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Company News 23.11.2023

Quality management, occupational health and safety management, environmental management "three systems" certification is an important symbol of modern enterprise management, but also the standardization of enterprises, the actual need for standardized operation. In order to continuously strengthen the internal management ability and promote the competitiveness of enterprises, Zowell Intelligent Forklift has organized the supervision and audit of the three systems.

From November 9th to November 10th, Fangyuan Logo Certification Group audit expert group went to Zowell Intelligent Forklift to undertake the review work, and made clear the audit work arrangement at the first meeting, and the management personnel of relevant departments of Zowell Intelligent Forklift participated in the whole process. In the last meeting on the afternoon of November 10, Zowell Intelligent Forklift successfully passed the 2023 "three systems" supervision and audit with excellent performance.

During the two-day review, the expert group conducted a detailed review of the effectiveness of the company's management system construction in strict accordance with the three-system standard, through checking the system documents, on-site inquiries and production site inspections. Zowell Intelligent Forklift management and the responsible personnel of each department fully cooperated with the expert group's audit program and made a detailed report to the expert group on the company's basic situation and the operation of the three systems.

Accompanied by the departmental responsible persons, the expert group conducted a comprehensive review of the manufacturing processes such as feeding, welding, assembly workflow and finished product debugging and inspection process in Zowell's production workshop, and also viewed in detail the fire fighting facilities, employees' safety protection, equipment implementation and management, hazardous chemicals control and other environmental safety management related situations.

After the inspection, the expert group highly affirmed the quality management and environmental safety management implementation of the whole storage and manufacturing process of our company, and put forward valuable improvement opinions on the deficiencies in the management.

At the last meeting in the afternoon of November 10, the expert group unanimously agreed that the "three systems" were running effectively, and the supervision and audit passed successfully. Thanks to the expert group of Fangyuan Logo Certification Group, all departments of our company will continue to improve and perfect the three management systems, integrate the management standards into all aspects of production and operation, and implement them in a targeted manner to continuously improve the management level of the company and effectively promote the high-quality development of Zowell.


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