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Company News 11.09.2023

Safety is the eternal theme of the enterprise, the implementation of all levels of safety responsibility awareness, in order to promote the safe production of the enterprise. 22 August, the third-party review organization review team to Zowell Intelligent Forklifts on the third level of safety standardization work on-site review. The relevant person in charge of the company's safety department accompanied the whole process and reported the construction of the company's safety standardization system to the evaluation experts.

Production safety standardization refers to the establishment of production safety responsibility system, the formulation of safety management system and operating procedures, investigation and treatment of hidden dangers and monitoring of major sources of danger, the establishment of a preventive mechanism, standardize production behavior, so that the production process in line with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations on production safety and standards and norms of personnel, machinery, materials, the environment, etc., in a good state of production, and continue to improve, and continuously strengthen the production safety of the enterprise. Standardized construction.

Zowell Intelligent Forklift attaches great importance to this standardization review, and earlier on, with the active cooperation of all departments, it has continuously strengthened the implementation of safety responsibilities, gradually improved the level of safety management, and created a good atmosphere for safe production. This three-level safety standardization assessment is also an important performance of our company's initiative to implement the main responsibility of safety production.

During the evaluation process, the evaluation team conducted a comprehensive, meticulous and strict review of the normative conditions involved in the construction of the company's three-level production safety standardization, item by item, by means of evaluation meetings, document review and other means.

At the same time, the on-site reviewers, accompanied by the relevant persons in charge of our safety department, checked the production site one by one to check whether the safety standardization system is running effectively. During the process, the evaluation team carried out the basic specification scoring, and gave guiding optimization suggestions to the company's safety standardization construction work. In the end, Zowell Intelligent Forklift reached the level of Level 3 safety standardization and passed the evaluation of certificate renewal.

The successful completion of this level 3 safety standardization assessment marks that the safety work of Zowell Intelligent Forklift meets the level of national level 3 safety production standardization enterprise. In the follow-up work, our company will further strengthen the awareness of employees at all levels of production safety, and seriously analyze and effectively improve the shortcomings in the evaluation process, strictly implement the relevant production safety standards and norms, and essentially improve the company's standardized management level of production safety, to further promote the standardization of the production work in the future, and to ensure the safety of production.


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