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Company News 10.09.2020

Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing Session of Robot Industry Alliance (Phase II: Suzhou Station)

Win-win Cooperation -- Sharing session of robot Industry Alliance (phase II: Suzhou Station) was held as scheduled in ZOWELL company. Leaders of the robot industry from Suzhou and surrounding areas gathered together to discuss the healthy development of the robot industry.

After more than a month of rainy season, suzhou finally ushered in good weather. With the good weather, on July 22, Sharing session of robot Industry Alliance was held as scheduled in ZOWELL Company.Leaders of the robot industry from Suzhou and surrounding areas gathered together to discuss the healthy development of the robot industry.

This conference is sponsored by China Robot (AGV) Industry Alliance and undertaken by ZOWELL company. The meeting was successfully held at ZOWELL company at 5:00 PM. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Yu Xiwen, who is in charge of the alliance sharing meeting. The participants of the meeting were representatives of new stars or stars in the industry, such as CSG Huaxiao, Phoenix Power, Mu Xing Intelligent, Edgeway and Kaiyunlai.

At the beginning of the meeting, the delegates were shown around the ZOWELL factory. Then everyone moved to the conference room and started the formal process of the sharing meeting.

After the guests introduced themselves, they Shared and discussed this year's AGV market situation and industry development. With the support of industry 4.0 and a series of intelligent manufacturing policies in recent years, China's robot AGV industry has mushrooming.

The huge market capacity and demand make AGV industry more and more have a bad development trend of scuffle. , vice President of China mobile robots (AGV) industry alliance, CSG share huaxiao company general manager li said, in this case, we can't forget the original goal of AGV industry alliance, and focus on our own characteristics and advantages of the project, the proper choice, to make our industry from disorder competition into an orderly, healthy, benign cooperation.We will work together to facilitate the full arrival of China's Industry 4.0 era.

At the meeting, people also communicated about the market situation of this year. They said that the domestic AGV industry had been greatly affected in the first half of this year because of the CoVID-19 epidemic. However, with the comprehensive recovery of the resumption of work and production in China, people still had full confidence in this year's AGV market.

ZOWELL was involved in the robot AGV industry since 2015. After years of exploration and accumulation, ZOWELL has gained a place in the robot AGV industry and gradually formed its own competitive advantage. As an enterprise with more than ten years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of traditional electric forklifts, ZOWELL company have received more and more attention and recognition in the forklift body manufacturing. Zhuoyi electric forklifts has successively carried out strategic cooperation with many AGV enterprises, such as Todays International, Shanghai Xianzhi, Haikangwei and so on, which has been recognized by the market.

Focus and don't forget the original goal. Win-win cooperation and joint progress in the era of economic integration, leading China's intelligent manufacturing to a healthy and orderly road!

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