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Company News 03.02.2021

9th January, long-unseen winter sun comes to Suzhou After a cold wave, Intelligent Forklift Supplier Annual Meeting 2021 of zowell convened in the lakeside of beautiful tai lake. This supplier annual meeting attracted representatives from more than 40 cooperative manufacturers from all over the country. Let's gather in Zowell again and Plan for the future together.

This meeting was hosted by Zowell Intelligent Forklift Materials Center and presided over by manage wu----Director of Manufacturing Center. After a short film of Zowell's history review in 2020, the annual meeting of suppliers officially kicked off.

At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Pan of Zowell Intelligent Forklift gave a comprehensive introduction of the company's basic situation, achievements in 2020 and future development which theme is "taking advantage of the situation and opening a new bureau". At the end of sharing, Mr. Pan quoted a sentence from the book "Anti-Fragility": "The wind will blow out the candles, but it can make the fire burn more and more brightly", which encourages everyone to join together and create greater glory again!

Then, the three responsible person from Purchasing Department, Quality Assurance Center and Materials Center shared the specific implementation issues in the cooperation in their own responsible area. The shared content was concrete and practical, which standardized the company's supply chain management and provided a foundation for more efficient cooperation between the two parties in the future, which was recognized by the participants!

In 2020, with the superiority of its own production market and indomitable fighting spirit, Zowell Intelligent Forklift has drawn a perfect ending for 2020! Zowell knows that the achievement can’t be achieved without the cooperation of every supplier. The third part of the conference is the awarding session, which pushes the conference to a climax. In this supplier conference, Zhongchuan Gearbox and Wannan Xinwei Electric won the technical service award, Jinchao Yuke Battery and Qiantuo Electronics won the excellent supplier award, and Xinchentai Precision won the best service award. Delegates have delivered enthusiastic acceptance speeches and strengthened their confidence in close cooperation in the future.

At the end of the meeting, vice general Manager Wu of Zowell Intelligent Forklift made a concluding speech. She introduced the future development plan of intelligent forklift truck in Zowell to the participants. Hard parties show courage, but the road is not lonely. She proposed to strengthen cooperation with various suppliers and work together for the development of industrial vehicles in China! Finally, in the song "My Country and Me", the 2021 Annual Meeting of Zowell Intelligent Forklift Suppliers ended successfully.

In 2020, resisting the influence of COVID-19, Zowell intelligent forklift started the transformation of intelligent narrow-aside forklift, and gained all the way. In 2021, Zowell will continue to exert its strength in the research and development of intelligent narrow- aside products, and will continue to strictly control the product quality, cost and delivery time, continuously improve the market competitiveness of products, comprehensively replace imported brands, and create domestic fine narrow-aside forklifts. There is still a long way ahead, only work even hard, and Zowell Intelligent Forklift will work with its partners to draw a perfect ending for the development of China's industrial vehicles!

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