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Company News 02.12.2023
On November 30th, 2023 China Warehousing and Distribution Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting and Seminar on Planning and Construction of Warehouses and Distribution Centers was grandly held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

This meeting was organized by China Warehousing and Distribution Association, with "the next 10 years: challenges and opportunities, difficulties and countermeasures" as the theme. At the meeting, Zowell Intelligent Forklift was honored as "Recommended Brand of Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology".


Many famous enterprise representatives and industry experts attended the meeting, and made authoritative analysis and sharing on the successful cases and lessons learned from the development of warehousing and distribution enterprises in the past 10 years, the planning, design and construction of intelligent and efficient warehousing and distribution facilities, and the application of the latest technology.

Zowell Intelligent Forklift sent a company representative to deliver a keynote speech on "Dense Storage Creates Space Value" from the perspective of scientific capacity expansion and enhancement of warehousing efficiency.

It was pointed out in the speech that under the background of rising land cost and labor cost, the demand for intensive storage is also growing rapidly, and narrow aisle forklifts play a key role at this moment. Starting from the diversified forklift market, the representative mentioned the escalating logistics demand and shared the customized solutions of Zowell. The speech mentioned that the forklift industry will develop in the direction of more intelligence and automation in the future, and Zowell will continue to absorb talents and iteratively update its products, so as to build up its strength to promote the high-quality development of logistics in more industries.

Award Presentation Session

After the wonderful sharing, the meeting proceeded to the awarding session, and Zowell Intelligent Forklift was awarded "Recommended Brand of Intelligent Warehousing Equipment and Technology".

China Warehousing and Distribution Association (CWDA) is the most authoritative organization in China's warehousing and distribution industry, and this award marks the recognition of CAWD on the quality of our products, program planning, technical level and project implementation ability.

In the future, Zowell will continue to focus on the research and development of narrow aisle and unmanned technology, challenge the problems with professionalism, and contribute to the modernization of China's warehousing and distribution industry!


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