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Company News 31.07.2021

Zowell forklifts participated in the 2021 12th Global Apparel Industry Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Seminar

On July 22-23, the 2021 12th Global Apparel Industry Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Symposium hosted by Logistics Technology and Application magazine was held in Shanghai, attracting apparel brands, distribution, production enterprises, apparel e-commerce enterprises, apparel supply chain enterprises, industry experts, research and consulting companies, universities and colleges, third party logistics enterprises, as well as logistics technology and equipment enterprises and many fields.

Based on the deep exploration of logistics equipment technology in garment industry for many years, Zowell forklift was invited to attend this conference and the general manager made a speech at the conference, sharing the research and improvement achievements of Zowell forklift in the field of logistics equipment application for many years with the attendees in detail, which was recognized by the attendees.

In recent years, Zowell forklifts are committed to solving the pain points of customers' logistics from the perspective of customers' needs and bringing them real reduction of storage costs and labor costs, which are favored by more and more customers. The apparel, shoes and hats industry has always been the key breakthrough industry for Zowell forklifts. Over the years of market testing, Zowell forklifts have accumulated rich experience and solved the logistics and storage problems of many garment industries.

Zowell VDA three-way forklift, known for its narrow aisle and efficient operation, can increase warehouse capacity by 60%, becoming the star equipment for modern logistics warehouses that are developing rapidly but need to be upgraded, effectively reducing the storage costs of enterprises. zowell Mini-AGV intelligent forklift, efficient and stable, intelligent and agile, while solving the logistics handling stacking, intelligent operation greatly reduces manpower cost.  Many classical models such as non-standard customized pan head handling truck, stacker truck, forklift truck, tractor truck, etc. have also brought applicable logistics solutions to many garment enterprises and have been praised by customers.
Continuously creating value for customers and providing the most cost-effective and applicable logistics solutions, Zowell forklifts start from the industry demand characteristics, aiming to meet the needs of different industry attributes and help the development of Chinese manufacturing.
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