technical characteristics, case demonstration of five links, the customer in what kind of scene with what kind of AGV for a detailed introduction, the concept of intelligent warehousing in a clearer form to the guests.

Halfway through the meeting, the round table chaired by Mr.  Minsheng Zhang, a senior expert in China's forklift industry, was successfully held. Mr. Xiaojun Pan, founder and general manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklifts, Mr. Yang Gao, sales director of Tianjin Good Help Friend Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Li Junsheng, head of warehousing of Shandong Electricity & Electricity Hitachi High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd, and Mr. Chun Zhou, general manager of Linde Euclid (Tianjin) Intelligent Equipments, took part in the meeting.

During one hour, the speakers focused on the theme of "Where are the business opportunities of narrow-aisle intelligent forklift? Under the guidance of Mr. Minsheng Zhang's conversation, the guests continuously burst out the sparks of thoughts.

Mr. Pan believes that it is very important for rackers to link with narrow aisle forklift manufacturers in China, and hopes to expand more cooperation space in the future.

This is a logistics wisdom feast, guests in the continuous communication cohesion of valuable development consensus.

The successful organization of the Zowell Narrow Aisle Intelligent Forklifts Technology Exchange Meeting not only builds a good communication and cooperation platform for the urgent logistics transformation needs of various industries, but also demonstrates the expectation of various industry professionals and customer groups for more innovative, practical and cost-effective logistics equipment. In the future, Zowell Intelligent Forklift will continue to grasp the market trend with a forward-looking vision, strive to overcome more technical problems in the narrow aisle and unmanned logistics track, explore more possibilities in the field of electric storage forklift, and contribute Zowell's power to the upgrading and development of the logistics industry.


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