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Company News 02.03.2021

Todayzowell has exported four very narrow aisle forklift and 14 electric pallet truck to a textile company in Southeast Asia. The company is a world-famous jeans clothing production company.

Customer due to business expansion, The storage capacity is increasing continuously, but the original warehouse space is limited can’t meet the increasing storage capacity. Therefore, the customer want to build a new warehouse. The new warehouse implements modern warehouse management, In order to maximize the space utilization of the warehouse, customer choose  the very narrow forklift of zowell. Zowell’s forklift maximum load capacity is 1.6 ton, maximum lift height is 9 meter, the top space of warehouse is useful, the very narrow forklift makes warehouse channel  is more narrower, the shelf height is higher, the shelf density is higher. The utilization rate of the warehouse can be improved by more than 50%.

Facing the extremely narrow stacking operation, zowell's the very narrow aisle forklift  performs perfectly in meeting customer requirements:

1. Zowell very narrow forklift is required minimum channel width is 1.5M, maximize the use of customer storage space.

2. Zowell very narrow forklift’s fork can rotate 180°, easily fork the goods on both sides of the shelf easily.

3. Zowell very narrow forklift maximum lifting height is 9 M, meet the customer’s high stacking requirements.

4. Zowell very narrow forklift adaptive magnetic stripe navigationrealize automatic orbit entry function. The driving direction is automatically corrected in the roadway without manual steering wheel operation. Reduce the driver's labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.

At the beginning of the new year, everything is revived.

Wish the zowell very narrow forklift has a smooth  journey at sea. Go to the customer's warehouse safely and quickly. Make the best use of them in the warehouse.

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