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Company News 16.12.2021

Zowell Forklifts Lanuches new product- Man up VNA forklifts.

The year 2021 is nearing the end, with the epidemic entering normalization on one side and the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry on the other, it is destined to be a year of both opportunities and challenges. In this year, Zowell VDA II generation man-down three-way truck was launched at 2021 LET China Guangzhou Logistics, showing the technical advantages of Zowell intelligent forklift in narrow aisle series. Today, Zowell forklift's technical exchange conference of narrow aisle series products with the theme of "No extreme in narrow aisle, reconstruct new space" was launched in this warm winter, which attracted new and old customers of Zowell forklifts and media friends from all over China to observe the conference. At the same time, the conference was broadcasted globally through Zowell's official WeChat video, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Man up VNA forklifts

At the beginning of the conference, the deputy general manager of Zowell Intelligent Forklift delivered a welcome speech. He firstly thanked the guests for coming to the conference venue from their busy schedules and introduced Zowell's exploration and persistence in the field of narrow aisle forklifts, which gave everyone a new awareness of the technical strength of Zowell's narrow aisle products, with unswerving determination and without forgetting the original intention, Zowell will keep plowing deeper in the field of narrow aisle and deliver more cost-effective products to global customers.

The second section of the conference ushered in the most exciting moment. Four Zowell VUE man-up three-way trucks were lined up in full costume and officially unveiled the mystery after the host counted down. The general manager of Zowell intelligent forklift and the director of narrow-aisle product R&D gave a key explanation of man-up three-way trucks through PPT and live operation demonstration. From static structure to dynamic performance, it shows the craftsmanship and determination of Zowell Intelligent Forklift in the development and manufacturing of Man up VNA forklifts.

Man-up trilateral VNA forklift

Zowell Man-up trilateral VNA forklift is the latest generation forklift fitted with the electric drive fork and has stacking and picking function. The maximum load capacity is 1600kg and the maximum lifting height is 13,500mm. It is equipped with three-way electric drive fork, full AC control system and stable and efficient electromagnetic wire guidance technology owns efficient energy recovery system, self-adaptive uneven ground function, comfortable operating cab, multiple active protection for the whole forklift make operation safer. Suitable for wide range of application and a variety of configurations can be optional. It can increase warehouse space by 270%.

The last part of the meeting was arranged for the guests to test-drive the Zowell VUE man-up three-way forklift to experience its speed and passion. In the past few years, Zowell has formed a product matrix in the field of narrow aisle products from man-down VNA forklifts, multi directional forklifts and double deep reach truck to man-up VNA forklift and multidirectional forklift, and has begun to build up its reputation in the industry gradually after the continuous test in the market. The Zowell man-up three-way truck released in this conference once again consolidates the product status of Zowell intelligent forklift in the narrow aisle forklift field.

Narrow aisle without extremes, reconstructing new space, Zowell intelligent forklift will not forget its original intention to provide customers with more dense storage solutions, and aspire to lower the price threshold of man-up three-way trucks, so that more users can afford to use narrow aisle forklifts, save land and increase space utilization.

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