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Company News 21.08.2023

Recently, Zowell Intelligent Forklift received two national standards drafting unit certificates issued by the National Logistics and Storage Equipment Standardization Technical Committee.

Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the drafting unit and Mr. Pan Xiaojun, General Manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift as the main drafter participated in the drafting of national standards GB/T 30029-2023 General Rules for the Design of Automated Guided Vehicles and GB/T 30030-2023 Terminology of Automated Guided Vehicles. Both national standards were drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2020 "Guidelines for Standardization Part 1: Structure of Standardization Documents and Drafting Rules".

National standards are of great significance to the national economic and technological development, and are uniformly applied throughout the country, which is the main body of the standard system. The participation of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the drafting of two national standards for automated guided vehicles fully reflects the enhancement of the influence of the Zowell brand in the AGV industry, and the company's technological innovation and product innovation strength is recognized by the industry.

AGV is the English abbreviation for Automated Guided Vehicle. In the era of global factories and warehouses evolving towards automation, the use of automated guided vehicles, which are known for their high flexibility and unmanned operation, is becoming more and more extensive; Zowell Intelligent Forklift Trucks has more than ten years of industry experience in the field of AGVs, and has a wide range of AGVs, including narrow-aisle AGVs, handling AGVs, towing AGVs, and forward-moving AGVs, which comprehensively cover and meet the usage needs of multiple industries. meet the needs of multiple industries.

At present, Zowell has provided AGV intelligent forklift logistics solutions for many famous enterprises, such as Goldwind Technology, Huaqi Intelligence, North China Cable, WoWang Electric, Suyan Valve, etc., helping customers realize automation and flexibilization upgrade of the logistics link, and obtaining the unanimous affirmation from customers. In the field of automated guided vehicles, Zowell will continue to maintain the existing advantages in body manufacturing, increase R&D investment in on-board control system, navigation system, human-machine interaction system, etc., and make efforts to realize technological upgrading and breakthrough.

The above two national standards on automated guided vehicles were officially released on May 23, 2023, which will further guide and standardize the product development, design, manufacturing and application of automated guided vehicles, guide the orderly development of related enterprises, and help to enhance the technological capability and market competitiveness of China's automated guided vehicle industry.

Zowell Intelligent Forklift always attaches great importance to the standard work, and has participated in the formulation of 6 national standards, 3 industry standards, and 3 group standards. In the future, Zowell Intelligent Forklift will rely on its rich experience in the logistics industry, and based on its team of highly skilled personnel, continue to explore the innovative technology of logistics and storage equipment, actively participate in the formulation of various industry standards, and contribute to the maintenance of the industry order and the enhancement of the professionalism, innovation and safety of logistics and storage equipment.


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